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Neighbor's Outdoor Siamese Cat

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When I moved here two years ago, one of the first things I noticed was the pair of Siamese cats who periodically ran through the yard. They were always very close together, as if tied together with an invisible cord and would flit around side by side. One was big and had a full tail and the other one was very petite and had a half tail. They would both run off if you pretended to take a step in their direction.

And then there was one. For a reason I still don't know, the half-tailed cat was suddenly by itself. I never saw the full-tailed one again. She would still come to the yard, but would just sit and stare at things. Sometimes she would sleep. She would sit very close to other cats and stare as they spazzed out and hissed at her.

The calmer ones she would just lay close to, basking in the sunlight for a few minutes before going off to sleep again. The spazzes usually wandered off. Sometimes she would come to the yard and stalk me, "hiding" behind a single blade of grass, and I would giggle at her silliness.

And then there were none. This morning, I went out to the car to go to work, and a familiar pair of colors caught my eye. She was laying by my mailbox, in a pose which suggested that she might look up at me and run off like she always had in the past. But this time she did not run off.
RIP "the little Siamese cat"
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oh, poor little baby RIP lil meezer
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RIP little sweety, now you will be reunited with your friend who went to the bridge before you.
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Godspeed over RB, little Siamese one. Heaven will be one kitty brighter even as your neighborhood is one kitty dimmer Condolences to your neighbor & you on your loss of such a charming cat. Susan
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RIP sweet one.
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The poor baby She's hiding behind a blade of grass over the bridge now stalking the other kitties
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RIP little beauty. Play happily over RB
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ohmy what a sad story - so beautifully written and I can picture every word of it.


RIP darling - go and find you buddy and run through the grass together

RIP little Siamese cat
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Rest in peace, little siamese kitty!
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