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Hi - My Kitty Ash!

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Thought it would be good for me to start another thread with a proper intro and a couple pics of my kitty - Ash.

She loves boxes. LOVES THEM! She loves the camera too. She is about 1 year old and has gotten really big. Always getting into something and she loves to play FETCH with her sponge balls.

Well, here she is! I will post a couple more later.

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What a gorgeous kitty! He reminds me of my Ziggy, except Ziggy has more beige and brown... no wonder you named him Ash.
What IS it with cats and boxes?!?! They crack me up.

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Your cat looks funny. Cute little one

Yeah, I get packages in all the time. As soon as they are empty she is in the boxes and playing around. Not sure what she gets out of them but she loves it!
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cute... my cat likes boxes too, but she LOVES plastic bags after we go grociery shopping (and yes, we keep an eye on her)
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Ash is cute, awh love ┬┤er. My MIss Moofi loves boxes and as we have a tiled floor, she likes to push them along, looks really spooky, cos it looks like a box doing its own thing !! She also gets into my hold-alls, big hint, or what ! I think that she wants to come with me. I have loads of photos but something technical (on my p.c. - how we store them) stops me from attaching them, hupmf ! fed up !
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Welcome to you and Ash!

If you need any help finding your way around the site, please let me know by clicking on my user name and sending a private message. I will be happy to help in any way I can
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Ash is such a cutie pie!! Beatiful kitty!! Welcome to TCS!
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What a pretty face your kitty has! The pic in the usps bos is SO cute!!! Welcome to TCS!!! See you on the forums!
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gorgeous little kitty! welcome to TCS!!
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thank you all for the warm welcome. I just got done making a 3 tier box house for my cat. been wanting to do it for a while just never got around to it until today. she loves it. just staked 3 dell boxes together and cut holes in it so she can come out the sides, top and go through all 3 inside. she loves it.

here are some more pics. i hope its ok? if not just let me know and i will remove them.

her baby pics. the blue thing she is sitting on is a ballast for my saltwater tank. she like it because it kept her warm.

She loves boxes!
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Here she is sleeping under the blankets. She does this occasionally. Not sure why. She will do it in my bed too.

She has such a rough life huh?

The finale!

Again, thanks all for the comments! Glad to be here.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

See you on the forums!
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Awwww Ash is absolutely adorable. Her face is so similar to Lily's. She looks to be quite a character.
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