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Oh my goodness! I love her already! What a sweet little face and a sweet, amazing kitty. Love her, love her, love her!
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Do you know, Dana reminds me of a members kitten called Layla who's now grown into a beautiful little girl
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Do you know, Dana reminds me of a members kitten called Layla who's now grown into a beautiful little girl

She kind of does, doesn't she Susan?
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Dana gets an early morning bath from Buster:

Buster definitely loves his little step-sister Dana...he plays with her...sleeps with her and is constantly cleaning her. Have to say, Buster does a great job cleaning her...she looks so much brighter!!
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Awwwwww good boy buster, get your stepsister shining like new
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AWWWWWWWWWWWW, there's my girl!! Buster, you such a good muncle!! (thats mommy and uncle together!)
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What a doll!! She is just getting bigger and prettier, she steals my heart!
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How sweet Good job Buster-being a good step-brother
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Buster is such a good boy.
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I've just read through this entire thread-- so very heartwarming! Dana's come a long way... she looks like she's THRIVING now that she's getting so much love and attention from everyone! And Bob, oh, what a handsome man he is. I can't wait to see more pictures of Dana and Miracle and the rest of your clan!
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Dana being loved by Bob (marble - looking at camera) and Chucky to the left sleeping.

Although Dana is doing really well, I just noticed she only has 4 teeth!! Miracle, who is the same age as Dana...both approximately 14 weeks in age has a full set of little pearls in his mouth. This definitely explains why she still shovels her food like a baby and also explains her lack of interest in dry food.
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She looks fantastic!!!
I love your picture in you sig
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Awwww isn't that so sweet
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Originally Posted by Marli
She looks fantastic!!!
I love your picture in you sig
Thank-you!! That was a once-in-a-lifetime shot...absolutely poster material!! Signature from left to right...Bob, Elsie in the middle and Chucky...all related by-the-way

I know she shouldn't have it...but...Dana's first ice-cream lick

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Awwwww it's a treat for her so the odd lick won't do any harm
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yah and great for a kitty with only 4 teeth
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Poor little Dana - still without a lot of teeth she is looking prettier and prettier each time.
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Dana is so gorgeous, I can't wait to see what she looks like when she's all grown up! She is truly a one of a kind cat. Her eyes are so stunning! I'm just gushing over her.

It makes me sad that people thought she was a pig/bat and that one woman said "ewww, is she okay?" Some people really have no heart.
Obviously have a big heart with lots of room for love, since you're taking care of such miracle kitties. You gave them their lives back.
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Well...I had Dana's mouth looked at yesterday & YES...she has teeth They are very small teeth for her age but she has them!! On the other hand, we discovered that Dana's eyes look the way they do because she has NO eyelashes. Poor little Dana. I just have to make sure her eyes are always clean since she has little or no protection. Have to love that little cowgirl...she is soooo sweet!!
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Sweet Dana is so blessed that she came to live with you.
Regardless of her small physical flaws....she is beautiful.
You and the rest of your fur family are taking such good care of Dana.

Love the pictures.
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I just love her!!!!! You might hear a bang in your house. Dont worry that will be me in your house at night tring to bring her home with me.LOL
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I've been following this thread for a while now, and Dana is just the cutest little darling! I've loved watching her grow! And all your other kitties as well! I have to say, you have quite the good-looking family!!
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Just read through this entire site, with tears in my eyes and then with a big smile on my face. Dana (my daughters name ) is absolutely beautiful and she does not look like a pig/bat, happy to see her growing and developing so rapidly, thank you for sharing her life with all of us, reading this thread made my day, ill be walking around smiling all day. Thank you

Your other kitties are soooooo beautiful too, hope to see more piccies of your entire family. Please keep sharing your fostering experiences with us.
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It is so warming to know Dana has her own fan club She is very special to me and I (we--my family) adore her.

Again...not to steal Dana's thunder...these 2 are my newest & youngest fosters presently...



These 2 are little fluff-balls Timmy is from a litter of 4...another foster home has the other 3 siblings and Daisy was basically a "dump"...she was found in a box in the rain. For whatever reason, my husband fell in love with Daisy and my gut feeling is that she is now part of our family. I call Daisy my little puff-a-luff
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Oooooooooooh look at those little pumpkins!! What gorgeous baby blues they have
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So puffy and cuddly!!!!!!!!!
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There's our little puff-a-luff Daisy...a rare breed indeed.
Timmy is a cutie.
Of course Dana has won all of our hearts.
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Aw they are beautiful, love the nickname puff a luff
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Awww....I love how Dana keeps growing and getting more and more beautiful
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