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update on winter and her babies

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Winter is doing very well. all five of her babies are doing great. she would not leave them for the first 48 hours had to move one of the litter boxes across the hall into the spare room with her and her kittens. saturday she would allow us to touch and hold them. of course under the condition that she is getting plenty of attention herself. me being the cat lover i am fell in love with one of them and now i am trying everything possible to convince the husband as to why we need a 3rd cat. who of course says he hates cats but the first thing he does every night when he gets home from work is play with them. the second he got home on thurday he had to go and check out her babies and the first thing he did friday morning was go look in on her and the babies. I think he hates them when litter box duty rolls around. Need i mention we have had them for almost two years and he changed it once. they are so cute my friend came over this weekend to pick her kitten out and she is taking 2. you can't resist there little faces. they all have homes if i can keep one. she has decided to move them from the closet. I helped her as i was not going to let her try to move them from the third shelf in closet. and the shelves are three feet apart. winter does look kinda straggly right now. I have not seen her bath herself yet. I did brush her out today and that helped a little. she is having some problems nursing them. they fight really bad and they pull on her nipples really bad when they do this. when the babies cry to eat she will move 2 of them away and feed 3 of them and then the other two. sometimes she cries for me and with my one hand she places her paw in the middle of my palm and scrathes it and with the other i break up fights and one kitty pulls on her really hard and so i push its head in to save her on pain. when she is done feeding them she puts all of them back together. today she has finally come out to visit with us a little. my other cat smokey is not very keen on the kittens she stays away and now she wants nothing to do with winter after winter batted and hissed at her on thursday. I remember smokey being kinda jealous last time and that was because smokey is my daughters cat and she plays with the new kittens and not here so she feels left out. I guess if i was smokey i would be thankful for the break from a child that is not quite six yet. but all in all things are going very well. three out of five have been named. two of them i will not name as i will leave that up to the owner. i am trying to keep the pure black and i named her harley. my friend named hers she is taking the gray one and we named him bacardi and she is taking a black and white we named him midnight. the other black and white i refer to as winter II as there markings are the same. the other one is just the other balck kitty that looks like harley. LOL i hope to be able to take some pictures that turn out soon so i can post them for everyone to see. I know how much i love baby pics.
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW they sound too cute! I was laughing at her taking and feeding them in "sets" heheee. that is funny! Sounds like she is doing a GREAT job!
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I can't wait to see pics!
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aww thats great! Moe didn't leave her babies for the first 48hrs either. I tried to move them out of my closet and into the spare room where my daughter couldn't get to them and she moved them right back to the closet. She hasn't tried to move them yet and they will be 2 weeks on Friday! I am glad they are all doing great keep us posted! I can't wait to see pics!!
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i also kinda of want them in a better place but i do know that if i were to put them where she did not want them she would move them again. I was kinda concerned for her kittens as they are now where my girls can get to them. Laura is 5 and evie is 2. winter is totally fine with them. she lets the girls hold and pet them. she does not seem to be bothered by it at all. of course i do limit the amount they spend with them right now. i will try to post pictures next monday. i should be able to get a couple of good pictures by then. I also wanted to thank everyone for there support and concern for me and winter. I fell in love with this site for a reason everyone is so nice and willing to help if they can.

momof3rugratz- i for one love your posts. before i went to bed last night i had to read all the new posts about skittles. I have been following her since i joined. good lucki and hope she has those babies soon.
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I can not wait to see her pictures now I am glad she is so friendly.
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