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Sometimes my cat will make weird sounds. It is almost like they are trying to throw up, but they never do. They put their heads low to the groud and it sounds almost like they are coughing or sneezing and they will do it for a minute or two. I have had this happen with every cat I have ever owned and I was just wondering what it is and why it happens. Does anyone know?
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Do you have flea collars on them.. If so take it off see how it goes.
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could be hairballs or it could be feline asthma-I would have your vet do x-rays to rule out asthma, and then go from there. It is curious that all of your cats have had this? Did you live in the same house with all of them-it could be something in the environment? A hepa filter may help if this is the case. What you are describing sounds like Uno-who happens to have asthma as well as only one eye-the poor guy got the bum end of the deal I think!
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What is weird she said every cat she has owned did it
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What happened to the othe cats...
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A simple solution would be hairballs. I would also be concerned that your kitty may be exhibiting symptoms of feline asthma, which can be exacerbated by seasonal allergies, and is quite treatable! Your description could also possible indicate a cough. Either way, I strongly recommend getting your kitty to the Vet as soon as possible.
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Yes, if it is a consistently non-productive cough (i.e., hairball never comes up even after giving kitty hairball meds), it probably is asthma.

My cat, Penelope, has asthma and I give her inhaled medication (Flovent) twice a day with an aerosol chamber (http://www.aerokat.com/). Since she started receiving the meds regularly, she hasn't had any attacks!
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