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Pictures after surgery

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Little Jaffie had surgery in April of 2006 when his hip joint popped out of the socket. We guessed since he is clumsy maybe he fell out of a tree but the surgeon said it could be hereditary since it does not happen easily. The ligament was torn so they could not just pop it back in. He did so well during and after surgery, he’s very happy we fixed him.

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Awww!, poor little guy!, looks like he's doing well though
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I'm glad the surgery went well he looks like it does'nt affect him much best wishes
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Awwww poor little pumpkin I hope he gets well soon
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Aww-glad the surgery went well.....and hopefully he will be up and at it in no time at all!!
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Oh my , poor little Jaffie.............looks so much like my Trixie! I'm glad to hear he's doing well.
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Poor little man! It looks like he's getting around fine, though...good for him!

That's quite a shave job they did on him!
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My Jafar is doing great and walking nearly 100% He is still afraid to jump on high things but is ready to pounce on his buddy Angie and play. I felt so bad when I had to wait for 5 days before surgery after it happened, he was on pain medicine but could not walk at all and it was pitiful to see him drag into the litter box. Hubby and I love this cat so much!
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Awww, poor little guy!

I hope he gets back to 100% very soon!
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Awww, bless! I'm glad he's doing so well though!

I bet he has a chilly leg though!
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Awe what a little trooper! I love the little furry boot they left him, it's so cute! I hope he heals wonderfully well and quick!
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Awww... Bless his little heart!

Jaffie, sending you speedy recovery vibes...athough you look like you are doing really well
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Ahhh...just look at Jaffie.
He is such a handsome tabby.
It looks like he is recovering really well.
You are taking excellent care of your boy.
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Aw, I'm glad he is recovering! What a beautiful kitty he is!
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Wow!!! He is looking great!!!
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Jaffie looks well. I'm glad to hear he's doing well. Keep getting better Jaffie you are so adorable.
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