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I saw some geese today also pic.

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I saw these today and just had to share.
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WOW that is a heard of them.. It is springs. We now see the spring in the air and the ground
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It was raining today so the spots are rain drops on the camera lenses!
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Yay for more geese pictures! I used to visit a lake every fall that was a wildlife preserve for geese and ducks. All of the pictures of the geese the last few days have made me think of those times. Lots of fun reminicing! Thanks guys!
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Nice picture WAs that in your yard? The rain has finally stopped here, I hope it has up there as well.
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Great picture Lovely geese
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No the geese weren't in my yard. I wish. It was up the road abit beside the nursing home. And finally the rain has stopped here also. The suns out
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Awww, lovely!

We had geese in our yard last night - Harley was going crazy!
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How can I miss this lovely thread????
they looks so precious!!!..
thanks for share!
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Oi that's an everdya sight for me. I live on a lake so geese are always in my yard and they are more annoying than adorable! I have to trudge through their poo all the time and I like to just kinda sit outside and relax..well it's not very relaxing to hear "HONK HONK HONK HONK!" every two minutes!

I used to like to go and feed the geese but now having to deal with them year round it's no fun.
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Great pic!, I love geese
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Wow, what a cool picture! I love geese.
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