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No one should ever think that any honest work is somehow not 'respectable'. I am so glad that things are coming together for both you and JJ.
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Thank you Denise. !!

And I am just thankful that someone hired me. I was getting discouraged about it. But these people hired me on the spot.

And so I have had two doses of good news today. JJ's donations and my job!!

Jenn :smile:
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I am surprised too, by how effective IMOM has been in such a short time.
The generous people who have donated to JJ's surgery are truly angels of mercy.

Cleaning rooms is an honest job.
Hold your hear high Jenn.
Congratulations to both you and JJ.
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Thanks XOCATS... I will hold my head high..........!

And MORE GOOD NEWS too... I had applied for work as a housekeeper at another place too. It is a small resort that has self housekeeping meaning I wouldn't have to strip bed daily. They have 10 cabins that most people rent for a week at a time. It is right on the lake. I would just keep towels and soap handy and empty trash. To get 40 hrs, I would water flowers, sweep a little, clean the office a little and do general help stuff on the docks and make sure the towels and sheet are kept clean and folded..... She has 5 washes and 5 dryers for me to use for 10 cabins. That should not be a problem. It is ultra clean right now. And so I am very excited. Starting pay is 8.50 an hr with a raise in two weeks to a month to 9.00 if I show them I will work hard.

I called the other place and told them I was sorry but I had a better opportunity. And I am glad too. That place was nasty but it was money coming in..

And I have one more opportunity.

Husband checked at his job to see what openings they have because he is not crazy about me cleaning rooms, but there are just not many jobs here except cooking and cleaning. Resort type stuff. But 6 yrs ago, I went to school and got Cisco Certified at the beginning level and took two other tests. The router test and the switching test for a higher level of hardware knowledge in the networking end of things. And I was working on my A+ cert as well so I could service computers. I only need to take one test to finish that certification. I let it all lapse when I got sick and it all felt unattainable again.. Husband believes they have an opening for a computer tech willing to be A+ certified at his job. He is checking on that tomorrow. I love computers. I rip our apart all the time. I am not going to hold my breath on that job but that is a possibility. I would be an idiot to turn that down if they wanted to hire me and certify me.

So things are going to look up for us financially eventually. And for JJ as well.

And I thank you for telling me to hold my head high. I have always been poor and sometimes it has been hard to do. Going to school as an adult 6 yrs ago gave me hope that my lot in life would improve but when I got sick, and dropped it, I just gave up. Let myself go too. It was devestating to me. I felt like I was going to die but then determination kicked in TO LIVE. And so I have.

I guess it is time to rejoin life again before it passes me by...

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and IMOM is amazing.. It is hard to believe than in less than 24 hrs JJ has 207.00.........
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Let me tell you how amazing IMOM is.

I just went to the site to check in. Two hrs ago, his donations were 207.

Right now, the "uncofirmed amt" is up to 449.00. wow.........!!!!

Only 377.00 to go.

This is just unreal...........Ye Haw........

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$479 has been donated so far........!! Another $347 and we're there.

I am in awe of quickly all this is happening. JJ's pin page went up yesterday. July 1, 2006. The acceptance email accepting his care was at 10:55am YESTERDAY........

When I am financially able, I am going to pay this money back.. I will not rest until I do. I know it is only out of the kindess of the human spirit that JJ will have this surgery.

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By the way, he will remain at the vet clinic for three days in recovery after his surgery. Since I will be working now, that is probably a good thing. I can go see him and check on him after I get off.

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How wonderful !!!! I am sure the remainder will be gathered in a Jiffy and JJ can once again be the free spirit he was born to be.
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Mrs. cribbs just let me say........What a wonderful caring woman you are. I am going to donate to JJ and I am telling everyone I know to donate too. I love this site. With all the negativity in the world right now...it gives such hope to know that there are people such as yourself who give whatever they have...and more. God bless you! JH
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Reddicequeen, we don't need very much more. And I might have saved a cat from certain death if I hadn't taken him in, but it's people like you who give funds that are the real saviors and the real angels. Not me. And I thank you so much. Words cannot describe how it makes me feel that JJ can get well now. I have always said that I believe in miracles but now I have really seen one....... And I mean that. I only know for sure who a few people are who donated. Yourself, a woman named KIm and another at IMOM and FVEAP. I have no idea where the rest came from but it has poured in at a constant rate and I am so darn grateful....... so grateful...

And FVEAP just pledged another 200.00 to help JJ. That was one of the organizations that I had applied for help to. And he told me he was a small organization and he was the only one working to help cats. There were no other volunteers but he would try to do what he could and he asked to please keep him informed of IMOM and the fund raising, so I sent him an email with every donation we received. And another IMOMer is donating 25.00 as well. She told me tonight.

Those new donations will not be confirmed until tomorrow but when they are confirmed amounts, the total will be at 704.00 and that does not include your own....... JJ only needed 826.00 and some change. If his amt raised goes over it will help another animal at IMOM.

This has all happened in less than 24 hrs. I am in disbelief at this. They had told me they keep a case active for 45 days I think but it can be extended. So I was worried a little that it would be hard. I contacted organization after organization and it is just simply amazing that people have given so much in 24 hrs.

One lady at IMOM love kitties. And she said tonight that when one of their kitty babies is hurting, the cat people all work to fix it and that is true.

JJ will be able to have his surgery. I will probably be able to schedule it this week. I can't wait to call Dr Henry Monday morning.....hehe He is going to be so surprised.

But this is the email that FVEAP sent me tonight when I sent him the last update which at the time was 479 or something like that..

Great news! I will pledge $200. now and will make up the difference if the total doesn't come in. Thanks for keeping me updated, Tim.
There are some good people in the world and I hate to say it but many people are so down in the world. So bitter. And this situation has totally restored my own faith in humanity and in the human spirit and the kindness of people. All we hear about in the new is the bad stuff, but by golly there is some good stuff going on out there. Some really good stuff.

Sincerely, Jenn
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well, for those who donate, it can actually be a fairly small amount, but numbers add up quickly. posting his info on this site helped those of us who've been following his story & wanted to help, even if we can't afford large donations like the FVEAP can.
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Hi Laureen, most of the donations have been small. I believe that FVEAP is the only 200.00 donation....

The small ones add up real fast. Without the 200.00 donation, the other have added up to 500.00 in one day. And those were the small ones. The small ones were the ones that made up the majority of JJ"s help.

You are so right. LIke the saying say "It's the small thing that count".......

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I was looking at the pictures of your new house and I was wondering what part of Missouri you are from? I grew up in Kansas but my mother was from Missouri and it looks like the area my mother was from. Most of my relatives on that side of the family live in the West Plains area.
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The cabin is west of Cape Fair Missouri.. off of hwy 76 west going toward hwy 39. About 11 miles or so before you get to 39..
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JJ has all his money raised except for 32.00 now... The 200.00 from FVEAP will be sent directly to the vet and IMOM has 594.00 in donations.

JJ's surgery is just over the horizon now.....

I am sending a special thankS fOR everyone at THECATESITE who have helped JJ out by being supportive which really helped us, and by just being here while he was going through all of this and for the donations as well.

He would not have made it this far without you guys too......

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Jenn, I'm so happy for you & Juan & JJ! It sounds as if the universe is coming together for you--a new home, a new job, and sweet JJ's surgery. You are truly blessed.
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I feel blessed...........and JJ definately is...

Thanks Libby!

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JJ will be using the house as his own private INDY 500 in no time - just wait and see......
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Miracles really do happen.

Jenn & JJ...
You have been blessed.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
JJ HAS 207.00 IN DONATIONS!!!! Isn't that wonderful! It is happening so fast. It has not even been one complete day yet.

I am so amazed by the generiosity of people. My husband just could not believe it. We are both shocked.... and relieved... I was telling IMOM that I have been worried no one would help JJ and me. These are tight times for everyone. There are many needy people out there.

But ... in my scheme of things, I also have a job that I start tomorrow. I am going to be cleaning rooms. A lot of people might not feel that is a respectable job, but when you are sinking, you do what you have to do. And I am thrilled to finally be making some money. It's not much but it will surely help us.

Love to all,
Honest work is always respectable.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
$479 has been donated so far........!! Another $347 and we're there.

I am in awe of quickly all this is happening. JJ's pin page went up yesterday. July 1, 2006. The acceptance email accepting his care was at 10:55am YESTERDAY........

When I am financially able, I am going to pay this money back.. I will not rest until I do. I know it is only out of the kindess of the human spirit that JJ will have this surgery.

That is a great goal - it's paying foward, really, because it will help another kitty.
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Just wanted to let you know I just got home from my FIRST day at work and called the vet asap and scheduled JJ"s surgery. ALL FUNDS ARE RAISED!!!

JJ needs to be at the vet Monday, July 10, 2006 at 8am for lab work. They will keep him that day and they are doing surgery on the morning of the 11th. He will stay in the animal hospital for three days following his surgery.




p.s. Actually too much money was raised so they are going to distribute that among the other general cases at IMOM.... I don't know the exact amt but I think it was more than he needed.

XOCATS, thank you for your suggestion about searching for financial aid for JJ. I had no idea this would happen... I guess it's just another miracle on THECATESITE..... AND ON IMOM.
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Be sure to ask for prayers & positive vibes on the day JJ goes in for his labs and on the day of his surgery.

This is just amazing.
I am quite speechless.
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This is great news!
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I will. He has one more week.........

That is Hank on the right and Princess Minny looking forward, and Honey is behind MInny looking out the window.

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I love happy endings *
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Hopefully with his surgery, this will be a very happy ending!!! Since the fund raising portion went so fast, I have not had time to worry at all.

But the little animals still waiting at IMOM are in trouble. I have been reading about some of the cases and it is sad. Very sad. I hope they ALL get their fundings. Some are extremely serious. Like a rat terrier needing chemo and a dog with serious injuries like a burn over 1/2 of the body.

Poor little animals.
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OMG...I get stuck offline for a weekend and all of this wonderful stuff happens. I'm ecstatic for you Jenn and JJ and I am once again amazed and thrilled by the generosity of animal lovers everywhere. I'm impatient for next week to get here and for JJ to get started on the next chapter of his life!.

ps: A huge congratulations to you on your new job. Hugs!
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