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Over the weekend I had the "pleasure" of learning the pain I put my parents through when I was in high school. I am only 20 now but my parents were out of town for the weekend and I was keeping an eye on the house and my 17 year old brother. I got a call from the EMS here and since I did not get to the phone in time they left me a message to call 911, not telling me what had happened. But you know when your phone rings at like midnight something bad happened to someone you love. I called them back and was told that they were trying to get a parent of a minor who had been in a car accident to find out medically to treat him. Of course by now I am freaking out, cannot get ahold of my brother and have no clue what to do. Finally after about 10 horrible minutes my dad calls and says my brother was in a wreck but he is ok. That was the longest 10 minutes of my life.... I feel horrible if I ever worried my parents like that. I know they never got any calls in the middle of the night from me but I am sure they worried. So for all the parents who have teenagers right now... I am sorry if they keep you up at night worrying about them

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Oh my!! that sounds like it was a scary evening for you!, I'm glad that everything turned out ok!
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I know! As teenagers we thought that we could totally handle anything and that we were invincible.

Once we get the chance to walk a little in someone else's shoe you can appreciate what they thought and went through.

Sorry to hear you had to go through that! I'm glad to hear your brother is OK.
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Oh Jess, that is an awful feeling to have the phone ring late at night.....just awful.........glad to hear your brother is ok!
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Don't worry!! My paretns got a knock on the door from the police who asked if they owned a White Ford Escort (which is what my sister drove at the time) because it had been involved in a robbery. Apparently my sister let her b/f borrow the car while she was at work, who then robbed a liquor store!! DUH!!
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it is amazing what parents are able to put up with I hope when I have kids things will be better (i know they probably won't but I can hope )
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Yikes... you know I was a pretty good kid. My older sister wasn't.

I'm glad your brother is okay though... Scary!
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