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Is it possible my cat could be swollen in that area to the point where I could actually feel it? They're soft lumps at first I thought she was producing breast milk cause they were all on her umm...nipples but now they seem to have gotten bigger, I've just moved to dothan, alabama and I don't have any money at all to take her to a vet and I am freaking out. Does my cat have tapeworms?!
She is still in heat though, do cats get swollen on their belly when theyre in heat?
Please email any responses to cause I don't know if I can find my way back here to see the responses. Many thanks!!!
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Are you sure she is in heat and not ready to deliver a litter of kittens?
I would get her to a vet asap, she may have a mammary infection (mastitis) or mammary cancer. They can spay her at the same time. If you explain to the vet what is going on they may decide to let you work out a payment plan.
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