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Traviss and his teeth

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Hi to all. Our oldest fur-boy is 6 and has major dental infections. When we had his teeth cleaned at age two, he recovered slowly from the anesthetic.
His teeth continued to deteriorate and had them cleaned again at age 4 1/2. this time he was very slow to wake up. Also, the Vet said he had developed an allergy to the anesthetic. They sent him home and he would vomit green bile if he tried to eat, and developed a respiratory infection.

Also at this time, his digestive system shut down(again it was said due to the anesthetic). After five days of lingering on the edge, he finally came around and the vet pleaded with us to take him home and continue to force feed him as he was VERY fracus. (had to look that one up).

After two weeks he made a full recovery and was back to his old sweet and gentle self. (Fracus? No way!)

Now he is six, in obvious and constant pain. Will eat only if we puree his finely ground canned food. Will only partially open his mouth and won't even meow at full volume.

The Vet had told us after his last ordeal that he would never put Traviss under again unless it was a life or death immediate situation. We have a referal to the Madison, Wisconsin Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Our Appt is 8:30 the 26th of March. They have assured us they have different protocols and can help him. The goal this time is to pull every tooth he has.

Aside from our obvious fears of losing him, We are concerned that they plan on releasing him to us the same day. It's at least a 2 1/2 hour trip home. On top of the surgery, (if he survives) we are afraid the stress of the trip might push him over the edge.

Any helpful input would be greatly appreciated. We love our boy and would do anything not to lose him.

Sorry this post is so long. Sincerely, Brad.
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Yes, these kinds of choices are hard to make. It sounds to me like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I guess the only way to figure it out is to weigh the benefit of taking his teeth out so he can eat and the possible effects of the surgery. I dont know what they plan on doing to put him under though. If all goes well, I would assume he would be groggy for the ride home. If you are feeling very uncomfortable, you may want to make a list of ?'s for both vets. Address your concerns and see if you are happy with the answers you are given.
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Is there no way to keep him there overnight? If they're very sure he can be released the same day, maybe you can have your regular vet talk to them and see what he thinks.
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That sounds like a good bet. I'll call him first thing in the morning. Thank you, Anne.
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Oh poor puss! I feel for you so much! I really hope that you can get some kind of compromise and best of luck with the treatment. I really mean that .
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