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S.O.S. for a cats colony

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HALLO!My name is Gianluca and I am a volunteer in a colony composed by 100 cats. The colony is situated in Italy, more precisely in a little centre of Tuscany, called Nugola Nuova. The colony was born about 20 years ago when a lady called Iria Lopez, taked care of few cats left alone on the road. During the last years many people have been thought that the colony is organized and supported by the public administration, but unfortunately the cats are feed and cared by Mrs Lopez who uses her own resources (she is a 75'years old widow who lives with a statal pension)and with the help of very few volunteers. The relationship with the neighbours is not very good even if the colony isn't near the houses, a veterinary controls gratuitously the cats health and the colony offers hospitality to a lot of cats and kittens abandoned by the dwellers of the surroundings. Every cat is fed, cured, castrated and when possible, adopted. Now the colony lives a serious period of difficulty because people continue to leave their little "friends" and the structure of the colony is very old so that it needs some works of maintainance.
We hope in the generosity of the visitors of this site, every contributions, suggestions and questions are welcome, you could answer me on my E-mail. The number of the current account is:" C.C. Postale 32001/11631579 Poste Centrali di Livorno Via Cairoli" addressed to "Associazione Amici del Gatto". Thank you for your attention!
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I pray that you find the help you are seeking for this colony.
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I just adopted a cat, and there was a lady that asked me if i wanted to foster some kittens and a momma so i said sure. The momma cat is very very ferril she will run from you and any sudden movement you amke around her she hisses at you. But the kittens are very cute....i have to give them up in 4 more weeks. The momma cat they are going to spay her then send her back to a ferril colony. Which is what she needs cause i dont think anyone will want her in there home.
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Mazzy - sometimes Ferals will surprise you and make the nicest most appreciative cat in the whole wide world!
Good luck with your momma and the kittens.
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