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I have to work at being funny............hehe It takes time to develop a natural knack for humor when you are just absolutely serious like me..

And I sure got plenty to kidnap...... What's bad is they are ALL spoiled rotten. It's hard to divide my time kissing em plus hubby too.......It's a hard job to kiss all the dang time!!!!

And vet is supposed to call me in a few minutes regarding the paperwork on JJ. I sure hope it's ready!

Jenn aka Felix
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
I have to work at being funny............hehe It takes time to develop a natural knack for humor when you are just absolutely serious like me..
Jenn aka Felix
I get that - I'm a pretty serious person too.

I guess it's more a sense of the absurd?
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I am picking up JJ's paperwork at 3:30. I have an appointment with the vet without JJ. I'm an animal.....grrrrrrrrrr..

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OK Felix....
Let us know how it goes with the vet's paperwork.
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I got the paperwork faxed and the application submitted. Now, the waiting game.

I am fixing to drive to town and see if a convenience store will let me use there fax machine for the pay stub portion.

I'm a nervous wreck. I had to tell them about our shack we own but I also told them that we have no running water in it yet and no commode yet which is the truth. It is plumbed under the house but not 'to' the house. Can't afford that yet.

Did I ever mention our outhouse? It has a crescent moon cut into the door. And NO, we didn't put it there and we don't use it. But the people before us that started our project did use it. Isn't that gross?

We can't wait to live there though. Just got a lot of stuff to do first and we do it as we can afford it.

Now off to town,
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I am soooooooooo nervous.

JJ JJ JJ JJ JJ..........I hope I am approved so much. He needs his little surgery.
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I want to see pictures of the outhouse.
Fingers crossed for JJ's paperwork.
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ok, paperwork from vet came in and has been faxed. Paystub has been faxed as well. And application is also submitted..

This is the nervewracking part. It's the waiting game.
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You want to see the outhouse??? ok, no problemo.......

It's kinda fancy for an outhouse. Has the crescent moon, which I have already mentioned. And has indoor lightening for those dark and glooomy nights. Also has a ventilation system......hehe

Let me look. I might have a picture of it somewhere on my puter.

Hang on .........
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uploading outhouse pics now. Yall are nuts, you know that?
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This is a picture of the outhouse. I would like to add that the outhouse picture and the trash around it were before we did any work there. This area is by the kitty enclosure area. The fence there, I have been told, would be a great kitty ramp with some outdoor carpeting put on it.... I had two sections like that until the other day. Husband was not sure he wanted this little house but I insisted and now he is in love with it as well. He was afraid we would not be able to finish it, but we will. When we see the fruits of your labors, it is a very satisfying feeling. The first thing I did was gather trash. I gathered approx 4 truck loads of trash. It was truely a fishing cabin when we bought it. And we plan on making it our home.

And a friend lives there. He's only 5" across...... from leg to leg possible slightly more.

We also have other critters that we will share outlives with.

I dont' mind the critters or the outhouse because this is where we will live.

And as you can see, the house is not finished. This was the realtor ad picture.

We have a calm creek

But when it rains........we get rapids.

And that's todays tour folk........ The small stuff, like hard damn labor, is absolutely worth it to one day live out here. It is extremely beautiful.

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I dubbed this moutain "Cribbs Mountain" because we own it to the top somwhere. There are supposed to be survey stakes up there but we haven't went yet. We are going to wait till winter when there is snow and no leaves or grass.

We also have a friendly hawk and it's mate. This is right behind the house and is one reason I NEED that enclosure. It's not really friendly. Just unafraid because not many people are here. But I have seen two and so read a little about them and they mate for life. Unlike people, huh? hehe

But I found this little shack on line and I love it. We have fix it up so we can live in it. We'ver already done alot, but there is still a lot to do. And my kitty babies and dog will be very happy there. But I can't let them run ....... not ever.
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And we do have a spare toilet.

The living room is the only finished room as far as sheetorcking, painting and all that. It's going to be nice.

This is the spare, but we're can't hook it up till we have the pipes actually going into the house. So for now, it is our work-break table......hehe

This is the living room. I'm going to love finally getting in there.

The entire house is slightly over 800 square feet at present. It is L shaped and we plan on in the next year [depending on finances] addding another bathroom and outhouse...

OOps, I meant we are going to add another BEDROOM and outhouse. hehe
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Ok, back to serious stuff.

IMOM just sent me an email. Amy is my point of contact there. They have received EVERYTHING they need and the email said a file has been opened..

Let me copy and paste the email.


My name is Amy Martinez and I will be your primary point of contact at IMOM. My email address is gf@imom.org

We have received your application and a file has been opened for JJ . In order to review your application we must first complete your file. This has to be accomplished within 24 hours or your file will be closed. If this happens you will need to re-apply when you have everything we need.

These are the items we need to complete your file:
Your fully completed application submitted from our web site RECEIVED
A complete written estimate from your vet to include all of the information as outlined on our web site. RECEIVED
Your and your spouses proof of incomes - with personal accounts numbers blacked out. RECEIVED
If you vet accepts Care Credit, a written letter of approval or denial from Care Credit - with personal accounts numbers blacked out. RECEIVED
In addition to the above we need a show of your willingness to work closely with our volunteers by prompt replies to our emails.

Since we already have every thing we need, the committee will be discussing your case. I will contact you soon with our decision. Please give JJ a gentle hug from us.

Amy Martinez
IMOM Financial Aid Committee


So, I wait for the committee to discuss JJ........

So send those vibes all......

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Remember me telling you that when I took JJ to the vet that the vet asked me about the "what if" scenerio, if something went wrong during surgery?

And I told him he could include that amt of the "what if" and if nothing happened he could donate the money back to IMOM?..

Does anyone remember that?

Well on the vet estimate/diagnosis, the last sentence says:

"Complications are few with a hind limb amputation and if any occur, I will gladly cover those expense"..

Now........isn't that a caring vet? I just love Doctor Henry.... He has the IMOM site bookmarked on his computer and he has the forum from IMOM as well on his computer. He has been reading. More vets should read those stories and REMEMBER why they become vets when they get bogged down in mundane work. Sometimes people forget. I think IMOM would be a gentle reminder.

I will be a nersvous wreck AGAIN until I hear the resuls of the committee meeting.

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And one more thing.....

Much of my life is spent trying to make others comfortable. On the way home from the vet today after I read JJ's paperwork, I broke. I bawled and bawled.

I am still waiting and hoping the nerves grow back together before his leg is cut off..... Oh my god..... That poor little guy kitty...

He is still knuckling but he IS laying his foot flat now. And sometimes he even steps down correctly.

What if he has his surgery and all along he was going to heal all by himself. What if I am rushing into this.. What if I am?...

And if I am, it will be too late.

How do I know the correct thing to do? Vets aren't gods. And doctors dont' know everything. But they are trained but does that mean we just blindly agree to what they offer as an opinion? They can be wrong...

I want what is best for JJ and I actually hope if he is approved that it takes a couple weeks or even a few weeks to see if there is an improvement. I honestly think there is ....sometimes. I am watching for it.
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I have everything crossed that IMOM approves him, and what a wonderful vet to say he will cover expenses too.

As for the doubts, I know you have read PEbbles' thread, but I had the opposite prob - my vet wanted to keep trying meds etc to see if there was an improvement, and it ended up being nearly a month from the first prob and op to the actual amputation, and most of that, she spent in pain and on meds. If he has proper nerve damage, it is irreversible, and you could keep trying various things with no improvement. Having the op done sooner is the only thing I would have changed about the experience with Pebbles, and I did try and push my vet more than once. Vets dont know everything, but they have x-rays etc to look at and experience to know what can and can't heal by itself. And if he is in pain/discomfort with it (and it sounds like he must be), then you should notice a complete difference after the op.
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Thanks Booktigger. That makes sence. And you are right. He is a wonderful vet.

As soon as he saw JJ, and watched him walk, he told me that the limb needed to be amputated. I know that also before I went to the vet. But he told me this nearly as soon as coming in the room because JJ was on the floor walking. It was obvious to him I guess. I stayed in there an hr, believe it or not, with the vet answering all my questions. He did not do a rush visit on JJ. He took his time. Sometimes it is just hard.. to give up.. and accept what is..

You know what I mean? I was just venting yesterday feeling frusteration over this.

But JJ, if approved, will have that darn dragging leg amputated.

I checked my email before coming here today and so far, no email from IMOM.
I wonder how long it usually takes when they have everything?

XOCATS had told me to be JJ's voice but I didn't need to be. JJ, through his injury, spoke loud enough for the vet to hear. I did not have to say a word.

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JJ was accepted by IMOM!! Isn't that wonderful?

It didn't take long at all.

Let me copy and paste both emails and then I need to read them both more closely myself.

email #1

I have good news! We have accepted JJ's case for fund raising. His thread is on our Forum and ready for you to help in fund raising. I've also written to our IMOM supporters and donors letting them know about JJ. I will send you a copy of that email. Feel free to forward it to family and friends or anyone else who may wish to donate towards JJ's treatment.
Before proceeding you must carefully read through the following web page as it has clear instructions on what you need to do to help your pet through IMOM: http://www.imom.org/fa/pageup.htm.

JJ's PIN page can be found at http://www.imom.org/pin/gf/jj-cribbs.htm

We have added JJ to our Community Update Forum. Our forum is a valuable fund raising tool. Our forum is visited by approximately 2000 people every day. Many of the visitors are people who donate to IMOM on a regular basis. Not only is our forum an excellent fund raising tool, it is also a requirement that you post a minimum of once every three days. The more frequently you post, the better your chances to get donations. Your first post should be immediately upon receipt of this email. Failure to post to the forum as required, or failure to reply to emails from the committee, will result in the closure of your case. You will be given one notice, 48 hours prior to closure. You may not re-apply when your case is closed for failing to meet our requirements. You will find a link to the forum, along with instructions on how to register at the following web site: http://www.imom.org/fa/pageup.htm .

JJ's thread can be found at


I know you are already familiar with our Community Forum so I recommend you post right away!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Amy Martinez
IMOM Financial Aid Committee

and the is email #2

Permission to forward

A New Pet in Need at IMOM.org

Diagnosis: Severe nerve damage due to injury. JJ needs his leg amputated.
Estimated amount needed: $826 - We need to raise the full amount of $826
When making your donation, please consider a small donation to our Operating Fund to help pay processing charges and other business expenses.
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Case worker: Amy

From JJ’s family:



JJ was a stray that showed up on my doorstep one night. I discovered him eating my own cats food outside. At that time, his leg was laying completely flat behind him. He dragged himself up some steps in this condition. I am unsure exactly what caused his pelvic break. My husband and I brought him indoors, crated him and I took him to the vet the next morning.


To read all about JJ, visit his web page http://www.imom.org/pin/gf/jj-cribbs.htm

Updates on our community forum can be found here - http://p088.ezboard.com/fimomcommuni...icID=891.topic

Donations should be designated to: EF – JJ Cribbs www.imom.org/donation

JJ's owner has worked very diligently to get us all the information we need to review his case. She found JJ in this condition and instead of calling animal control, or thinking "it's someone else's problem", she took him in to her already full household to care for him. Let's help her get JJ the help he needs.

Amy Martinez
IMOM Financial Aid Committee


This is a happy day!! He is going to be ok..

Now, I need to go post something which is something they said to do...

Sincerely and thanks guys for hleping me out and giving me and JJ support. I really appreciate it.

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Hey, Congradulations!

Good luck JJ.
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First, Jenn, I love your outhouse! I've always wanted one in my backyard to hold my garden tools. (I could have done without the spider's pic,tho. Just don't post any snake pics, ok? I have a phobia.)
Second, I can imagine how nerve-wracking it is waiting for IMOM to get back to you. Think positively--they sound like a truly caring organization. I visited their website & was impressed.
Last, but not least, it's perfectly understandable that you'd be having second thoughts about the amputation. It's almost like making that final decision to have your kitty PTS. You say to yourself, "Just another week, there may be a complete turn around. What if I'm rushing this?" It sounds as if you really trust your vet (and he sounds like a sweetheart). I know you're going to listen to his advice, and JJ will be one happy critter when it's all over. I think you & your hubby are taking fabulous care of the little man. Hope you hear something today.
Now get off the computer & get back to that sheetrock!
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Originally Posted by libby74
First, Jenn, I love your outhouse! I've always wanted one in my backyard to hold my garden tools. (I could have done without the spider's pic,tho. Just don't post any snake pics, ok? I have a phobia.)
Yeah, I was kinda scared that there might be a snake pic too - am very phobic

The out house is cute though - at least on the outside

And I loved your comment about "ventalation". It highlights the classiness of the place.
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i have a tear in my eye reading this fabulous news, I bet you are so happy that he can finally have this op done and start his new life with you, pain free and happy. Libby's comment makes a lot of sense, I suppose cos we waited so long with PEbbles I had got past that stage, and the vet was prob still at that stage, but I saw her struggling too much to ever think I was doing the wrong thing.
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That's how I feel too booktigger. I am happy he will get to have his surgery but it's bitter-sweet as well. Today I have his foot unbandaged to air it out. He is walking around doing the things he does..

And I want to say something. His hip has sensation I think. Every now and then, he grooms it. This is new. He has not been doing that.

I will not give up until the last minute because MIRACLES can happen. If he is absolutely no better when it comes time, then we will do it. But I am not giving up on him till then.

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Wow, looks as if our posts crossed in cyberspace! I'm so tickled
Congratulations, and the very best of luck with the fund-raising. Please give JJ a really good head-skritch for me. Oh what the heck, skritch as many heads as you want---don't want to make the other kitties jealous.
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Congratulations JJ & Jenn on being accepted to IMOM...
With some hard work and generous kitty loving people, JJ will get the help he needs...
IMOM gets 2000 hits a day.

Be sure to post every day on IMOM to stay current & use your creative imagination to raise some funds to add.
Post here every day too.

I wonder if you can post JJ's IMOM info in the Strays & Ferals forum.
Why don't you ask a TCS MOD, that is familiar with JJ situation, if you can start a thread about JJ & IMOM's fund raising for his surgery.

Other's might like to know about IMOM too.
What a great site.

I love your outhouse, your house and the area around it.
Great pictures...

Go JJ & Jenn.
PS...Your vet sounds like a very caring person.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
That's how I feel too booktigger. I am happy he will get to have his surgery but it's bitter-sweet as well. Today I have his foot unbandaged to air it out. He is walking around doing the things he does..

And I want to say something. His hip has sensation I think. Every now and then, he grooms it. This is new. He has not been doing that.

I will not give up until the last minute because MIRACLES can happen. If he is absolutely no better when it comes time, then we will do it. But I am not giving up on him till then.

I will keep wishing for a miracle too.

Gook luck JJ!
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Thank you Satai........

And xocats, IMOM is a great site.
They gave me this link as well which has all sorts of financial aid for sorts of animal situations and breeds.

He wa a try so it would proably be ok to put a link to this thread there and give some IMOM inof. Some of the people who rescue strays that need medical attention might be interested.

And xocats, I had NO idea that there were organization that helped with surgery costs for animals until you suggested I do a search. NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF NOT FOR YOU. I give you a lot of credit and a tons of thanks.....

Sincerely, Jenn
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Well, I have updated my IMOM stuff today and also applied to two other places.

United animal nations


Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program

We will see what develops with those.

I am exhausted right now. I just wanted to let everyone know whats up with JJ and his stuff right now.

I has been a long day and I am going to bed now.

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JJ HAS 207.00 IN DONATIONS!!!! Isn't that wonderful! It is happening so fast. It has not even been one complete day yet.

I am so amazed by the generiosity of people. My husband just could not believe it. We are both shocked.... and relieved... I was telling IMOM that I have been worried no one would help JJ and me. These are tight times for everyone. There are many needy people out there.

But ... in my scheme of things, I also have a job that I start tomorrow. I am going to be cleaning rooms. A lot of people might not feel that is a respectable job, but when you are sinking, you do what you have to do. And I am thrilled to finally be making some money. It's not much but it will surely help us.

Love to all,
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