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Topanga thinks I'm her Momma

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Last night I took Topanga to bed with us. Usually she just runs and plays while we watch tv. She played for a while then wanted under the covers. I could feel her up against my stomach making her nest. Then I feel the paws going back and forth on my tummy and a loud sucking sound. She had a piece of my pajama pants in her mouth and was trying to nurse. Poor baby....
I wonder if she does this everynight while in her bed.

We got her at about 5 weeks old. (found by hubby at work in the engine compartment of a car). We've had her about a month now. I guess she thinks I'm her Momma
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That is so sweet!!! I probably wouldv'e given her my pinkie to suck on.... what a sweetie. Maybe you should get a bottle with a nipple and hand/bottle feed her once a day... this might help with her transition. 5 weeks is still young to be away from mommy...and she was probably traumatized somehow...how else do you end up in a car engine right?! She might feel more comfortable if you emulated mommy kitty a little....like with a damp wash cloth, rub her down like your giving her a kitty bath. It would definately gain her trust a little more... good luck.
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Aw, poor little girl was seperated from her momma too early...she didn't get weaned properly. It sounds adorable that she does that to your pyjamas, it must be such a sweet sight.
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Winston did that too when he was a baby, or he would try to suck on my nose, eyelid or earlobe. LOL
He was an orphan that I hand raised so it seemed expected to me. He never did stop thinking that I am his momma. He's 7 now and I really am not sure he realizes that he is a cat. LOL
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl
5 weeks is still young to be away from mommy...
well, I've had her for about a month now, so she's around 9 weeks now. My husband kept saying I shouldn't let her do that, but I also thought it was sweet. I let her do it for a while, but then moved her. She's still very skittish, but loves to be in my lap as long as I'm not trying to pet her.
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My Rambo does exactly the same thing. And he's now almost a year and a half old. I've found that i give him one of my old shirts (straight from gym) or worn pair of pj's and he'll happily knead and suckle on that until he falls asleep. I think it's like a toddler sucking their thumb...it's great comfort to him.
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Ellie still does it at two years old, though some cats grow out of it.
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Ahhh how sweet.
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