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And I will ask Lady Three Paws for a prayer for you and Juan too - you have been braver than most people are ever asked to be, and for yourselves entirely equal to the task.
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Jenn...is JJ still on anitbiotics and his pain meds?
They will make him feel icky.
Over all...he looks really good.
Let us know what the vet says.
You are doing a great job with your boy.

Your place is looking really good.
I love your yard.

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JJ is still taking pain meds at times, but he is finished with antibiotics........ He is finally sleeping so I am heading to work a little. Thanks Xo and Sat......

Here's a cute compatison.... Look at their ears......hehe...... JJ Jr. [hank] has a longggggggggg tail.

Is it my imagination or does JJ Sr. look like he is gaining weight? He looks like a chunck in this picture.
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Yep...it look's like JJ sowed his wild oats.
JJ Jr. is adorable.
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I don't know for sure if they are father and son, but the kittens mother and JJ love each other. And these two sure look alike.........

And yeah, JJ's oats are sown....... This is his last crop.....
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Hank is adorable....... He has a heavy body already. He is a stout little guy with long legs. He is going to be a tall cat I think. And a big one. He is so lively and dashes through the house playing at break neck speed constantly. Then when he poops out, he just falls over asleep.....
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Jenn...it is heartwarming to know that after your move, all kitties in your care will be safe from harm in their deluxe enclosure.
Not one of them will have to suffer what JJ experienced.

How are the cow kitties?
I adore them.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
I don't know for sure if they are father and son, but the kittens mother and JJ love each other. And these two sure look alike.........

And yeah, JJ's oats are sown....... This is his last crop.....
Awwww! So who is JJ's special friend? I must have missed that along the way.
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JJ's special friend is Cow........ Her name is Cow because she looks like a cow... hehe... She is the babies mother.. We have live here in this house since last November and Cow and JJ were both strays in the area. They were very close. Cow, I think, is the main reason JJ started attacking Emma. I let Cow in the other day and Emma walked by her and that was the first time JJ attacked her...

Cow is his woman!! He doesn't want any ole big dog around her. She is a dainty thing......... Very small boned. She is getting fixed as soon as I get my certificate in the mail. And she is coming with us when we move. I might have already posted this but this is Cow....... This was the day before I brought the babies in the house... This is Cow and one of her calves!!!!

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XO, I'll try and get some more baby calf pictures after work today. I have tons but they are not all uploaded. Hang on a sec...

You might have seen this but this is when they first came out in the open. Cow kept them hid very well.. And they were quiet kittens.....until this day.

Ill have to search my computer and take some new ones after work. But that is Hank in the front. Princess Minny to the right and Honey on the left.

And XO, my "deluxe enclosure" is not going to be deluxe at first. It will be adequate. I still have the 20x20 plan and that will be the first area but I have decided since we have a huge yard that is unfenced, I seriously thinking of putting a kitty door in the living room with a run to an entirely different area that I can make real big like the dog yard. I feel bad for them because they are used to having lots of space to play in and I want to give them that, but it will take time after we get in the house.

So initially, all they will have is the 20x20 area. And they can come in their kitty door and sleep in the house.

The rest will be added as we can afford it and as we can work on it. I feel lucky in one aspect of things. We will probably be using our own fence posts from the land. Husband still want to use 4x4's so natural fence post vx 4x4's is still debatable. But I want cedar... But that is husband's call. He says it will last forever basically and trees could rot..

But by god, it will be deluxe one day!!!! I have a whole other side yard. What I am saying is instead of putting runs everywhere I "might" just build them them inital 20x20 room. That will be the future bed area. Beds also won't be built until we are living there. And that's it for that area. And then in our LR, putting a kitty door going to a run that connects to their big yard so they can still play with grasshoppers and bugs and they would have lots of trees. It would be harder to build since their are lots of trees, but I think the cats would be happier. They would have a real yard, but it would take a while to get that done. The size of it depends entirely on the bedrock beneath the ground, how much work I want to do, and much the material would cost. Labor is free in my house.....! But the entire area I would have to play with is approx the length of one side of the dog yard which is 60' and the other side is close to 100'. It would not be that big but the area, like I said, be be very dependent on the ground... We had to break rock to get T-post in the ground for the dogs. For our well ditch, we had to rent a Jack Hammer to break up one piece of rock. It was a solid 4' slab and no telling how thick it was..... We just needed to run our pipes..

So, there are a lot of things to consider... I haven't even mentioned this to husband yet. He wouldn't mind.. He wants a carport in the same vacinity so I will have to get my tape measure out.... It probably wouldn't even be a true square either because of the rocks... We have rocks on this property the size of a piano... And that is no lie. I suspect we have caves under the ground as well. We have a sinkhole by the creek that has free flowing water from the ground. I dug around in it a little and we also have holes the size of a computer monitor going into the gound WAY BACK behind the house.

I got some pictures of those somewhere.... They is one I really want to dig in. It is a rock sticking out of the ground with a huge hole underneath it. The hole is big enough for child to lay in right now. They are not animal dens. They are natural. I find this VERY exciting. Stone County where I live is cave county.... I hope I find one. I have doing a lot of research on it. Where some of the water bubbles out of the ground, there is dense and heavy moss which mean the temperature is different in that area... That is indictive of a cave..

But....in regard to the enclosure.... I would feel better, even with the work involved and the money it would cost, if the cats had a large area with nothing but grass and trees, which is what they are used to. They love the woods and climbing trees and chasing bugs. And doing all those country cat things that kitties do... The 20x20 area has no trees for them to climb. If I built outward from the 20x20, the ground slopes pretty drastic and it would be difficult to make this area secure for them. But the side yard is flat..

I'll just have to lay the options out.....

You guy have a good day....... Mine is just starting out. I finished texturing the walls yesterday in the new bedroom. One wall looks entirely different than the others.. hehe... We bought a different brand of mudd to save money... However, I told husband if people say something, tell them we were making it modern.......hehe.... The kitchen and the living room had very thick mud. But we didn't do that mud. It was there when we bought the place. All we have left to do is mudd the bathroom and then paint. Then the walls will be finished.

The next step is connecting the kitchen sink, the shower, and the commode to the plumbing underneath the house. Put the squares in the bathroom and laundry room and lay the carpet...... And then fence the areas.

It is so close to being done....

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Jenn, how tall is the cat's enclosure going to be? You could use some fairly small trees inside to give the kids something to climb, or large bushes (such as lilacs).
JJ is an amazing guy, and Cow's kittens are just beautiful! I think I'm in love!
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WELL, the part we are getting ready to build will be 6'tall.
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I love Cow and her 'calves' - they are all such beauties; no wonder JJ is so attached to his special girl.

ETA: and she looks like the sweetest mother.
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JJ is wanting to be a real dog killer. He has decided he does not want Muffin on the couch or the bed. Poor little Muffalina.

Husband says we should not worry as Muffin is fast and can get away from him. But he is bigger than her. He weighs approx 15 lbs and she only weighs 10 lbs.

He got Emma again last night too. I was holding JJ on the couch and Emma walked up and he turned in to attack kitty. She fell in the floor crying. He is not drawing blood but my dogs have never been hurt at all so they are traumatized..........

And this morning... JJ snagged Muffin when she went to eat. When he finished eating, Muffin finally got to eat her catfood snack....

And he is very gentle with the kittens...

I have never had a cat that attacked my dogs... He will probably get better when his pinchy stapes and stitches are out. Hubby is taking him tomorrow to get them out if that is convenient with he vet. Maybe he will settle down after that.

I hate to laugh at this, but it is really funny to watch. Of course I baby the dogs after their trauma, but wow.......

JJ is a fighter.......... He feels so tough....... or something..

After he attacks them ..........while they are down and crying then, ..........he goes in for the kill...... I am serious. He struts through the house after one of these episodes. He feels like king of the castle........ I tell him no but to no avail.....

He has not drawn blood but he is definately finding his own pecking order... The only dog he has not attacked yet is Molly and I doubt he does. She is very non-intrusive......and laid back. She could care less..

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It sounds like JJ intends to be top animal in your house.
The boss of bosses...
You have a good attitude...
Let's hope he is just stressed and overreacting.
I have read that these things just need to work themselves out.

I hope he gets all his staples and things removed.
That will help.

I don't remember....
was JJ neutered during his amputation surgery?
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Yes ... he was neutered.

I just got home from work and husband had been bathing the big dogs out front. He told me that he was walking Molly, the non-intrusive dog. to her crate to show her where he had put it. He even had her on a leash. When he entered out room with Molly, JJ attacked again. He told JJ no........but JJ like you said wants to be "top dog"...... Molly is a 90 lb dog. Part St Bernard. Her crate is by our bed right now because JJ was going to use it for a hospital room but he rejected it.. And Molly is a creature of habit and so he took her in there because we like her sleeping by our bed. She is so sweet......

This is Molly. See the sweetness in her eyes. She is about 90 lbs. Possibly 95.

This is Emma. She is a bundle of energy being a lab but she loves the cats. She is approx 80-85 lbs.

And this is Muffin. She is our 10 lb kitty lover.

I had never in all my life seen a cat who wants to be dominate over dogs.........and the dogs submitting to the cat.

It is just so funny........... I do hope he settles down however. Staples and stictches come out tomorrow at 10:30am.. When I come home from work tomorrow, they should be out. I am hoping the staples are just pinching him and making him irritable.

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Your doggies are beautiful and so gentle.

I'll check back tomorrow to see how your "top dog cat" is doing after all the staples are out.

A special word to JJ...
Cool it!
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ok, XO.......... Can't wait to hear what the vet says about it. JJ wants to be tops............... hehe

Jenn and JJ aka dog killer.........
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I have 25 lb bichon frise dog that my cat, Easy will have cowering in the corner just from looking at him. I, too never saw a dog cower from a cat EVER, but he does from her and if he doesnt she lets him know, HE BETTER !!!!

JJ must be feeling GREAT now ......
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
It is just so funny........... I do hope he settles down however. Staples and stictches come out tomorrow at 10:30am.. When I come home from work tomorrow, they should be out. I am hoping the staples are just pinching him and making him irritable.

I would think he will start to feel better soon - but the dog-smacking may continue (they are beauties, too, BTW).

Good luck tomorrow JJ and Jenn - can't wait for the next update!
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You may have to invest in some feliway to help calm JJ down a bit. It may work... or not, but could be worth a try if he continues to be so aggressive.

When I first brought my Magic home and put him out on a tie out rope he got to meet MIL's very large German Shepard. The first thing he did was walk her up the walk and more or less draw a line on where she could go.
Anytime she started to come down the walk he would run up along side her and walk her back to MIL's house.

The dog used to do a bark and a false start at all the other cats just to watch them jump I think, but she never challenged Magic.
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If it contines...........I will think about some Feliway. But I am going to give him at least a month. Hormones in JJ are all different and he has been through so much. I want to give him a chance to settle in to things without his leg and his testicles first...

I am glad he has his bluff in on the dogs because it is better for a cat to have their bluff in than the other way around...

But he feels great except for being so worried about "being in charge". Husband says he is guarding ME. Last night when I lay on the couch, husband had me turn around and JJ was sitting on the back right over my head keeping an eye on the animals..

I'm not sure if I mentioned this but before surgery, I cracked the door and he dashed out and attacked one of the feral males on our porch.. He meant business too.. He is a very territorial male kitty guy. This is also the first time feral Jimmy came out and looked out the door. I think he knew others were outside.

In this one, you can see the feral grey on the other side of the door........ it was just more than JJ could take. The grey is the one he attacked... The grey is an older male feral that is totally wild.

This is him and JIMMY watching the ferals the day JJ went for the attack ....

He has claimed this territory and it is HIS. He is happy to have a home and a cat harem.

After he attacked Muffin, Toe-kitty rolled in the floor and just played and played with Muffin. He was top cat until JJ as far as males goes. But JJ leaves the cats alone... I'm not sure what it meant with Toe playing with Muffin after JJ got her but in cat language I'm sure it meant something...
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I think it was just a reassurance gesture - like, 'he doesn't speak for all of us, you're still my buddy'. Or possibly, 'don't take it too seriously, he's in pain and cranky.'
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JJ has his stitches out!! However......remember me saying it has bled a couple times? Well, when the vet took them out, raw meat was still there. He went ahead and removed them and said to watch it closely and if looked any different other than better to bring him in Saturday morning because Sunday he was going on vacation.

So we are watching JJ like a hawk. Vet also said if he licks it alot it will keep it from healing and closing so we have JJ doped up to keep him calm for a few days.

Also this morning husband tried to wash JJ's chin and the dirt would not come off so he asked the vet about that.

JJ has eczema..... on his chinny chinn chin. Doc said to put rubbing alcohol on it once a week and it will clear up....

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And naturally as I sit here, I am watching JJ lick his wound. We cannot cover it according to the vet. We need to leave it alone..........

grrrrr..... Oh, I hope it heals..... JJ is a little stinker...

Also.........using cedar from our land for posts for cat enclosure. The entire thing will be from cedar!!! I am so happy this is what I wanted.

Husband found 10-15 trees today walking around that are approx 30' tall and they are straight!!! He is cutting them down tomorrow!!!!
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Poor ol' JJ is trying to give you and the vet a workout!
Glad his stitches are out and hope everything else heals up quick and complete!
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me too..................

****need kitty vibes again for JJ......... Kitty vibe request........

Jenn and JJ
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Look pretty nasty....

Here's a couple of his kittens.

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Please correct me if Im wrong because vets have been know to give "wrong info", but when one of my kitties was injured with an open wound, she was on antibiotics, but was continuously licking her wound.

I was very concerned about healing, but my vet advised me that actually a cats mouth is not as dirty as one would expect. That they actually have protiens in their saliva that help in the healing process.

That was before I came on this site and saw how nieve I was about accepting things at face value, but I should add, that although she continuously licked and licked her wound. It did heal rather quickly. But she was also taking antibiotics that would have perhaps taken over any infection she would have brought my her licking.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
me too..................

****need kitty vibes again for JJ......... Kitty vibe request........

Jenn and JJ
You know you have mine, and I will ask Lady Three Paws for another prayer for you all.

Poor JJ.

I have to ask, why is cedar important? (I ask because I hope to do an enclosure myself in the future).
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