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Email Hoax

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I got this email (In my NON-junk email no less) that claims I've won money from the British lottery.

Yeah right.

I've been looking online though to try and figure out where the hoax is coming from and can't find anything about it. So I'm wondering if I should report it and to whom. There isn't a "Hoax Hotline" out there that I can find.

Anyway, has any one else gotten this? It says that there had to be review in the department and you are supposed to email a gentleman in the US (at a hotmail address.. uh huh) with your banking information, full name... all the stuff that would let some one break into your account.
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Multiple, multiple times. The countries are different, but the scenario is always the same.
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You can report people like that at www.spamhaus.org.

If you feel its spam, they work with preventing that domain from someone ever emailing that information again. They'll block that account and most providers will reject any email they receive from that email account.

If you think its a scam , report it to your local police. There is information in the headers that their cyber crime department (or the states) can use to help shut down these guys.
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Thank you! I will definitely report... I don't want someone else to fall victim.
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The people on this site http://www.419eater.com/ have a good time messing with the scammers.
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Wow. That's something.
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i have never gotten one. But i know someone who did. and who fell for it. and got their account cleaned out.
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I send any and all emails I don't recognize to junk mail garbage can! I don't trust anything online.
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I have gotten this annoying email several times and I always delete it.
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That's a "phishing" scam, i.e. they are hoping you will fall for their line and part with personal information, so they can clean you out. Congratulations for not falling for it.
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If you go to snopes.com and look in "Inboxer Rebellion" oftentimes they'll be posted there. Sometimes it takes a few months. You should also report it to the actual British Lottery (?). When my bank knows someone is phishing, they always send out a reminder email that says they will NEVER e-mail you asking for any information, etc.
I know someone who almost fell for that Nigerian prince scam, where he says he has to send you money and you get 10% of some millions of dollars, but that you'll have to write a check over the amount and deposit it after he sends it, and then his check bounces and yours goes through... So crazy.
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Seen it many many times. Always a good time to point out that if you haven't entered a competition/lottery yourself, you've not won anything.

There are so many scams......
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