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Jenn stop apologizing, I know full well what guilt can do to someone. The first vet who examined Tazzy broke her other leg during an x-ray. I knew better than to go to that clinic, but it was close to home and she was hurt so bad. So don't let guilt guide you, instead follow your heart and apply what you know in your mind to be the right way to go.
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Ok, No More Sorrys.......

And that's horrible what that first vet did to you cat. Oh my god... That just burns me up..

I have a local vet as well named DR Kewl, who I will never go to again. He is only a 10 minute drive from my house but he is horrible horrible horrible as well.

He is rough and when he looked at my cats, he said stuff like "Damnit, stay still cat"....... He also stuck a needle through one of the cats entire leg. And that's the last time I went there. I gave him a chance twice.

So now we drive quite a ways to the vet but its absolutely worth it.

I am having my first cup of java right now thinking about my day. JJ is first and then I am going to try and find a job. I am going to put in my appolication for a dispatcher at a trucking industry about 15 miles from my house. I used to be a police dispatcher so I have a little experience and they need someone so we'll see what happens with that. Husband has already left for the day so it is quiet in the house except for JJ meowing. Babies are dashing through the house and I am exhausted.. But I got to keep plugging.

I hope to be home and finished with everything by 1pm and then I am GOING TO BED and sleep the afternoon away.

follow your heart and apply what you know in your mind to be the right way to go.
Great advice.............

Have a good day all...... I will update on JJ's condition after the vet.
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Jenn, my thoughts and prays are with you and JJ.
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Thank you. I just bathed JJ and then showered myself and got dressed. I am in the process of getting ready to go. I have him crated already. I plan on leaving in about an hr...

Thanks xocats.., so until later.......

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Jenn & JJ
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Jenn, you are indeed a miracle! Hopefully, your Mom & JJ will get their miracles, too.
Speaking of stupid vets, years ago we had a vet that we trusted--nicest man around. One night I noticed a tiny bump on my Sheltie Daisy's lower jaw, couldn't have been bigger than a split pea. I loved that dog to pieces, so I got her to the vet immediately. He said not to worry, probably just a bad tooth; let's wait & see what happens. Daisy's breath became really bad & the vet sold me something to help with the smell, telling me again it's just a bad tooth, she's 10 yr. old, let's wait. Finally, I told him "if it's just a tooth, let's get rid of it". I left her with him, & as I drove away I had this horrible feeling that I'd never see her again. He called an hour later, told me Daisy had so much cancer in her jaw bone that the bone was eaten almost all the way thru; she could probably live another month, but would be in pain. So I made that horrible decision that no one wants to make. When I picked her up to bring her home to bury her, he had the nerve to tell me, "I thought from the start she had cancer, but I couldn't see putting that much money into a dog." I could have scratched his eyes out. Needless to say, I never took another pet to him again.
Okay, sorry about going off on a tangent like that.
Hoping everything goes well for JJ today, and good luck with the job hunt.
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Well, we are back from the vet...

JJ is going to have his leg amputed. The leg is dead. It will be amputated mid thigh. There was no question about that. Vet said to keep the wound covered until the amputation takes place to avoid infection.

Cost for fixing him, the amputation and the follow up visits will be somewhere between 700-800.00 The vet is including any emergency care if something goes wrong during the surgery and if nothing goes wrong, he is donating that money back to IMOM... He is a wonderful vet and extremely caring..

I paid for today and it was 93.00. Got him a rabies shot and they wormed him for hook worms and sent blood work off for cat aides and leukemia. Results for that will be back within 24 hrs.

Vet said if he has either the cat aides or the leukemia, it would be pointless to continue with the amputation. So, he wants those results back asap. In my heart, I just feel JJ does not have those. It would be horrible if he did after all he has been through... That is what I am praying for now.

He has gained 2.5 lbs the last month bringing him up to 12.5 lbs. But he is real real skinny. He needs to gain 7-8 more lbs. They were all amazed at the vet at how large boned he is. He is a little tiger. His little hip bones stick out. But then again, that is probably due to the hook worms.

He rode good in the car and rested in the crate on the way to the vet and he walked all over the counter and tried to walk on the girls computer while she was working putting his information in. He is a computer kitty.

The vet will have my paperwork ready in two days or so for IMOM and I can go pick it up and submit my application so I can get approved.

So.........my little tiger/computer kitty middle name is going to be "Tripod".

The vet also said JJ will do fine on three legs.

So............that's up update. In a couple days I can submit my application to IMOM and start my fundraising in JJ"s behalf on their site.

Thanks for the support guys,
Jenn and JJ
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Good luck to you and JJ Jenn- personally, I like the name JJ better than Tripod. It has more dignity.
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I like the name JJ too...

How soon do you think that JJ can have his surgery?
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OH libby, what a horrible thing for that vet to say! He is in the wrong line of business and that certainly wasn't his call to make. Stupid vet! That would have made anyone want to scratch his eyes out.

And don't worry about a tangent. We all have our moments and I have had more than my share believe me.

Since JJ is home now and settled with with the kittens, I am off on my job hunt as soon as I eat a bite of breakfast. Thanks for the luck...

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I was only kidding about Tripod being his name. He is JJ and always will be. He got the name JJ because I thought he was the neighbors cat and their cats name was JJ so that's what we have always called him.

As far as his surgery... When I have my estimate/diagnosis from the vet [two days or so], I fax it with my completed application to IMOM. Then they either approve it or disprove it. IF they approve it, they put a PIN [pet in need] of JJ on their site. the surgery will be scheduled as soon as funds are available. They keep a running tab of JJ"s donations and pledges toward his surgery and they also keep him his own account. Each animals accounts are seperate. His will come out of the general fund since his situation is not life threatening at this time even though it is urgent. Meaning he is not fixing to be put to sleep.

When the funds become available, the fax a confirmation letter to the vet telling him JJ's surgery is paid for. Then JJ has the surgery and the vet sends the invoice to IMOM who pays the bill.

So hopefully it won't take long. But like I said, I have to get my estimate from the vet first. And that is a couple days away. I have my other documents ready such as denial number from CARE CREDIT, last pay stub and last bank account statement.

So I am good to go as soon as I get the estimate.


p.s. I am vastly relieved to have this portion completed....whew. I know what is happening now and I can accept it. My husband is very sad for JJ. He says he is a beautiful cat and he was so hoping JJ could keep his leg, but I told Juan that this is for the best and JJ will be our house kitty until we have our enclosure built for safey. But he is still sad. He loves JJ very much. But JJ will be FINE as WINE in no time at all.
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JJ is a beautiful boy!! i have been following his story but have not had time to post

i have a freind who has a "tripod"- she adopted her from a rescue, and no one knows how she lost her leg.
but she gets around just great and you barely even notice that there is a leg missing.

i know of someone else who has a cat named "Two Bit"- this cat has only TWO legs and gets around just fine!! uses the litter box, can get up on a cat tree, everything!

cats adjust to these things much better than people can

JJ will be fine. he will not be the least bit sad, i am sure. so there is no reason to feel bad for him

i had a blind and deaf diabetic old cat and he got around just great, and definately did not seem to be bothered by his "handicaps" in any way!!

all the best to you and your kitties

ps sent you a PM
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That is good news - you must be relieved to know that things will now take their course. I hope you get the funds as soon as possible and that JJ can start to live an almost normal life again.
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I have everything crossed that his application is approved, and that the op can be done asap. I disagree with your vet about not doing the op if he is FeLV/FIV+ though, they can still have years - I know of FIV's in their teens, and healthy.
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Tell your husband that JJ will adapt very well and quickly to the leg being gone. Really he already has since the leg is of no use except to cause trouble for him. Pretty soon neither JJ or your husband will even notice that the leg is missing.
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Jenn, how does IMOM go about getting donations? Do you know if they accept donations for a particular case?
I'm sure JJ will be just fine on 3 wheels. I watched an episode of "Animal Planet" last week that featured a 9 y/o chihuahua with a massive tumor on one of his hind legs. The tumor had grown into the muscle & surrounding tissues & the poor little guy had to have his leg amputated. After the surgery, they said he was like a puppy again & getting along fabulously. If a 9 y/o dog can do it, it should be a piece of cake for JJ.
And your Juan is right--JJ is a beautiful animal.
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Wow, you are a great person CatNapt. You have a slurry of friends that are as well.

And I feel his application will be approved. I am not working yet and husband doesn't make that much. So, I am very hopeful...

And booktigger, I also disagree with the vet if JJ has the cat aids or the leukemia. I promise you that if JJ application is approved, we will go ahead with the surgery regardless of that if IMOM pays for it. Even if JJ has it, the amputation will improve his quality of life.

I have been so tracked on JJ that I haven't worked on our new place for a week now. I feel motivated again to get one room done on my enclosure for all their safety. Tomorrow hubby is off work and we will have the sheetrock done by nightfall... A man friend of my husbands is going to help us thank god... These days I am not as strong as I used to be. But it will get better.

Thanks for the good thought all,

p.s. Two bit is one lucky cat to have a good owner.
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Also, libby 74, you were asking about donations for the animals on IMOM. Yes, you can make donations for a specific pet. On their site, they have several animals listed. I'm not sure what the process is concerning that as yet. I won't know all the steps of the fund raising until they approve my application and tell me what to do... I know they have a page for the pet called PIN [pets in need] and somewhere in that area is the donation area, but I'm not sure how that works.

But there might be some info about it on their forum. The forum is listed on the left side of the page.

I have already joined the forum and it was advised for me to go ahead and introduce JJ and his problem so the IMOM people would already know what to expect concerning him. And they have been so nice following his progress waiting for my vet appointment.

I'm sorry I could not be more helpful in my answer, but I just don't know the process of donations.

And I love animal planet too. It is one of my favorite shows. That and CSI.

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I was just sitting here thinking of ways to raise money for JJ.

I could have a hot sauce sale. I make killer hot sauce expecially being from Texas originally. Does Walmart let you see stuff in front of their store???? Does anyone know?

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I am so pleased that you will go ahead with it anyway - I suppose as an entire tom, there is a chance, but it also isn't a death sentence. I do hope they approve him, and I do hope that he is as happy as PEbbles was straight after her op - my vet nurse has known other animals be happy instantly as well. Still keeping my fingers crossed you get the funding, and good on you for thinking of other ways to raise some money.
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to make donations to JJ at IMOM go to this page:


(sorry i dont know how to make it a link but you can copy and paste it into your browsers window)

you have to put GF for general fund and then JJs name (which will be listed as JJ and then his owner's last name)

they are having some trouble with their direct donation site, but if it is not working, they have a way to donate thru paypal

at the top of the Forum page you will see a note next to where it says Featured Topics that explains the problem

my Snoopy was a diabetic pet in need (PIN) - i had taken him home from the shelter to be a foster cat, he was 13 yrs old and all i knew was that he was blind and maybe deaf...
i got him home ( i had never seen anything but a photo, and when i went to pick him up, they put him in the carrier for me, so i didn't see him til i got him home)
anyway i got him home and damn near fainted, the poor boy was quite literally nearly dead -dehydrated, starving, barely able to move at all.
turned out he was diabetic (and later went into renal failure)

since it was clear the shelter did not plan on doing anythign for him, i kept him but at the time could not afford the expenses of such a sick cat.(that is why i wanted to foster him, the vet expeses are supposed to be covered by the shelter for fosters)
so i applied to IMOM, on the urging of some freinds (and they all promised to help, and they did- these are all INTERNET freinds, mind you, fellow cat lovers who wanted to help a cat who needed a second chance, and i am so grateful to them and all those who helped with his vet needs,
because he turned out to be a life changing cat.
to see a photo of him and my dedication to him, check out my website:


my boy left me just one year, two months and two days after he came to live with me, but i cherished every day i had with him. he was one hell of a cat, so smart!!
if i put out three little bowls of tuna water, one for each cat, he was so good at smelling things that he could find and drink up the tuna juice from all three bowls before the other two cats even knew they were there- and he was BLIND and also not able to walk well, he was very very slow!
without any history on him, i dont know what happened but considering all the things that were wrong with him (there were other things besides those already listed!!) i think he suffered some trauma, maybe a bad fall after he went blind.

he would sometimes wake up confused (he went quite senile at the end, just going in circles, it was so heartwrenching to see) anyway when he woke up and didn't know where i was, he woudl walk out into the kitchen and holler "merUMM"
sounded to me like he was calling his mum
i still get choked up thinking about him

here i thought i was doing him a favor, giving him a retirement home, but he gave ME so much more!!

anyway, i also ended up with my sister's then 16 yr old cat, for various reasons she could not keep her (she is now 19!!)
she is in renal failure now too, so my little business there, the catnip toys and whatnot, that was started for Snoopy (because he was a diabetic PIN, his fluids and things for the renal failure were not covered by IMOM so i did what i could to raise the money myself- i am disabled and on a very low fixed income)

well anyway the folks at IMOM are great.

i will also get the word out on the cat boards that i frequent about your JJ and i am sure at least a few ppl will go on over and donate.

one board that i belong to makes a donation to IMOM every time one of us loses a cat.

anyway i hope that your boy gets accepted and that things go well for you and him and all your furries

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OH Jenn...i finally got on here! That is wonderful news about JJ. I will be counting the days till JJ is ready for surgery. This is so exciting...I know he will make an amazing recovery and enjoy many years in his soon to be built enclosure!!!!!
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OH Catnapt [Althea], thank you so much.....!! I truely appreciate your helpfulness if anyone wants to donate specifically for JJ, they can't until his application is approved. But people can donate to other animals if they choose. There are several in need that are posted on the site. I am HOPING that he will be approved very soon. I just need the estimate from the vet. My gosh, you people are so good... I have been so overwhelmed and I can see the end of the rainbow now. What a good feeling......

I would like to ask you something. I hope to have my application sent in as soon as I have my estimate. Once you send you application in, how long did it take to approve you application? Is is a long waiting period or is it something that occurs pretty fast?

And thank you!!!!
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Snoopy and Mickie are both beautiful. And little Snoopy looks pretty happy. I bet he was so glad to be a part of your family..... I know that mama sounding meow. I hear it all the time. You did a good deed. That is simply an amazing story you told in your post. I have read it several times and it is people like you that the world needs more of.

I have quite a few cats and when I get in my house with my enclosure built, I would not mind fostering a few of my own from our local shelter... They have lots of kitties that need help. And I feel compelled to help a few if I receive help with JJ. It is fair turn a bout and MANY need some hope. It's not just JJ.

As far as my own three little mongrels that were born under my porch. Hubby and I were talking today and we are keeping all THREE of them. They are so happy here and they are used to our dogs already and they are happy in our home. When they get old enough we will get them fixed. Their mama as well. I don't let them roam at night just to be on the safe side. I shut the door to their bedroom at night but during the day since I am home, they have free roam and love it. I don't trust my dauchaund completely yet to be around them unsupervised.. She has been known to be a nipper and they are still so tiny. But Emma the lab and Molly the St Bernard just hang out with them. Emma wanst so much to groom them but they put on a halloween show if she get within two feet of them.. More than two feet is fine.

The smallest kitten Honey has taken to enjoy laying on the couch within a few feet of Emma. All the cats just love her... They feel no threat from her.

I am just on cloud nine right now.. I can't wait till JJ can have surgery and get back to his old self again.. I have told my husband all that everyone has told me about three legged cats and he is doing ok with the vets decision. It was just more difficult for him to accept the fact JJ will be crippled or handicapped. But I don't see it that way. I think the surgery will make him healthy, not crippled. And hubby will too when he sees how JJ does after the surgery. He feels so sorry for him. I know my husband and he will be the one to pamper JJ after this surgery. His cats are his babies just like they are mine. Thank god he is like that.

Talk to all later, Jenn
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OH and Renny, hi there!..............

I am counting the days as well.....


p.s. Tomorrow is sheet rock day. We are getting up at 5am and getting with it. We plan on having the bedroom and bathroom finished with the sheetrock portion before quitting tomorrow. We got burnt out on working for a week, but now we are spurred on to complete our house and MOVE.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
I have told my husband all that everyone has told me about three legged cats and he is doing ok with the vets decision. It was just more difficult for him to accept the fact JJ will be crippled or handicapped. But I don't see it that way. I think the surgery will make him healthy, not crippled. And hubby will too when he sees how JJ does after the surgery. He feels so sorry for him. I know my husband and he will be the one to pamper JJ after this surgery. His cats are his babies just like they are mine. Thank god he is like that.
Talk to all later, Jenn
Your husband sounds like a loving man who will understand that,
JJ is crippled now.
He is definitely handicapped buy his dead leg.
After it is removed & he gains his weight back...
he will be just like any other handsome cat.

Let us know JJ's lab results and keep us posted about your fund raising efforts.
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JJ lab results are both negative for leukemia and cat aides.........Yeah!!!!!!!!
We sheet rocked today and when I got home there was a message from Doctor Henry on the phone telling me that both the test were negative. He also added that this afternoon he would try to get the paperwork together and he will be in touch tomorrow.....

So the ball can roll unobstructed now!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!

JJ will start gaining weight now and be a big healthy boy. I feel so relieved now....

It was awfully nice of the doctor to call me personally. It was six/thirty when I got home tonight so I have not had to chance to speak with him yet.

I will call him tomorrow...... and check the status of the paperwork.

My sheet rocked bedroom. The closet is done too... Tomorrow the laundry room and the hallway and the restroom. We are exhausted today. 10 hrs of hard grueling work....!!

And here is my beautiful Star Kitty. She actually let me brush her. There is something about Star. She is very special to me. There will never be another Star Kitty.. I read a thread by Hiss once that said to lower your head and blink real slow with ferals and I have been doing that with Jimmy and Star. When I do it, they do it too.

And here is Honey checking out the big cats food....... "She found it!!!!!!!!"

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Hooray ... JJ tests were negative.
Your vet has taken a real interest in your big boy.

Honey is pretty little girl & Star Kitty's colors are beautiful.
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Yay Jenn! Doing the healthy JJ happy dance!!! Before long all this will be a distant memory and we will only remember and know happy, healthy, chubby, 3-legged JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give your furfamily scritches for me!!!! How's Jimmy doing these days????
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Thank you guys!!

And I can't wait to see JJ chubby......like he used to be...

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