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HELP! She keeps getting out!

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MY little siamese is pretty young and lives with four miniature dogs, bless her, but they all get along okay. Thing is, the dogs have a doggy door and use it frequently, but so does the cat! It wouldn't be so bad if she'd stay in the backyard but she likes to hop the fence, next door is a giant dalmation dog and some other attack dog and I'm afraid of the day that she hops that side of the fence. Until then she's just got to deal with the dangers of the natural predators behind the backyard and the cars along road infront of the house. I always go out looking for her when she doesn't come to me when I call but it's soooo difficult to track her in the woods, especially since she thinks its a game to make me search for her. We've tried like four different brands of little things to keep her away from the doggy door, things that'd make sounds that were -supposed- to ward them off, things that'd spray an odor to turn her tail, or things that'd apply an electrical shock to her colar. Nothing seems to work! Damn her will power If anyone knows what I can do about this PLEEEEEASE get back to me.
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For one is she spayed? She may be going out for that reason, to find a mate, in that case spay her.

I don't think there really is anything you can do. But there are doggy doors that are electronic. The dogs collar has something attached to it to activate the door and it only opens for dogs wearing the collar. I know nothing else about it except it exists. Try PetSmart or PetCo maybe?
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Do you have to have a doggy door?
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She is spayed, we hoped that'd fix it. We tried the electronic door with the key-tags for the dogs, she just has to tail behind the dog to get out with them. And yes, the parents will not live without the dog door, they have 4 little dogs that go in and out constantly, the cat is mine.
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How much room (or how many rooms) are there away from the dog-door room that the cat might be confined to without totally cramping her style? It might sound drastic, but then so is getting run over, or lost, or mauled.
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Just the Kitchen, the problem would be getting my parents to keep those doors shut, my dad is as stubborn as can be and cares way more about his dogs getting in an out.. well, the dogs can open the doors if they wanted to anyway so I don't think that'd work. The doors are the kinds you push or pull and they fold in to open or close, and the dogs know how to open them.
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Could you fix something on your fence to stop her getting over and confine her in your yard?
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Short of lining the top with electric wire, I don't know. That may be what we have to do though.
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We have almost the exact same problem and we'd love to hear other suggestions.

We've resorted to the petsafe invisible fence. We had it around for the dogs and when the cat started using the dog door we figured we'd give it a try. The funny thing is we had to set it to a much higher level for the 10 lb cat than for the 80lb labs. We feel bad but it seems much better than the alternative (we often have coyotes out back).

At first we just had it around the door and the cat would sit there all day waiting for the perfect time to make a rush for the door. Two weeks ago we decided to run the wire around the whole basement so the cat is stuck upstairs. It only took about a day for him to realize that he can’t even go downstairs and the adage “out of sight out of mind†seems to hold true.
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I just saw a fence ad on this site while reading this thread.


I don't know anything about it though. Good luck keeping the kitty in. I'm curious to hear what you come up with.
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