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Change in behavior

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My 18 month old male cat has suddenly been acting very strangly.
He is neutered and all his shots are current. About 2 weeks ago
he suddenly became afraid of everything, even us. He was previously
very affectionate and somewhat aggessive toward our 2 female cats.
Now, he is afraid of them, us, the front door his food and everything
else. We took him to the vet last week, he had a fever of 104, but
all his blood work came back normal. He is just finishing his
antibiotic (Baytril) His fever is normal but he is still afraid of
everything. Help!!!!! Any suggestions???
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One of my cat's reacted the exact same way when he got sick. About a week after we finished the antibiotics, he was back to his usual self. So, give it a little more time and I'm sure he'll be okay again.
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Just keep a close eye on him. It could be that he didn't feel well and it upset him. There's also a chance that something scared him when you weren't around. In either case, it can take a few weeks or more sometimes for them to realize that everything is okay.
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What was the vet's diagnosis? Some medical problems also cause changes in behavior. If you're not happy with the disgnosis you could consult another vet.

I'd wait a few more days after he finishes his antibiotics and then do a checkup.
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