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I just read this entire thread, and I so wish I could have found this site earlier so I could have been here for the whole ordeal and rooted for JJ with the rest, but I just want to say, Jenn, you are an amazing and wonderful person to care for so many animals, especially poor JJ! I hope someday I will get the chance to help an animal in need, however stressful and scary it might be. This story is incredible and inspiring. and, just to get it out of my system..

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I just joined up here tonight and I read your story about JJ. It made me cry... I am so thankful that there are wonderufl people like you in this world who care enough about the little critters to give them this kind of love and care that they deserve
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PawPrinter and Beccory, welcome to the cat site! This is a wonderful place!! I have found so much support here and advice for many kitty traumas I have had. You will really enjoy this site. And thanks for reading about JJ. He is a great cat! And the more people who read about JJ, the more the word can get spead that they are organizations who will help you when you desperately need something for your animal. Stray or stray stray. Most folks would have put JJ to sleep but his quality of life now is so much better since his surgery. I am so thinkful that I have him. We have both helped each other... I was a little bitter about mankind in general before I started caring for JJ and now I must admit with all that has happened, my confidence in the world has increased. And I think I am a better person now because of it. That sounds like a cliche I know but I am serious.

Here's today's picture of him. He is snuggling one of the kittens... He looks so much better now than he used to. He is so happy! [when he's not guarding] They are laying in my laundry. I was painting today and when I got home, there were 4 kitties in my basket snoozing... JJ and three babies.
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Oh, Jenn, that's just beautiful. He has the most contented look on his face!
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He is pretty content Satai. That's true. And thanks for the compliment on JJ!!. He is pretty amazing. He loves babies so darn much. It just blows my mind. And somehow the babies sense that and that he wants to snuggle them and groom them. He is the ultimate daddy fat cat to all young cats. I thought most toms would be agressive to a baby that is not there's but not JJ....

Right now I let his woman cat in, Cow, wormed her and frontlined her and fed her some canned food. Soo JJ is busy keeping the dogs away from her. And her babies are trying to nurse her. It's a circus right now. This is the first time I have seen her in a couple weeks. She has lost weight so I am keeping her in doors tonight and feed her up. It's hard to keep her inside to care for her because she does not like being in the house. But tonight I am going to. She is going with us when we move and she can live in the enclosure. She is getting fixed in a couple weeks.

Nite all.
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I finally found a picture of my kitty, Bonnie (well, Mum's but we got them when I was about 10 or 11!).

He's cuddling Coco, our other cat. Bonnie I guess is a little over 16 now, and Coco is 16 next year. They look pretty good still (apart from the missing leg!).

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They are beautiful!! It's hard to belive Bonny is 16.. And her stump is exactly like JJ's........ I am already so used to seeing JJ get around on three legs I don't even notice it. When I look at this picture, the missing leg is NOT the first thing I notice. Thanks for sharing this photo.........

I love it!! They look so peaceful. They are sharing a kitty love moment.........

I remember you telling me once, but tell me again. Why did Bonnie have her limb amputated? I can't remember.

I hope JJ's looks that good when it finished healing. Right now it is scabby... but still looking good.

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I am so pleased he is doing well - reminds me that i should really post some new pics on Pebbles thread. I do notice her missing leg, but only cos it is funny the way she walks!! But just 3 months later, she can be incredibly quick - tried to get her in last night and she ran away from me and I could'nt catch up with her!!
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It is such a joy to see these special 3 legged kitties adapting so well.
They are natural smile makers.

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We need a three legged section so all who need or want to write about their three legged kitties can have one community spot........... For pictures and everything... And I would love to see some update pics on Pebbles. She is adorable...

What is wonderful about the peglegs is that they adapt so well. That is what relieves all the anxiety of the owners. Cats don't care... Humans [most] do not continue their lives as "feeling productive" after losing a limb. Cats do not feel sorry for themselves in any way. They just keep on keeping on........
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I can't find Star. I have been walking with a flashlight looking for her. I thought I heard her but I can't see her anywhere. This is not like her at all. She is not even coming for food. She was here a few hrs ago. I hope she did not get snake bit.. It would kill me if something happened to her. She always comes when I call her.
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Still no Star. If she is alright, I am getting a trap and catching her and bringing her in the house and she is NOT going back outside till we move. I can only pray she is ok. She never leaves the vacinity of the house.

This is killing me.
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Still no Star Kitty girl......
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Bonnie is a boy.... He was so tiny when we got him (he was dumped), we thought he was a girl.....

He must have been about 10 when he got his leg amputated, and you can see he's still going strong. They're very adaptable!
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Oh no, just read about Star!!!! I hope she turns up very soon Can you go looking around your yard with a big flashlight? Look under all the bushes, all the possible hidey holes, in case she's injured and has gone somewhere to hide.

Keep us updated!
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I fixing to look again.........
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She's eating thank god.... I was freaking out. Now I can go to bed. She is covered in briars. There were fireworks on the lake tonight and she must have been hiding. She nearly walked on in the house. Tomorrow after work, I am going to try and bribe her inside...

What a relief... My little star girl's feral halo worked once again..

p.s. Bonnie is a boy??? That's cute.... I thought yellow was a pregnant girl when I got him.... He was just getting fat from me feeding him. He has no testicles... poor guy.
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Ohhhh I'm SO pleased she's back!!! I didn't want to say before, but there's been two times that I've had cats disappear who are home cats, and they both ended up being found dead Bonnie would occasionally go missing overnight, but he was a prowler, and would always try to escape at night if he got the chance. I'm glad our current babies are young enough to be able to be inside cats only. The two kitties who died were so special to me, and it was absolutely heartbreaking both times....

Yeah poor old Bonnie had a tough time pretending he was a big strong tough boy with a name like that... And his nickname was "Wussy" because he was a bit of a wuss.
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I am so glad she is back. I went to update on PEbbles thread yesterday but the board went down, so will do it now. Couldnt find her original thread, but here is a more recent one, I have added the pics onto that http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...30#post1292930
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I am so glad you found Star.
Sadly....the world is a dangerous place for most kitties who are outside.
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Oh, now scary! Just catching up with this, thank god you found her!
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I just got up a few minutes ago. I will read Pebbles thread this afternoon. I am fixing to get ready for work. I am also going to attempt to get Star in the house. I don't want anything to happen to her. She is a special kitty to me... The only reason she quit coming in was because she was scared I was going to frontline her.. She saw me put it on two cats outside and when they ran, it scared her. Now she is doing fine again and is over that and is wanting back in the house. At first she would not even approach the door. Now she is sitting there again.

When we get moved, I will be able to spend more time with her working with her again. She was as feral as Jimmy two years ago. Or two and a half. I've lost count... Her and Jimmy are my only TRUE ADULT FERALS. Adult ferals seem like an entirely separate breed of cats. They have a different view of the world in how they deal with things.
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Sarah, I am also very sorry about your two kitties. I know that was a rough time. I also have a wandering cat. Yellow. I keep him inside now. He likes to be gone weeks at a time. And we can't handle that. We have cried many times over him and his roaming ways. He is the one besides JJ that will benefit from our enclosure. He will love it.
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You have a generous loving heart Jenn.
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awwww... thanks xo...... that's a very nice thing to say.
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I just read about Pebbles and my gosh........I have been in my own little world and had no idea about any of this. That poor baby. And I mean Pebbles and Booktigger.

I have saved that link so I can check on her updates daily. I sincerley hope her little nose heals. I hope the steroids work... JJ is doing so good. It is time to spur and help someone else now... I will still post updates but it is time to help another...

She needs our support..
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You Are Not Going To Believe The Picture I Am Fixing To Post Of Jj, Hank And Sugar . Oh My God!!!! I Have Never Seen Anything Like It. They Are Uploading Now. Hang On Snooky And Get Ready For The Ride!
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Now............check this out....... JJ has a personality disorder.
He thinks he's a mama kitty......heheheheheheh His testicles are gone and he doesn't know if he's coming or going now... hehehe

Here is Hank and JJ..........

Here is Sugar and JJ..........

Here is Hank and Sugar and JJ........

Where's the milk dad?

Isn't that the funniest thing you ever saw???

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That is so funny and so precious at the same time !!! Let us know if JJ starts developing milk. From the sound of that article, he could What would you do then,Jen???
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