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Broken Hip

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A while back, I had written about a cat named JJ that I wanted to keep. He had a female friend name Cow.

I don't know if anyone remembers them or not but I have a serious problem with JJ.

I have continued to feed him for months on my porch. He is basically tame but did not like coming in much except in cold weather. He preferred the outdoor life and living on my porch getting kitty love.

I have a neighbor who hates this cat because he says he marks on his back porch. Since he didn't really belong to anyone, he kept threatening to haul him off. I told him we wanted JJ and to please leave him alone. Well, poor JJ disappeared two months ago. I looked and looked for him and he was gone.

I finally gave up and about two hrs ago, I looked outside and there was JJ. I screamed for my husband. His poor back leg was laying flat behind him. He was having to drag it. It's something in the hip. I don't know if this SOB shot him or kicked him but this cat dragged his body to my house for me to take care of him. I want to kick that man in the ass so bad.

I brought JJ in and put him in my back room with Jimmy who was already in bed in his crate. I have cat pain medicine and I gave JJ some. He has lost probably 2/3 of his body weight. This was always a huge cat weighing approx 25 lbs. His backbone sticks up approx 3" now. It is the most pitiful thing I have ever seen. Half his hair is gone and it is a wonder he is even alive.

I've got to get him to a vet tomorrow. I wormed him, fed him, watered him and gave him pain medicine so he should sleep through the night.

I think he will make it. He has a strong will but the leg might have to be amputated. It has nothing connecting it to the hip. It is just there. I have no idea how far he came to get back to me but I will never let him go again.

I am sitting here crying ... I would go take of picture of him but I don't want to disturb him. I have him settled in.

I told my husband, "Do not say anything to the neighbors about it". We plan on being gone and living in our new house in a couple weeks and we have 13 other cats and I want them safe. JJ is going with us come hell or high water.

This makes me sick! He dragged his body up several steps to my door tonight. He knew I would help him. I can't even stress how horrible this cat looks. He was so starved he was gulping his food. He let us pick him right up and he was very happy to eat and get in a crate. I left the door open and also put him a sheet on the flat floor in case he doesn't want to climb over the edge of the crate. It's only 3" but dragging a leg over it hurts him. That's why I know he struggled trying to get back here to my house.

How he did it I just don't know. JJ is the sweetest thing too.

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Oh my God, how tragic!

That is so sad. I hope you and the vet can get poor JJ back to good health and living the pampered life all little kits deserve.
He must have tremendous love and trust for you to have made his way back and it sounds like that love and trust is well placed.

Please keep us up to date on JJ's health and how things are going for you. Most of us know what an emotional roller coaster we can experience when dealing with our little furbabies tragedies.

Prayers go op for you and your little JJ.
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Thank you......... I really appreciate it! He needs all the prayers he can get.

I had to go check on him before going to bed so I took a couple pictures. He was still eating. Jimmy was sitting in the window watching him. I don't have any other cats in there with him. Just Jimmy. They have never seen each other. Jimmy is a big cat but JJ drarfed him at one time.

But here's three pictures. JJ doesn't appear to be in a lot of pain so maybe the med I gave him is just taking the edge off but not knocking him out, which might be good. But I'm sure he will rest. He is very tired.

In the last picture, the foot you see is from the other side of his body. It just lays where it wants to. He is dragging his body around the room eating and exploring. I figured he would be asleep. Hopefully he will tuck himself in.

I don't see any blood on him so I suspect he was kicked. I also don't think a vehicle hit him because it's not that kind of injury. I just know it was my neighbor. He threatened him too many times.

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Here's my hand by him so you can see what a big boned cat he is. It's hard to see the ridge down him back but he is so thin. I don't know how long it has been since he has eaten but he was starving. I can feel every rib in his body. You can see his hip bones in this so you can get an idea how much weight he has lost trying to get back so he could get help.
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Poor JJ. I'm so glad he's safe and in good hands now. Sending lots of prayers for him.
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Poor JJ. How terrible for this to happen. I'm so glad he found you. Please keep us posted as to how he (and you) are doing.
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That makes me absolutely sick! That neighbor of yours needs a good talking to!! Perhaps you could call the Humane Society and let them know you know this man did this. I know they probably can't do anything without absolute proof but maybe... I just don't understand how people can treat animals that way. I wish all the best for little JJ. Keep us updated!
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Waiting on a call from the vet now... Him and Jimmy are running around the room together. Normally Jimmy is running through the house at this point but I am keeping the door closed so JJ won't be too active and maybe hurt himself more.

I have thought about turning the neighbor in but in our county, they wouldn't do anything. I don't even think they have animal control laws outside of the city much less an animal control officer.

I am going to try and trick the man into telling me what he did by acting like I "am so glad JJ is gone". I want to hear him say it and I am going to record it as well. These people moved here from St Louis several years ago and dumped their own house cat when they moved because he was urinating in the house. My god, he probably had a bladder infection. They had that cat for years according to what they had told me.

Some people are just wasting my air.....
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He has patches of fur missing as well?

I'm more apt to suspect a car or another animal got to him (though I'm still detesting your neighbor).

What do his claws look like?
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His claws look normal. They are all still there. Even on his bad leg. But his pads are worn down some. And the bad one has a sore or a bruise underneath it.

His vet appointment is at 1:30 today.

It was not a car. We live on a dead end road way out in the woods. We are 10 miles from the nearest town. We live at the end of the road. The house across the street is two elderly people. And the man lives next door to them. There are no children down here. And no cars. Noone can drive fast past our house or they drinve into the lake. The lake is the end of the road. There are no stray dogs in the area. Mine has a fenced lot. No one else has any dogs. JJ is bigger than a raccoon or a large possum.

This cat has lived down here his whole life. This is his territory. And after the neighbor threatened to haul him off, he disappeared a couple months ago. He actually said he was going to dump him 5-6 times before he disappeared. He didn't want him in his yard. The neighbor works in Springfield as an IRS agent so I suspect he drove toward his job with JJ one morning. JJ dragged his body for miles. It is so sad I can't hardly stand it.

Not having food can also make hair fall out.. He was not able to hunt in this condition for food or climb a tree to get away from predators. If this had just happened in our area, he would have already been here, but like I said, he disappeared at least two months ago.

My 11 in/out cats [2 are house cats] hate the neighbor but they hate everybody. Most are reformed feral and won't go near anyone but me and my husband. Which is good. I have two cats that go to his house but they don't spray as they are fixed and he likes those. What really chaps me is recently, they adopted a cat from Branson after dumping their own in St Louis. They have gone on and on about rescuing the poor cat. Like adopting one cat makes them this great person!! The fact they dumped one also that belonged to them far overshadows any good they feel about themselves. Sorry is sorry and there is no way around that.

I can't wait to hear what the vet says about JJ...

His belly by the way is full this morning. He is still eating. And there was tinkle in the littler box so he is using the bathroom. Jimmy is a little ticked at having the door closed but he'll have to deal with that for a few days at least. And I am in and out of there a lot.

This has all happened at a very trying financial time. We are busted right now as we have spent so much money on our new cabin getting it ready to move in. I called 4 vets before I could find one who could see JJ today. It made me mad that all are only out for a buck. The vet seeing him today also see's the shelter animals. I told the woman I dont' want to put JJ to sleep. He came back to me and I want to keep him and I will be willing to make payments to help him. They are charging me 25.00 today for an office visit/evaluation. And she said, depending on the break and where it is located, they might have to amputate.

Cats can live with three legs and do fine. I have one crippled house cat now. Yellow. I know it is going to be expensive but if they will let me pay 25.00 a week, I am willing. I can't let him suffer and he wants to live.

This is my other crippled cat..... He is a character.

He has an old break in a front leg. He showed up as well several years ago on our porch and we will always have him.
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I leave in 20 minutes for the vet... I have JJ in a large crate by the door ready to go.. He is being really good. Poor guy.....

I hope I have good news when I get back... There is just no telling.

Here he is waiting for his appointment by the door. I think I am going to go ahead and leave. I'll write when I get back.

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Oh JJ...tons of prayers and get well vibes. I won't add all my nasty thoughts for your neighbour...he'll gets his due someday! JJ sounds like a true fighter, and all I can say is that I am so glad that he knew you guys, and knew he could come to you when he was hurt. It amazes me how strong and resilient kitties are. I'll be waiting impatiently for an update.

be strong JJ!
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JJ...you are in my prayers sweetie pie.
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I hope your vet appt. is going well, JJ! You are such a brave little man after all you've been through.
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What a good job he came to you. hope he heals well.
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ok, we are back from the vet..........

His pelvic is broken in two places. Thank god no amputation is called for at this point. The vet said to keep him confined in a small area for at least a month and the bones should heal but they will more than likely heal crooked. He will 'possibly' get some use back from the leg. But that depends on whether he has nerve damage but it is too soon to tell at this point.

The large pelvic bone is one that is broken and then a smaller bone is broken as well. The large bone connects to the spinal cord and that is why JJ has no use of the leg right now because there is no connection there telling the leg to move. The doctor said JJ has no feeling in his foot right now but his other leg is fine.......

He told me to just wait and see and we'll know more after the bone grows back together.

JJ has another appointment with him on June 21st at 1pm. Vet said to keep him confined to his small area until that time.

So, I have this extra restroom that is very tiny. There is floor room for a litter box and his bed plus his food and water. There is no walking room. It is so tiny we never use it. It is perfect for JJ's recovery. There are no cabinets or bathtub for him to try and jump on. And that is JJ's room for the next month. It is better than him being in a crate.

Thanks for the support guys......
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Both you and JJ will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this challenging time.
Thank you for taking such good care of JJ.
I'll be watching for you updates.
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Poor little guy..that is really horrible what happened to him. Hopefully he heals up really well, and everything will be back to normal for him and you.

I'll be sending lots of get well vibes!!
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Hopefully when we go for his followup visit, he will be fat and sassy like he used to be. He may never have full use of his leg.......but miracles have been known to happen.

I will keep you updated. And thanks again for the prayers. He sure needs them.

I am fixing to get him out of his room and hold him a bit and give him a break. The vet said that was ok as long as he didn't move around too much. Being confined is the key to his healing successfully. And that will be hard on him but in the long run is very important.

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Well, I got JJ out earlier and sat him on the couch with me. I propped my legs across the front so he could not attempt to jump down. He lay there against my leg and I groomed him and went through his hair looking at his cuts and injuries and he just closed his little eyes. He really enjoyed it. We did this for about an hr and then I put him in the wire crate which I have left in the living room so he can feel social this month.

He lay there watching us all and then after an hr or so, I put him back in the restroom.

When I checked his litter box he did tinkle and poop. I was a little worried about that since the litter box "I thought" he used last night was in the area where Jimmy usually goes and so I wasn't absolutely certain whether it's Jimmy's or JJ's. I am relieved to know he is using the restroom ok.

Nite all........what a day what a day!

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The love that you are sharing with JJ will certainly help with his healing.
I am so glad JJ is with you.
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JJ sounds like a very spunky and sweet cat, Jenn, and with your loving care he'll come through this just fine. Will keep both of you in my prayers.
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WOW poor JJ I can see that he's very thin .. in the first couple of pictures..I think that your neighbour has tried to dump him far away but he has made his way back... unbelievable.. and it sounds like he's been run over.. hence the broken pelvis.

I took 3 kittens home as a teenager .. my Mum still has one left (shes 15 now) but in 2003 she ran over one beloved 17 y.o kitty .. in the carport, accidentally, and broke her pelvis.. she recovered after approx. six weeks but kidney failure kind of kicked in a month or so later because of age/stress etc.. the broken pelvis will most likely mend.. once he starts trying to walk just make sure he doesnt try and climb stairs etc ..put rugs where there are steps etc..

Good Luck with JJ..he is amazing
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I would expect nothing less then a miraculous recovery from JJ, what with all the prayers and good vibes being sent out from TCS for him. I'm just so thankful that he found you!
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Originally Posted by Renny
I would expect nothing less then a miraculous recovery from JJ, what with all the prayers and good vibes being sent out from TCS for him. I'm just so thankful that he found you!
i'm glad the vet thinks he'll recover fairly well...looking forward to good news in your updates
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Well, I just checked in on JJ [again] and let him walk out of the restroom on his own so I could see how he was doing today. He actually was holding his leg up slightly. I hope it's not my imagination. But........it was not draggin. It is still very very limp but it made me feel hopeful. I know this is ridiculous that I would even think it could be different this early but it seemed better. It might be because he is resting and not walking on it. That has to make him feel better. He has been through heck and back.

He was not putting weight on it but it "appeared" better since he is staying off it it. I think the month long rest is going to help him.

I changed his bed, emptied his litter and gave him fresh food and water. He was resting on his sheet. I think I'm going to give him a pillow. I think he can handle the climb onto it. I'll give him a flat one.

He is a bottomless pit as far as food goes. I am so glad he has a great appitite and pooping really well. This story might have had a different endingif he couldn't use the restroom. I don't even like to think about it. I can't wait till you guys see him in all his glory when his weight comes back. His is huge!!! He is the only cat I have ever seen that weighed 25 lbs and was NOT FAT.

He is so lucky he made it back. And Leah, you are probably right. He was dumped far away and then probably got hit by a car. It is totally amazing he made it back dragging that leg. The pain this must have caused is unbelievable. I keep telling him he wilil never have to worry about anything again.

Last winter when I would bring him in during the snowy days, he meowed and meowed wanting outside. He hated it inside with a passion. But now, he is content laying on his sheet in little room. He very seldom meows in there. He KNOWS I am taking care of him and he KNOWS thats what he needs. The door is made of slats so he can see out but he is a little isolated which makes me sad but it's for the best. I'll just get him out several times a day and put him on the couch with me.

I don't know how long he dragged his leg trying to get here but he was determined. That much is for sure. Strong willed cat. The vet wasn't sure how long ago the break has occured but at first [before the xray] he thought it might have already healed. After the xray, he said it looked fairly fresh. So it is hard to know. JJ has a very high tolerance to pain to have crawled back for two months. I have heard of things like this but this is the first time I have ever experienced it. It makes me feel honored that JJ loves me this much and places this much trust in me. He has no one else and he knew it.

He wanted to come back to the only person who ever loved him.


p.s. Jimmy by the way is very happy JJ is not eating his tarter control food now. He is something else too. It cramped his style having JJ in his room. He couldn't enjoy his window. A few weeks ago I started putting his treats inside his crate because my cat Kissy kept eating them out of his bowl. Then she discovered them in his crate so while Jimmy was in his crate, Kissy would go in there in the crate with him and eat his snacks. Jimmy let her. Kissy would hiss and chow down. Jimmy would just sit there and watch her. And JJ took to them as well. So Jimmy is much happier since JJ is OUT OF HIS ROOM. That is his territory. Kissy is also leaving the snacks alone now. She is concentrating on hissing at JJ now. Silly cats.....
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I'm sending JJ get well / heal quickly vibes! What a brave cat.
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He is brave and thank you.... I'm fixing to get him out and hold him a bit. I worry about him being lonesome....
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JJ is one smart kitty...he knew where to go for help.
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Glad to hear that he looks to be improving. I'm still astounded by our 7 week old ginger kittens comeback! They truly are amazing babies.

I remember it took my Mums kitty about six days to have a poo after her pelvis broke.. so its excellent that JJ is going without any problems.

He sounds like he's doing just fine! you have to try and stop fretting though lol. I know thats easier said than done. JJ is in excellent hands!

And he is big! i went back and looked at your hand next to his tail..

You're doing a great job
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