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one or two cats???

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HI Everyone- Sorry in advance for the long post!!

I have a beautiful 18 months old white persian male. He is my baby and only pet in the household. I have been contemplating getting him a playmate. I work about 45-50 hrs a week and can be gone as long as 12 hrs a day sometimes. I am worried about him being lonely when I am gone.

But I have ALOT of concerns about adding another cat to the household. I even put down a deposit on a 7 month old female persian but am not sure now if I want to bring her home.

My two biggest concerns are getting along and litterbox issues.

What if my kitty Sebastian does not want the company and hates her or vice versa?

I am extremely concerned about him developing spraying issues to mark territory because of the new kitten(he is nuetered though)or one or both of them not using the litterbox. I LOVE LOVE my kitty but I know what cat spray smells like and I just would not be able to tolerate that behavior. I have never been able to remove the odor at my moms house once the cat has done its deed. Plus I am a renter as well.

My kitty is very good about using his litterbox and seems happy enough.

I guess my question is am I being selfish and irresposible if I only have one kitty when I work this much? Are one cat housebolds less happy than multicat households?

Does anyone have only one cat who prefers it that way?

I am so concerned about Sebastian but I am also just not sure if I need or want a second kitty in the household.

I know I sound like a raving lunatic but this is This is stressing me out!!!

Thank you in advance for any advice! This forum has been very helpful with other things.

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I Do ay 2 are better then one.. And just take it slow.Make sure he knows he is #1
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Ok, I'm no expert at this, and am currently in the process of introducing a new kitten to our home for many of the same reasons you cite. My husband and I work long hours and we worry about our nearly one-year-old boy becoming lonely when we are gone. I had many cats growing up, and my opinion is that it really depends on the cat. For instance the first cat I got, was very content to be an only cat. She was extremely independent, affectionate only on her terms, and never seemed bothered if we were home or not. Mattingly, our current kitty is the opposite. He is very loving with my husband and I, clearly more content when we are both around (plays a lot more, makes cooing noises and purrs a lot), and will call for us if we are in another room and he's not sure where to find us. It's this really loving and social nature that led us to get him a companion.

If you decide to bring in another cat, be warned that it can be a time-consuming process for everyone to adjust well. Again, growing up, aside from our oldest cat who never liked any other cats around, the rest of the cats we had always got along famously together, and did so rather quickly. We have had our new kitten for 7 days now, and we are still working through the introduction period. They like each other, but the play is rough and they cannot be left alone together. It's taking a lot of energy to keep both kitties happy and well-adjusted as they go through this transition. If you are doing this alone, it might be wise to wait until you can have several days off to be at home and help monitor their first interactions.

Hope this helps. Again I'm no expert, but I have a little personal experience! Good luck and keep us posted!
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I'm trying to figure out this same thing myself..
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If you're not going to be home I would just keep them seperated when you can't be there at first. They can get used to each other's scent through a door to begin with and hopefully it will all go well. Are they both spayed/nuetered?
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If you are that concerned about having another cat than just stick with one cat. I have 4 but 3 of them were all baught as kittens together and my old cat just put up with them. Their can always be a possibility with problems from spraying, litter box issues, and getting along. If you live in a very small apartment it is not good to have several cats because all cats do like their space.

A persian is a breed that usually does very well as an only cat. One good thing about getting pure bred cats is reading about their personalities and knowing what some of the characteristics might be. A persian does fine by himself but I would not leave a Burmese alone for long periods, they are very social and do better with another cat around.

I you really want another persian for yourself than get one and just know that it might be a very easy transition but it could be stressful as well.
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as young as he is, he should adapt fairly easily to a new cat - but you can never be sure. if he seems happy being an only cat, & you don't care either way, then i would say not to get a 2nd. if he seems lonely, &/or you want another, then take the introduction slowly & carefully. read introducing cats - it has very explicit directions.
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2 are almost always better than one, unless you have a dominant cat or are around constantly (and who is, really?). Unfortunately, in order to see how dominant one is with other cats...you have to have another cat.
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They are both spayed/neutered so I am hoping this will help to avoid any spraying/dominance issues but you just never know!

I am going to bite the bullet and go for it. Since I am getting her from a breeder if there are any problems she will take her back and rehome her.

But I am hoping for a happy transition and good results!

Thanks all for your feedback
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