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Originally Posted by lucat
Sounds goood!Perfect excuse to get some shoppnig tomorrow Even though it's been raining for days & continuing all week can pretend it's sunny & warm
When you make it, if you use an 8oz. glass, pour approx. 2 ounces of Midori over the ice and then fill the rest with the sour mix. Sometimes I find the sour mix to be a bit too sour and in that case I will add a little sprite to it. I might have to go and pick up a bottle of Midori on my way home as well. I ran out at home
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No Booze summer drinks:
Brewed ice tea-no sugar just lemon
Paul Newman's lemonade!!

With Booze,

Ice cold Rolling Rock (beer)
Pimm's!!! (note to self-buy more Pimm's)
Summer Hummer which is lemonade (see above Paul Newman's lemonade and Limon. Limon is cheap!!! Its by Mohawk?? and is Lime vodka and Lemon Gin. It is green colored. Or just buy lime vodka!!!
Nice glass of New Zeeland Sauvigon Blanc from Marlborough region.
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Malibu Coconut Rum in pineapple juice, please, with a splash of Midori!
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Originally Posted by lilleah
My favorite drink at any bar or any place, even my home is Long Island Ice Tea. I didnt even know they had a Long BEACH Ice tea! Im so going to try that next time. MMMmmmm!
Same here my favourite drink in the world!
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You have to do this a certain way...

Either Screwdrivers (OJ & Vodka) or Margarita's on the rocks. You can't do this near the ocean, but you can do it on lakes or rivers. You have to be either on a boat, floating, or on a dock over the water. Just as the sun is out of your view, start drinking!

When I was younger, our family had a house out at the Colorado River near Parker, AZ. It was kind of a custom to have everyone on the dock, just hanging out, talking and drinking. When I say younger, I mean late teens/early 20's.

Ahhhh, those were the days....

Next summer, I will have a boat and will be continuing the tradition...
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