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I think she is so gorgeous, I love her ears, make me smile everytime i scroll up to see her precious face.. I'm happy she was taken in and taken care of, goold for you!
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Just popped in here to check on Dana!!! I just can't believe how much she's grown, and how completely beautiful she is becoming!!!!

It just goes to show us how love and attention can bring out the beauty in our furry friends...the beauty in all of us, really. She just really warms my heart, and bless you for caring for all of those wonderful creatures.

The ice cream picture is sweet!!!!!!!!
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Hey, we need more pics Lisa......of all your furbabies actuallY!
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I just read through this thread for the first time and I have to say - YOU ARE AN AMAZING WOMAN FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THESE CATS/KITTENS!

They are all so beautiful and truly lucky to have you to care for them. They may not have started out in the best life but they have certainly found it now.
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Just some recent pics. of our 3 newest additions...and of course Dana!!

Dana...she really has grown into a beautiful young lady No gas problems anymore and no distended belly problems either but still has grown NO eyelashes

Miracle...a true little boy!! His middle name is "trouble" with a capital "T" This little boy (have had him since he was 2-days old) is showing major signs of alpha male!! Little Miracle keeps us on our toes at all times...a ball of energy!!

Daisy...our 10th and ABSOLUTELY LAST addition turned out to be a male but as of now we are keeping the name...shhhh... I just couldn't give him/her up for adoption...love at first sight with this little puff-a-luff!!

Dana & Miracle are now approximately 4-months in age...time just goes soooo fast. Little brother Daisy is about 8-weeks in age and pals-up with Dana & Miracle at all times.
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Dana sure has become a lovely little Swan. You should show those people who said she looked like a pig, photo's of her now. She's a gracefull little beauty.
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Dana your growing into one gorgeous young little girl And Miracle you look so mischievous in those pictures
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Dana!!!! Awww!!!! Miracle and Daisy are gorgeous too.

I'm so proud of their progress...and proud of you as well!
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My son took such a beautiful picture of Dana that I just had to show it off...

Dana loving-up to big step-brother Chucky (who is celebrating his 1-yr. birthday with his sibling Chip this week).
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A quick add on....

Bob loving & cleaning-up Miracle.

Trying to schedule a neuter for Miracle next week...boy, time goes sooo fast with these little ones. In speaking to my vet., we both feel it would be best for Dana's health if I wait to spay her close to her 1-year mark.
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Dana is so beautiful - and you have such loving cats to take care of the little ones the way they do.
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Dana has turned into such a graceful and elegant looking little girl. I love all your babies! Bless you for putting up with our greediness for pics and keeping us posted!!
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Oh my goodness - what a precious photo!
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With all her sweetness...Dana is spreading the love here:

Chucky & Dana absolutely loving one & other

Dana hugging little brother Fred...alias Daisy...alias puff-a-luff
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Originally Posted by huggles
I just can't come up with anything better on these last two. Dana is such a sweet little soul, isn't she?
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Everytime I see a new pic on this thread, my heart just melts.......I wish my kitties would cuddle like that! I just love Dana, and all your kitties!! Keep the pics coming!!
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It took me two days to read all the way through, but wow! what a chroncle. Way to go Dana!

(Add me to the fan club, please!)
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That last photo about made me want to jump off a cliff from not being able to stand all the sweetness!!!!!!!!!! What absolute lovies you have!!!!!!!
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what a beautiful girl!! Your cats all love each other so much it is so cute! I hope my new kitten and my resident cat bond like that.

I can't wait to see more pics
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For all of you Dana fans...Dana is now approximately 5 1/2 months old and absolutely beautiful!! Her coat is sooo shiny it looks wet and feels like silk!! Here are a few pics. taken today with foster kitten Arie (10-weeks in age born with cerebellar hypoplasia).

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Oh what a wonderful thing to come across.....new pics of Dana........you know this is only wetting my appetite for more, don't you???
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No one can call her pig face now. Amazing what love and care can do for one. Congratulations on such a beautiful girl.
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She's growing into a beautiful cat! She's so sweet!
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I read through this whole thing and it brough tears to my eyes. All you cats and foster babies are so beautiful and you are such a blessing to their lives for making their small lives so much better than how they started.

Don't know how people just turned their nose up to Dana when she was just a kitten. She was so adorable and Cute. Who cares food allergies, my baby Stormy had a senstive stomach and thank god it finally has ended but I had to pay very expensive cat food for her for the longest time. But I could never get rid of her, shes my little therapist.

Dana is an inspriation for all kittens out there, no matter how rough or hard life is, live it to the fullness.
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Just reading up on little Dana She is beautiful!! Great job meowmy!!
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I just found and read this entire thread. All your wonderful and beautiful babies and their stories brought tears to my eyes. I admire you so much for caring for these special little ones and giving them the love they need.

The change in Dana since the early pics is amazing. She is such a beautiful girl. And Bob and Miracle are such handsome boys. Each one is a miracle in his or her own way.

Keep the pics coming. I've found a new thread to follow!

meowmy to seven furbabies
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Yes, Dana is an inspiration to those babies who have had a rough start...she had quite a few problems as a little one but turned out to be the true "ugly-duckling who became the swan" story The little guy below is also a true inspiration!! Ari came to me at 2-weeks of age July 4th weekend...covered with fleas, emaciated and shaking with the likes I have never seen. Long story short, he was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia...brain damage due to his mother most likely being exposed to feline distemper during pregnancy. After much thought, I decided to give him the fitting name of "Ari" -- Hebrew for "lion of God".

Ari is now approx. 10-weeks and has learned to lean when using his litter pan, has learned to eat & drink witihout falling over into his bowls and is an absolute delight!! Ari doesn't seem to know there is something wrong with him He plays, sleeps & eats with my resident crew of 10 and although I have said loud & clear "10 is an embarassing number", I am finding it extremely difficult to imagine life in this crazy cat house without him here. Today, a friend and myself will be building him some sort-of ramp so little Ari can get up & down from the couch...he may never be able to jump.

It's hard to even type without tears but watching Ari truly is an inspiration...this little guy has so much "heart"!! He has quite a lot to overcome and everyday is a challenge with no guarantee of his survival.

I suppose 11 is a good number too but I think I am going to just stop counting at this point
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bless you for the wonderful things that you do

sweet darling Ari - you have brought tears to my eyes as well
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Me three.........bless you for loving these babies......

Now, we need to see more of this crew of 11!!
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