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Originally Posted by xocats
Jenn...how is JJ doing?
I just checked in for an update too.
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oh he is suuuuuuuuuuuch a gorgeous boy

i wish i had found him first

but he is so lucky to have you

please keep posting his photos

just love to see them
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JJ is a real good boy and doing good. He goes to the vet in about a week to get stiches and staples removed.

He attacked my lab a few minutes ago and scared poor 80 lb Emma to death.......hehe She ran and got behind me. While she was behind me, here comes hop a long JJ. He was coming to get her again....... Emma was crying. JJ snagged her nose. I had Cow in the house and Emma had walked by her and JJ did not want Emma near her. Cow is the babies mother. I let her inside today.

This was the funniest thing.

But JJ is doing great!! Yesterday his incision bled a little but he has no infection. I'm not sure why it bled but it only bled a little. I gave him some pain meds and he went to sleep. It is not swollen or anything. The incision looks very good and healthy. All the swelling has gone down now.

I's not sure if I mentioned it here or on anther thread but all the cats and dogs are frontlined now. Except Star. She saw me put some on a stray cat outside and she has not been in the house yet. That's been since the 14th. I tried to entice her in a cage today to get her inside and she pulled the jar lid of tuna out the side and calmly ate it on the porch........

So I have all the food in right now. But she will not come in........ hmmmmmmmmm.... Not sure what to do next.

Also, I found a low cost spay neuther program that is going to fix three feral/stray males, the mother and all three babies for 15.00 each...... Mom and one stray are first. Babies are next. Two I will have to trap........

Things are looking up. My entire new house is ready to paint now........ Plumbing will be completed in a week or so, then the fence and cat enclosure......

It is just pouring good luck down on me these days!!!


p.s. The kitty Honey has decided she cannot sleep unless she is under my chin at night. I have to keep moving her so I can breathe..... Those babies are so rotten. The mama came in side today for the first time in a few weeks because I was weaning them. They knocked her down to nurse........but she has no milk but she lay there. I have been feeding Cow since last november. I keep her wormed and she was frontlined last week too.

She is saying "help"......... That is JJ standing beside her guarding her. He loves her very much. The babies, starting from the left are Hank, Princess Minnie and Honeysuckle... I am running out of names. For a treat at night, I put the babies in the restroom alone with a dinner of plate of Friskies cat food. The chicken dinner which is full chucks and gravey that they love.. They really love it as a break from Purina kitten cow. They sleep good and full at night. And they finally can eat a whole "small" can between the three of them. Honey is going to be a tiny cat. Hank and Minny are going to be huge... They have heavy stout bodies already.

And heres Mama...... She is helping me pack. She is ready for her new kitty door.... She is sitting in a box which is sitting in another box. Her babies are nearly two years old and she grooms them and loves on them. And they do the same to her. Mama cats and their babies if they are kept together always maintain a good relationship I guess. They always know who their mama is.
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Cow is just JJ's woman cat...... And she rubs on him and just loves him back...... I think they were strays together for years. Those days are over for them.........
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I am so glad JJ's recovery has went so well. Once he gets his completely used to the 3 legged thing you will love the sound when he runs. I always know Sweetie by the badump-thum run.

Oh and I too have run out of names... Still not sure of what to call the new tux girl. For now I just call her little one but I am considering Chloe.

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glad he is doing so well and that things are looknig up for you too!!
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I Am so pleased to read that he is doing so well, and that the others are too. It does seem like your luck has changed for the better, it must be a big relief to you
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As far as Kitty names, I dont' know about yall, my cats have a "legal name" and it changes with time.

Like Cleo for instance. She is technically Cleo Cribbs, but we call her "Patty Cake Kitty with the kitty cake thighs...." .. She answers to both things..... She had fat thighs. We don't feed her cake but she used to look like it. She has slimmed down some now but since she was a feral who was tamed in the house from about 6 months, when I first started letting her outside she was scared and would only sit on the porch and run back inside. So the lack of exercise caused her to grow outward. She is comfortable being out doors now. But she is still Patty Cake Kitty with the kitty cake thighs..... She is silky. Very silky. This is my Armpit Kitty too.

Dovey is my "bucket kitty" because she has buckets of kitty love in her little kitty heart. She has to have kisses to keep her bucket full. We know when her bucket is getting empty because she comes around for MAJOR loving. So we call her Bucket Kitty Cribbs. She also answers to both names.

Angel Cribbs is now AngaDenaKitty..... or sometimes just Dena. Or DenaLeana because she leans on us all the time. She knows them all too.

Mama kitty in the photo above is Mama Cribbs technically. But we call her SkittyKitty or Skittlett because she has always maintained her skitty ways from being a feral. She is very loving now. She answers to Mama and Skittlett and SkittyKitty...

I am trying to figure out what to call some stray/feral males. Since I have a Hank Williams, I thought of Matt Dillon or Tramp Kitty Guy or Tuxxy... I even thought about Will for the grey one since he is a wilderness cat.

There is one Tux cat, a black white cat and a grey striped.

Names don't come easy for me.

I won't go through all of them......... I guess we're just nuts on names... We talk OR I talk baby talk to them all the time. They are probably warped. It is possible since they are used to me talking like this that this is the reason they run from other people...since they are not used to hearing normal human conversation.hehe


p.s. Haven't transformed JJ's name yet. He might end up being the "killer" since he wants to be a dog killer... hehe.. He is definately a guard cat however. I have never seen a cat guard like JJ. He want to kill the grey male tom as well. If my front door is open, I can always tell when the grey is outside by JJ turning into a puff ball. Which is funny right now sice half his hair is shaved off. I will have to try and get a photo of that. It is helarious.
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We have decided on a name for this cat.......... "Fetus Cribbs".....

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These two still have no names. Any thoughts? Both are feral. And these are the two I will have to trap to get fixed. Maybe Butch and Sonny for butch cassidy and the sundance kid? I'll have to think on it some some.

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I could not stop smiling when I read your update about your furfamily & their antics.

The pictures tell so much...
Thank you Jenn for taking the time, in this crazy world, to share your home & give love so many sweetie pies.

This weekend, I hope that you have time for more JJ pictures too.
Your live a very interesting life.
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What a great update! JJ sounds like even more of a complete sweetie every time you post.

I shall have to think about names for the other two.
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i think Butch and SOnny are fine

and remember you can always alter it over time LOL
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This weekend, I hope that you have time for more JJ pictures too.
Your live a very interesting life.
Interesting is putting it lightly........ I wonder if we are obsessed with our kitties too.........hehe

This weekend I promise JJ pics will be forthcoming..... I will post some this afternoon when I get home from work. I will take some new ones... I need a new batch.........

But JJ is a real stinker. He is feeling better and being bossy again. He is back to his old self that he was when we first met him BEFORE his injury...

So.........till this afternoon. It will be sometime after 5-6pm... central time.

Jenn and JJ........

p.s. I like Butch and Sonny too. I like Sunny as well........ and even sundance....... hmmmmmmmmmm.... By the way, Fetus is letting me hold him a little more and he seems more relaxed with it. Holding is only for about 1 minute but he is doing better. He will be a lap cat one day. Star still hasn't come in. I gave her some milk and tuna last night. She sits a foot from me but stays out of frontline/touching range... She has a memory like an elephant........
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boy do i need coffee! i just read Festus instead of Fetus....


can't wait to see more photos of JJ

bossy, eh?? i got one like that, but she only bosses ME around, the other cats, well they just seem to know to stay out of her way LOL
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Well, sweet little JJ has decided he hates Emma. Today she was just walking in the living room and he ran her off in to the laundry room. He stood in the middle of the living room for a couple minutes then went to the laundry room and attacked her again!! Half his hair is shaved off and what was left was standing on end. She has never done anything to him but he has decided he want to kill her and she is scared of him.

He is either jealous of her or he is lashing out at her because he hurts and she is an easy target as she is so easy going. He can't hurt her.. Or it might be a combo of both. I would imagine he is frustrated right now. We cuddle JJ a lot. He seems to crave it right now. And emma also sits by me constantly as she always has and lays her head on my lap.

Here is JJ...... He is resting. He is on pain meds here. He has taken my couch blanket over and when he naps he like me to cover him and he cuddles down in it as it is real soft. I'm going to have to get me a new couch comforter.....

His incision looks good and tomorrow morning I am going to make his follow up visit to get his staples and stiches out..


p.s. Emma walks WAY around JJ when he is resting. She is scared of him big time.... He is a big kitty.... And even though she is a big lab she has a heart of gold and is a very good natured dog...
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JJ's on pain meds, huh? No wonder he looks so mellow in that pic! Great news that he's doing so well, and apparently is pretty fiesty, too. Poor Emma!
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Poor Emma - though I'm glad to hear that JJ is feeling well enough to be so active.
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The pain meds might be altering JJ's personality a little.
Also...he may be feeling venerable and Emma looks big and scary to him so he does a preemptive strike to scare her.

My guess is that soon, he will regain his emotional balance and settle down.

I'll look forward to you post vet post.
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oh keep the pictures coming!

if i lived close enough...............


i love most cats, but some are just so SO great to look at and imagine holding, and JJ is definately one of those cats

like my boy snoopy was *sniff*
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JJ is extremely active. He has never slowed down since I brought him home from the hospital... I thought he might take a few days and rest up but noooooo.... He initially started jumping all over the place...

The vet said I can let him out as soon as his stitches are out but I am keeping him in.... When we move and he has an enclosure he can got outside. I would worry if he were outside here.. big time......

I was off work today sooooo I worked in the house. It was a major job. Got the hallway painted. Got the bathroom mudded. Tomorrow I texture the bathroom.......

The cabin is a real killer..... I had to redo some of my husbands work because I am more careful than him and he splattered mud the other day when I wasn't there. His corners are not as neat either... He told me I would probably redo a few areas and he was right. My camera is in the car. I will go get it and upload a couple pictures of our progress...
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Here's what I did today. We have not put in light fixtures or doors yet or flooring..........

Walls have been a major job....

But we are getting there. This has turned out to be a bigger project that we initally thought it would be. We have been working on it for 5 months now. We closed on it at the end of Feburary.....

Ignore the ugly window... We are buying new windows after we get in the house...

I am pooped!!!

And my back yard finally has grass.......... thank god. It seems like I planted it ages ago.

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JJ threw up a little last night but seems fine this morning. He might have just gagged. It was not food but stringy clear spit but it made him mad. It looked like foam with substance. I wiped his mouth and put him in bed with me and he recovered by snuggling... He stayed with me all night and seems fine this morning. I am up and he is still resting.
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JJ just got up and I snapped a couple pics. He says "good morning to all".......... He is walking around meowing at me...... He does have a set of lungs on him. Sorry the pic quality is not good but it's just too early still.

In the first pic, you can see his sharmed arm from his IV. He has peach fuzz on his body now and on his arm... He has a worried look on his face. I hope he is not getting depressed.. I will talk to the vet about it when I see him next week. I'm sure what JJ is going through is normal, but he just seems a little different. He is not as happy as he was before the surgery. He is either blah, or angry and cuddly in an attempt to get over the blah or angry feelings. There are no in-between emotions. He is eating good and pooping good and does not seems to have his physical activity impared in any way.

But he just seems a little down these days. I'm sure it will pass. He is still afterall in the recovery stage.

You can see in this picture how he uses his front let slightly different in his balancing. See how it is more toward the middle part of his body when he walks. He walks pretty normal with front legs and hops with rear end. He is walking great.

I am fixing to get ready to work on the house.........so until later on........JENN
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I'm sure recovery is harder at his age - and the meds might be making him feel icky.

Ring the vet - he sounds like a great guy - and check if progress is normal or if you should tweak his recovery a bit.

Kisses to you sweet JJ. I will ask Lady Three Paws for another prayer for you.
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Thank you Satai.............
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You are welcome Jenn.
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I will call the vet in the morning. He is closed today. I will ask him about JJ's mental heath when I make his appointment about his stitches and staples getting removed next week. His incisions are clean, non infected and look fantastic. I am so glad there are no medical complications. I have read some cats go through a small period of depression when having a limb amputated. It is not severe in JJ's case and that might be due to him having so many cats around him. He has playmates and normal interaction with other animals. He doesn't just lay around. He is not playing but he is not just sleeping either. He has been enjoying laying on a table and looking outside.

I want to get moved so bad so JJ will have an enclosure.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
I will call the vet in the morning. He is closed today. I will ask him about JJ's mental heath when I make his appointment about his stitches and staples getting removed next week. His incisions are clean, non infected and look fantastic. I am so glad there are no medical complications. I have read some cats go through a small period of depression when having a limb amputated. It is not severe in JJ's case and that might be due to him having so many cats around him. He has playmates and normal interaction with other animals. He doesn't just lay around. He is not playing but he is not just sleeping either. He has been enjoying laying on a table and looking outside.

I want to get moved so bad so JJ will have an enclosure.
I can understand your fears and sense of urgency - try to remain upbeat (and please believe that I know that's hard!) as kitties can sense our emotions. He may not be doing perfectly, but he is doing well, and it's a tough thing to got through. A human would not cope nearly so well so soon.

Do ring the vet - and until you get a chance to do that, just let it go. Normalacy is contagious.
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good advice............ very good advice. I will do that.
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