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I guess.........hmm..........I guess........take more pictures...

And call some cat society and make him famous!!

He grooms them all the time. He loves them and has adopted them. And their mother was in the living room when this occured. Hank's two sisters were nursing her.

Sugar kitten, I have only had a couple weeks. She is new but JJ loves her very much.

He doesn't have milk yet.... and I have no idea how long they have been nursing him. This is the first time I have seen it...

He is precious.. and very unique.
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When I was a kid, we had a german shepherd that nurnsed grown cats and started giving milk. She was female however. The mother cat would wean them and Tammie would take em on. She nursed cats two and three years old.

We also had a mare horse than nursed a calf... She had milk and her own baby but they were in the same pasture and she took care of tarbaby too. Tarbaby was my pet cow. She was a black angus and I used to ride her when she grew up. I was short and I would get my 5 gallon bucket and climb on her and she would walk around with me laying on her back grazing while I daydreamed.......
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JJ ....
You should call the National Enquirer or the Star.
They would pay to publish JJ nursing pictures.

Also....when does your vet return?
Someone needs to know about this.
We knew that JJ was unique but nursing kittens?

Jenn...I started a thread with a link to JJ and the kittens attempting to nurse.
Maybe someone will have an idea about why this is happening.
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Awww JJ just feels needed now, thats all. He loves his kittens and they love him
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That is just too cute. He is such a lovey!
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Awwwww how adorable is that!!!!! You know they're in love when they do that Lily started nursing Stumpy last night and they were soooo cute! Stumpy was just mewing at Lily, who was kneading and sucking away.

JJ is just a special cat!!! I bet he thinks he's in heaven now after his rough start to life
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Thanks, XO. I am curious if anyone has any idea about this. It is hard to find online info except for the link I posted.

And now Stumpy too. We have special kitties I guess. I have never seen a male cat nurse. Never. I have never even heard of it.

I couldn't believe it when I saw it. And Hank was so relaxed. He closes his little eyes and just holds on.

Sugar went over to see what Hank was up to and stuck her nose right in the middle of things. Then that's when she sat on JJ and looked at him. It was a few mintues later when she found her own nipple.

I can't wait to see if anyone has any suggestions as to WHY....

I know he has adopted them and loves them immensely so I am suspecting this has something to do with it.

The enquirer?...........maybe... He is a surrogate father and mother......hehe

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JJ has the personality of a Lioness
& thinks that you are his cub too Jess.

He let your doggies know...."don't mess with my cubs."

He is one very special kitty.
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that might be true.........

He is very very protective of us all......

Husband was off today and Muffin, the dauchaund jumped on the couch while husband was laying down and JJ promply jumped on the couch also to attack her and get away away from Juan. Juan told him no and stuck Muffin under the covers. JJ wants us to have no contact with the "big ugly dogs"........

But you can tell JJ pouts about it and plans his next strategy when he is corrected for attacking. His lays low and his tail twitches and his eyes are slits as he stares the dogs down.

No telling what is up when we are both gone. We usually leave Muffin in doors due to the heat... She has no scratches or anything so she probably avoids him.
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It's about time that you wrote a book about the adventures of your unique fur family.
You have a way with words.
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Wow, Jenn, those are the best pictures! JJ is such a sweetie (unless you're a dog, of course!)
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Me, write a book? No one would read it. My grammer is horrible and at my age I can't even remember how to spill.

When I was 20 yrs younger I thought about it.. But I'm too old now. I have no idea how to keep up with the mod squad of today.........hehe

And thanks Satai......I think he's pretty cute too.
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My star is indoors...........

Thank god.........

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Thanks heavens that precious Star is back where she belongs.
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Aww, bless him!! I was at the vets last night, and tehy have a neutered male collie who is helping nurse the border collie pups they are handrearing!!! He also helps when she is handrearing kittens too, she never has to stimulate them cos he does it!! JJ is absolutely lovely (as are some of your others), I do like reading your updates, and thanks for your nice comments about PEbbles, I will go and update that post now.
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Oh good, I can't wait to read Pebbles update!

And I am so thankful she is back inside too Xo...... She did not even try to get away when I picked her up. But I already had her realaxed since I had been working on relaxing her ever since she went missing. I had the food bowl close to the front door as well so she had hardly any time to react before she was in the house. We are watching the door like a hawk so she doesn't get outside again.

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Star's eyes & coat colors are spectacular.
Stay inside where it's safe Star.

Speaking of stars....how is JJ?
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JJ is doing wonderful!!!! He is sound asleep with his kitties. It is a hard job being a nursing daddy cat.........hehe

Sugar is tucked under his arm.

Earlier he was hugging Spice. The two kittens I rescued from my job he has really taken them over. The other are a little too big now. But he is really nurturing the two tiny ones.

He is something else.

And thanks for the compliments on Star. She is very special to me. Like JJ....


p.s. I am so glad I did not have to trap Star. I knew I could pick her up. I just have to choose my moment. Even though she has been in the household for a little over two years, she is still basically feral and does not like being touched. She smelled my hand today with hamburger meat on the tips but she has only approached me once. She is very aloof and probably always will be. I can hold her only at certain times.. During the time she has been here, I can pretty well read her moods now. She has slept nearly constantly since being in the house again. And that's where she is to stay.

She has played with toys only a few times and once I was wiggling my toes under the couch covers, she actually put her front paws on the end of the couch and stood up and tried to get my toes under the cover. She never learned to play as a kitten. She was adult like Jimmy when I got her. If Jimmy reaches the point like Star is now, he will be very happy. And me too. She meows in a tiny kitten voice very submissive to me, but still in her own world that she chooses to share with me.
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You have an amazing way of writing about them Jenn. Your love really speaks for itself, and they come to life in your posts.
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Thank you Satai. They are my life outside of my husband and grown kids........and that's probably why. I spend so much time with them talking and playing and making sure they feel good.. I have to spend time with all of them so none feel left out.

And the last few nights have been wonderful. My whole little family is inside. I have kitties stacked on the couches. Cow is even inside with her calves.....hehe

My husband knows a couple nights a week I sleep on the couch and they all congregate with me... Some people might think I'm nuts but that's just how I am. And probably how I will always be. The crazy cat woman.
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One of the calves got scratched on the eye. Nothing serious. I am putting antibiotic vet eye ointment on it that I had left over from another visit with another cat. Honey is the one with the scratched eye. But she is ok. A few days of meds and she will be fine. Her and Hank play rough sometimes.. All three calves are so lively. They dash and run like crazy in the house chasing each other. They are so fast. Some of the adults are even getting into it... Which is funny.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
And the last few nights have been wonderful. My whole little family is inside. I have kitties stacked on the couches. Cow is even inside with her calves.....hehe

My husband knows a couple nights a week I sleep on the couch and they all congregate with me... Some people might think I'm nuts but that's just how I am. And probably how I will always be. The crazy cat woman.
That makes for a very nice mental picture! You all sound so cozy!

I hope Honey's eye gets better soon. Poor baby.
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It's all red right now. I am washing it with warm water and putting Vetropolycin in it. That has bacitacin/neomycin/polymxin in it.... so her litle eye will be better in a few days.

If not, we will to to the vet but I really don't think that will be necessary. It didn't scratch the pupil so she's not in any danger of going blind or anything like that. It's mostly just irritated. It got the corner of the inside and she rubs it. So I doctor it. She is a little sweetheart kitty. That's why we named her Honey...

Oh............and we do get cozy. There is nothing like sleeping on the couch with kitties on your feet, under your neck, on your belly and lining the back of the couch.... Its nuts I know but they enjoy it sometimes and I do too. They dont' all stay there but take turns.

When I am really in bed sleeping in the bedroom, cleo always sleeps with us. She has for years. Yellow does occassionally, but Honey has started sleeping with us too. She's a neck kitty. She wants as close as possible to my throat.. I have to move her so I can breathe... And cookie walks across the bed and instantly starts her little paws. She is heavy footed. JJ jumps on the bed and walks all over us checking us out and then gets down and lays in the door to keep an eye on us so the dogs can't get in there. Others come and go during the night but Cleo is the main one. She has her own afghan that I made for her by my computer because she just has to lay by a person when she is tired. And if I am on the computer, she naps on her blanket. None of the other cats get in her spot. She is the one who corrected JJ for getting her little dog Muffin. Here she is. Not sure if I have ever posted a pic of her or not. But she is a black cat with a few stray white hairs.... She likes noone but me an hubby. My son captured her as a feral and we have had her for quite a few years... She is a lovey dovey cat with us and we love her back too. We have had her 5-6 yrs I believe. A long time. She was cat #2 whenwe moved to arkansas. We got her shortly after Toe and got him in 2000 or 2001. He was just a wee babe. 5 weeks old. The only planned one... hehe

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Aww!! I really do love reading about your kitties Jenn, they always put a smile on my face.
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My fingers are crossed that baby calf's eye heals without problems.

Cleo looks like she is smiling all nuzzled up on her very own afghan.

I hesitate to being this up...
what are your plans for neutering and spaying the new members of your amazing tribe?
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Thank you Miss Tigger!!!
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I love this thread as well - I get excited whenever I see a new post. The whole family is just so wonderful. You must love coming home from work to see the tribe
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I made arrangements for 15.00 low cost spay neuter through a program in springfield, missouri. They are fixing all the babies and the mama and the all the feral males outside if I can catch them. I have three feral adult males who eat at night on my porch. The vet is about 45 minutes from me. All 7. Cow and her calves are no problem. I probable won't be able to catch two of the male cats however. Hank, Honey, Minny, Cow, Festus [feral] and his brother who is also a tux feral outside and a gray feral who is also outside. These feral males eat on my porch and are terrified of humans. But I want to get them fixed through this program if I can trap them. I can only touch one of them [Festus] and I think I can get him to the vet. The tux male and the grey are different stories. They will have to be trapped. They are completely wild adult males.

So they are all fixing to get fixed. Hubby and I are sending off the Hank and Cow's certificates first this next Friday. We haven't been able to afford the extra money till them. These are tight times for us. That way she can't get pregnant again and Hank won't impregnant my little girls until they are fixed. Cow can recover in the house with her son.

Then another pay day, I'll get two more certs for two other kitties. I am doing my house babies before I worry about the feral males outside.

And so we have arrangement already made. LDG told me to check on low cost spay neuter programs and thank god I found one. Taking in cow and her babies and finding a low cost spay neuter program is a dream come true.

The woman I spoke with concerning the low cost spay neuter program also told me after I get a couple of the certificates, she just tells the vet what cats are coming in and I just take them in and pay him the 15.00 and he sends the money to her and she sends him the certificate back. She has descriptions of all 7 cats. Mama, babies and outside ferals. So I am real pleased with this... When I got three done at one time several months ago [cookie, tink and dovey] it came to nearly 500.00 with their shots. And now we don't have that kind of money so this is soooooo wonderful. We are giving them their shots ourselves. Except for the leuk shot. I want them tested. Vet has to do that.

And Honeys eye is better by the way.... Yea!!
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I hate going to work and leaving them. I have to get them all arranged before I go so they have happy days... On the day where hubby works short hrs, I leave the dogs in the laundry room so they stay cool during the day. They have their own fan back there to blow on them and the air is on too, but their doghouse is so hot and humid that I hate to leave them for extended periods in it. I keep the kitties outside cool by wetting the porch down and spraying water underneath it so the ground is cool too. It set up high so they have a good cool breeze blowing on them. Husband has laughed because I had actually put a blow fan on the front porch for Star when she refused to come indoors. She was hot and so I circulated air for her outside. She would lay in front of it on her pillow eating her canned food. Spoiled little girl kitty.
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Your fur family could not be in better, more loving hands.
Bless all of the loving volunteers at low cost S & N programs.

Are there any T&R groups near you who would help you catch the wild males
or at the very least, loan you some traps?

Way to go Star.
I'm glad that your eye is healing well.

Stay cool sweet doggies.
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