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Ok, I build websites, run forums, got my first computer very young, a good ole commodore 64 back in the dark ages... LOL
I do my own graphics, but have not worked with photoshop. I've been using xara, and paint shop pro, etc.
I really want to work with photoshop as I think it can offer me more in terms of manipulating images, mainly I just want to make cool sigs for TCS
However, I am lefthanded and finding it impossible to do what I want to do with the various tools as I just don't think my brain works with my right hand for detailed mousework. LOL
I tried switching my mouse to work left handedly, and it is messing me up because I am so used to using it with my right hand. However, if any of you are familiar with whiteboard apps that let you write with the mouse, it looks like a 2 yr olds first efforts at printing their name.
Anyone here able to work with photoshop or similar programs that are left handed? Anyone find a way around this?