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6 week old pics

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if you remember im the foster parent of a mama and her 4 kids. they landscapers got 2 of the kittens with the weedeater 3 weeks ago. here are some recent pics of 4 healthy kittens.

here is the link of my story

the one in the back got stiches. we are keeping her

the black one seems like he will be long hair. his hair is so soft

shes a good mama!

this one got nicked in the head but no serious damage

close up of our baby, stiches
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They have gotton adorable..
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thanks they are so cute. i noticed something new is that mama is playing with them now...shes acting like them...all playfull. soon 3 of the kittens will be gone. we got them good homes from people we know.
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They are all adorable!! How exciting that one gets to stay!! I bet you will miss the other 3, but it is wonderful that they have great homes. Please keep us updated as your little one grows. I would recommend keeping them as close to 10 weeks as you can.
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The new pics are only showing up as red x's for me
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JOHN: THEY ARE ADORABLE!!! The one in the first picture looks like our baby Gizmo!!!
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Aww... they are so precious!
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They are sweet. And I'm not kidding when I tell you that Stitches (spelled right...I hope?) is the IDENTICAL TWIN of my Steuben when I brought him home at 6 weeks!!! They are clones!!! My baby is now 10'll be surprised how much they change from 6 weeks to 10! It's so exciting to watch them grow.
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What angelic little faces they have! And their mom is a beauty too!!
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What 'lil angels they are! Glad you are keeping one.
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What sweet little babies, Bless you for helping this poor mama & her kittens.
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thanks everyone. ill for sure keep updating with pics. sunday the first one goes then the following week the 2nd one goes. im gonna miss them following me around in my room...they always wanna climb me
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