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Panther had me worried today,,,

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Hi, I came in the house this afternoon and Panther was sitting on the edge of the bed with allot of clear foamy looking stuff running from his mouth, He didn't seem to even notice at first but then he got a worried look on his face and didn't know what to do, so he was trying to swallow the stuff back down and after a little while it stopped.

I picked him up and had Yvonne look in his mouth and she didn't see anything in there that shouldn't have been. It looked like saliva [sp?] to me. He wasn't coughing or anything else strange, just a steady stream of this clear stuff running from his mouth. Anyone have a clue to what was going on?

I just came in the house again but I can't find him to check on him, he must be upstairs some place. I hope he is OK, if he wasn't I am sure the other cats would be acting weird. I need to go find him, I am worried about him yet.
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That would be a lot of saliva.. I would call the vet. Better safe then sorry.
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Do find him and keep a eye on him for awhile.It sounds like he might of eaten something thats not good for him! If hes showing any signs of being ill or just not acting his self ,I would call the vet. I hope hes ok let us know.
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He is on the floor right next to me and he seems to be fine. I wonder if he tried to eat something he found on the floor and his system was getting it out of his mouth? I have to stop at the vet tomorrow about our sick dog, so I will ask about Panther also.
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Could he have gotten a hold of some sort of poisonous bug, cleaning fluid?

Anyway - yes please do watch him closely and if it happens again of the Vet!
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I would take it to the vet just to make sure it's nothing serious. Hopefully it isn't!
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