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Go Yankees!

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Hi everyone! You may remember Sweety who we lost just after christmas from cancer. Well her is little maia who is so much like Sweety and everything you can imagine in an amazing little girl! She has so much love to give! Here are some pics of this amazing kitten!

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She's adorable! Thanks for the pics.
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I just want to comment on your sig. quote, this is absolutely true! Some more than others!

"I will help clean mom!"
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What a doll The pics are great.
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What an adorable little girl!!! She is so cute! I can't wait to see more picture of her!!
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I just love kitty photos, especially their little tummies.
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I just saw this thread. Congrats on your new baby! I remember reading about Sweety, she is memorable in so many ways but mostly from that cute picture you have of her with the mouse on her head.
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