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What are cat-safe roach remedies?

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A friend of mine is moving into a home and she saw a roach escape out of a cupboard. Evidently the home has already been sprayed but this one managed to survive. What are some safe options you have found for attacking roaches, that will also be safe for her son and her cats?

Thanks so much!
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I live in New Orleans and since the hurricane I have had a problem with roaches. Exterminator said it is because of all the flooding. We bombed the house and still have some running around. I have a small children and a cat who just had 5 babies and the Dr. and Vet told me I could use Raid Ant & Roach Fragrance Free spray. To be honest it worked better than bombing the house! Good luck with the move and all
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A shoe or a flyswatter should be the safest extermination method!! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist!!)

I HATE roaches with a passion!! We've used an orange oil spray outside around the perimeter of our house and that's helped. Also, spreading a fine mist of diatomaceous earth outside will kill 'em. I know you can make some roach bait things, but I've never had any luck with them.

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Diatomaceous earth...I did a bit of research on it and it sounds like it might work, but where do you purchase it?
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A feed store or organic garden center. I've even seen it at Lowe's (home improvement/hardware store). Whatever you do, do NOT get the kind for pools. When you use it, lightly dust it outside your house. If you can see it, you've put out too much.

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One night I got up for a late night snack and got some muffins from the freezer and was about to defrost them in the microwave but as I opened up the microwave I saw a cockroach. I screamed, got Mum to clean it and wouldn't use it again for about a month.

I was vacuuming the stairs the other day and a Cockroach scuttled along so I vacuumed him up - quickfast!

We've got tonnes of them. EEk!
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Combat roach traps work the best, and they can be used around children and animals (since there's no spray). I guess the only problem would be if a child or animal pried one open and chewed on it, but they're very hard to break. And you can affix them on the inside of cabinets, walls, etc. so they're out of sight.
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I just moved from the south where roaches are the size of small mice and you can hear them walking. They are outside bugs that have a nasty habit of coming in for any number of reasons. If these are the kind of roaches we are talking about, outdoor sprays and dusting a mixture of cornstarch and borax will kill them before they get into the house.

If you live in a city and have the small live in the wall ones, good luck. They have been on earth far longer than humans. Oh I HATE them too.
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Combat makes traps for the large waterbug roaches too.
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