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Guys Please I Need Some Vibes/prayers Right Now

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Ok....I posted in the health and nutrition already, but I need some prayers now guys. I went up to check on Chloe and she was resting in the litter box(very unusual) anyways, I went to get her out and she about fell over! I think shes in worse shape than what I thought. So I immdeiately called the vet and got an appt for 1:00, so please guys wish us luck, oh and also, shouldnt I keep her away from her babies? I mean just in case its something they can catch.
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oh no!! Good vibes for you and Chloe. I hope everything is okay.
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Poor Chloe!!!! Feel better soon! Good vibes coming your way.
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Chloe, I hope you're okay!
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I hope Chloe is ok
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Sending good vibes for sweet Chloe
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I hope she will be ok.

Please keep us updated as soon as you can. We'll be thinking about you and Chloe until then
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I will pray for Chloe and hope she recovers 100% I know how diffucult it is to watch a pet that is like a child get sick. I hope for the best.
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Lots of get well vibes for poor Chole. I hope it's nothing serious.
Get well soon purr kitty!
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Lots of vibes headed your way. Poor Chloe Please let us know as soon as you find out something.
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Oh no, this is not good. I really will pray for her and hope she'll be alright.
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O no!!!!! I hope everything is ok please update after the vet.

MANY vibes coming you all's way
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Oh Monica, I'm sorry to hear this.......please let us know what the vet says...........hugs for Chloe!
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Thinking of you and Chloe with fingers crossed.

Please keep us updated once you have come back from the vet and seen to Chloe.
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Oh, I hope everything goes okay at the vet. Poor Chloe! Here's some more healing vibes for you!
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I hope she's okay!
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Just got back from the vets, and she did a fecal sample and surprisingly she didnt find any worms, all though she said there was blood. She gave her a shot and a pill to get her started, and is treating her for something, I cant remember now and she sent some liquid meds home with her as well, and if she doesnt get any better in day or two I am to call her back and she will want to see her again and do a blood panel. So lets just hope that whatever Chloe has, will go away with all the meds and its nothing more serious. Thanks to everyone!!
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Well, let's hope this does the trick........I have my fingers crossed for you guys.....
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I hope the meds she has now is all she needs. Get well vibes coming to Chloe
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