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Serious Separation Anxiety

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I'm actually asking this question for a lady I know. We were talking about our kitties, she told me about this problem, and I told her about the sticky that used to be up here with all the herbal remedies. Does anyone know where it went?

I'll explain the situation as much as she told me and see what all you experts have to say. It started a while ago when she went on vacation. She does have roommates who also dote on the cat, and she makes sure that someone comes by every day when she is gone and gives him lots of attention.

The problem is that he chews or pulls the fur on his tummy out whenever she leaves. She talked to her vet about it, and they are sure it is behavioural, not a physical ailment. The vet didn't know what to do with this type of problem. No matter who comes to see him, or how much attention they give him, it isn't her so he pulls out his fur.

She is going out of town in a couple weeks and is dreading it for her baby. Can anyone think of a way to ease these poor kitty's and mommy's minds?
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Here is the link for flower essence.


The other options are prescription medications. The 2 usually prescribed for this behavior are Prozac and Busporin.
You can also direct your friend to www.catsinternational.org they have some very helpful info for cats with major issues.
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Thank you Sandie. I searched for everything I could think of - natural, herbal, etc. - just didn't think of flower essenses. I will pass the info along to her.
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How terrible. It sounds like the common problem of feather picking in birds. I would cross reference some information about feather picking to see if they have some tips that could be applied to cats.

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