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Furball--2 years

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My precious Furball has been gone for two years today, at 8pm. I was hoping to have a small memorial service (just me and a candle, pictures and tears) for him at 8pm. I ended up working from 7:30am-11:30pm today, though not at all by choice. I am feeling horrible right now, because not only has the two year mark past today (Tuesday), but because I couldn't even be home to remember and grieve the way I really need to grieve. I hurt so much, my heart just feels shattered. I feel like the most lousy mommy in the entire world. Say a prayer for my sweet Furry, that he knows how much his mommy loves and misses him...

God Bless,
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Amy, that is so sad. Perhaps you can donate your earnings from the 8pm mark to the end mark, to a local cat charity, in Furball's honor. You must be so exhausted from such a long work day, and on such a sad anniversary, too. How ever did you cope?? As for Furball, he does know how much you love & miss him, even as he purrs for the angels above. I will look at the stars tonight & say a prayer that you find comfort soon. Susan
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Awh Amy how sad for you, big hugs all round !! and as said above Furball is with you and your memories will live on forever. Do you have other cats or maybe now is time to get a new one, I am sorry I do not know the background and your post was very touching. I wish you happiness and peace, maybe if not already, a new little bundle of joy could help. Much love Ann, Spain
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Furball certainly knows how much you love and miss him, Amy, and is watching over you now with that same love. He will always be with you.
Thinking of both of you.
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Amy there is no measure of time over rainbow bridge,there is only love and happiness and Little Furball will feel your love for him as i am sure you still feel his love.

{{{{sending prayers for you and Furball}}}}
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Little Furball will be having a brilliant time over the bridge now you can be sure of that, but rest assured he's watching down on you as well
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I'm sorry you could'nt mourn him at the time you wanted, but don't feel bad He knows that you love him no matter what. You can still honor him with the lovely ceremony, I think it would be beautiful. Furball is always with you, in memory and in spirit. There is no right and wrong time to cherish him Furball has quite a few friends up there so don't worry he's never alone. Sending many prayers to you both

RIP Furball
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