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Horrible VERY Horrible!

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I dont know if this belongs here... but what happened today grossed me the hell out... i dont know how to explain it... i dont even know if such a thread is supposed to be in this forum... anyhow... ill get down straight to the point...

Supposedly my cat was to give birth in 2 weeks time but she did today... she gave birth to 2 little babycats... anyhow... one was born dead... another was alive... eyes closed n all... he looked reddish i mean the furr... on the top from his head to back... but skin from the chest...tummy area... anyhow... Belle dumped him in the middle of the corridor... he was meowing... it was so cute... i didnt know what to do... so i lifted the babycat up and took him close to belle... she didnt want nothin to do with him...

the gross part is... she ate him... is that possible... ive heard of male cats eating there babies but not there own moms? i was so freaked out... i couldnt believe it with my 2 eyes... is this really normal? has this ever happened before... she ate him and till now i cant get that image out of my head... please someone help tell me if this is normal or what... wether i should keep belle or not... this is just insane
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There was something wrong with the kits and she knew it.

Yes, it is quite normal for a mom cat to eat her own when they are born with issues.
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Premature kittens are not covered completely with fur, and the mom cat's instinct is to eat it because it protects HER from predators. I'm so sorry you had to see that, but it was a completely natural thing for her to do.
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normal... hell... that was the grossest thing ive ever had to see myself in my whole life... tell me somethin tho... her stomach is still big... i think she might be havin new kittens too... could she eat them too... what do u think is the best to do here... Watch her while she gives birth so i take them away from her or what?
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Oh gosh, I'm sorry you had to see that. I'm sure it was devistating to witness such a thing but I believe it does happen so there's no need to think there is something wrong with your cat or that you need to get rid of her. There was probably something wrong with the kitten or your mother cat may have felt that there was some sort of threat to the kitten in your home. I would get her spayed now.
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You should be able to feel kittens "kicking" inside her if there are more. And that happens too. One of the members here had a cat have a kitten that was tiny, and furless, and two days later or so, had five more that lived. Do you have access to veterinary care? The vet could examine her, although often it is very stressful to transport a cat in that condition. If she does have some that live, I would watch carefully if they seem viable, and if she does attempt to do harm to them you could protect them. Do you have any other cats, kids, or dogs there? Any reason for her to be stressed for their safety?
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alright... i do yes have access to a vet... i just cant get myself to touch her after what happened... but she still went somewhere warm and hid herself... as if shes still pregnant... could they be premature cause shes barely a year old?

Well we have ppl painting the house... got bro and sis at home parents too... thats about it... no animals but a male cat who does nothing... looked like he was trying to see if the kittens were alive he tried shakin em strivin to keep em alive
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It sounds like the male was trying to kill them if he was shaking them, also natural for a male cat to do. Sometimes a male will kill kittens to bring the female back into heat. I would keep him away and give her a safe, private place to be.
If the kitten was premature it does not necessarily mean the rest of the litter will be. Those ones may just have not developed properly.
If the rest of the litter is furless it is impossible to save them, none of their organs will be fully developed yet.
Sometimes kittens a few days early can be saved, but not 2 weeks early, I'm sorry.
I hope it goes better for her.
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It could be due to her age, or any number of other factors, including just plain old bad luck.
Do you have an appt for her spay yet?

Hopefully any other kittens will be alright, but a lot of the times that any of them are born the rest aren't okay.

Good luck!
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You have got to think of the situation from your cats POV. She didn't do it because she mean or a bad mother or anything like that. That is the way God made her to protect herself. Its nature. I am so terribly sorry you had to witness that. She's deaf right? There maybe something even larger with her not being able to hear preditors coming. It may be what she HAS to do.
Hang in there and again, sorry you had to see that. It would be a VERY stressful thing to watch.
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Please put her in a bathroom with a bunch of blankets so the painters and siblings do not bother her.

There was probably something wrong with the kittens and that is why she felt the need to kill them. Or she could have been feeling threatened too like someone else mentioned.

Hard to say really. Keep a close eye on her and watch for more and see how she reacts. Be ready to take them away if she rejects them.

Then you wil need to run to the store and get a bottle, KMR formula and be ready to feed them every 2 hours or when they cry, even throughout the night!

Keep her away if this is the case, keep the male away always (especially if he isn't neutered, I don't think you said unless I missed it)

Have her spayed immediately, apparently if there was something worng with the kittens, you don't want her to bring more into the world and have something wrong with them.

She may also just not want to be a mother or not ready, in that case she needs to be spayed also.
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I would go to the vet ASAP in case something is wrong with the others so you wont have to see it...
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That must have been awful to see! Poor Momma kitty, it wasn't her fault. If the Mom senses something wrong with the babies, as others have posted, she will kill them. It is kinder than letting an unformed kitten suffer and die.

Do not hate your kitty. I'm sure it is more difficult in Beirut to get vet care, but for your sake and her sake, you must put her into a cat carrier, and get her to the vet. They can spay her, and you will never need to go through this again.

A cat is an animal, not a human. A human mother killing her child is a monster. Your kitty is just a little animal, and her thoughts are different than yours. She does not realize she killed her baby. She is not a horrible kitty, she is just a confused Momma who has been through a lot.

Read some of the posts here. We have a teenager who accidentally stepped on and injured a kitten. We have premature kittens who were born, and died. We have pregnant foster cats, abandoned by their owners. Life is not always pretty, sometimes it is downright ugly, and painful. But you are the only one who can help your situation. Get your kitty to the vet, and let us know how it goes.

You don't need to love her or even like her today...just provide what she needs. You must deal with her health today, and tomorrow you can deal with your hurt feelings.
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While it may gross us out (it would me) its common in the wild and not that unusual. Perhaps she knew something was very wrong with the baby.

I would not get rid of her, just get her spayed and you won't have to worry about that any more.

Sorry that the image is in your head. I know that when my cats had kittens, I had to leave the room when they ate the placenta, etc. - its something that is necessary but I really don't want to sit there and watch the whole thing - giving birth is fine, but eating that stuff....yuck
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Growing up we had rabbits...did you ever hear the term breed like rabbits? yeah, it's accurate... And mother rabbits do the same thing. I can still see it in my head 20 years later... it's the most disgusting thing an 8 year old can find running home from school with excitement to see the baby bunnies... But it is for a reason... it's their instincts. You have gotten some great advice here, take it. But I feel for you...that is truly a horrible thing...and you can't help but feel upset with your cat.
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How are things going? Did your cat have any more kittens?
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That would be an awful site for sure! When I had to help my cat deliver her breech kitten she paid no attention to the poor kitten that wasn't breathing she went right for the afterbirth. I jostled the baby gently and stimulated her and got the baby to breathe, all the mommy wanted was that afterbirth. It is nature, I guess as a farm kid you become used to these things. They are sad to us but it is the way that life goes on for animals, that is why they need us to care for them and make their lives easier. I hope you are able to make a good decision for your kitty, and please keep that male away from any kittens that she may have.
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