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Teeth need Scaleing

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Both Duke and Sibohan seem to be happy healthy kitties but I was checking duke over the other night getting him ready to see the vet when I noticed that he has quite a good buildup on his back molars. It looks like plaque I give them both tartar control treats but when I tried to scrape it with my finger nail it didn't move I am thinking he needs to have his teeth cleaned. The vet that I go to would have to put him under to do this. I am nervous letting anyone put him under because of his weight he may respond badly to anistasia.

Has anyone else had to take a kitty for dental work?

I had a foster I had to take to have a molar pulled, 2 days later he died, the infection had gone to his brain.
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All of mine get a yearly dental check up and I have never had a problem.
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One of my cats has recently had his teeth cleaned (and 2 extractions) under anaesthetic. It was all very straight forward - he recovered from the anaesthetic very quickly (as soon as I brought him home he was bouncing about and tucking into some food). He had antibiotics to take for a week afterwards to prevent infection. Because of his age (he's nearly 9) the vet ran some blood tests first to make sure he could cope with the anaesthetic. If your cat is overweight discuss that with your vet who will be able to assess whether it's safe for him to have an anaesthetic. If the vet says it's ok don't worry about it - it's a very simple 'operation'.
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We have never had a problem with the anasthesia for dentals until recently. Did you have him when he was neutered, did he react ok if so?

We had Autumn's teeth done recently and she has had a heavy allergic reaction and her chin is covered in blood and scabs and sores. We have sinced switched vets due to 4 weeks of incompitance. I hope we are on the right track now.

I would not let that discourage you though. Most cats do fine with anasthesia and if you've had him long then you might know his history. This is the first time we've experienced Autumn going under.
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Both Tibby and Molly have had a descale and pollish - with extractions. They did fine with the anaesthetic! If you have any concerns about weight, size etc, discuss it with your vet as they'll be only too happy to set your mind at rest!

Plus, as mentioned, pre-op bloods can be checked to check suitability!

The best way to keep your kitties' teeth clean is by brushing - from my experience, tartar control treats don't work
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stupid question ... how do you brush your cats teeth...

what tooth brush, what type of paste.... i really dont want to have my girl put under to do teeth work when i can help prevent it at home. 1 time a year is fine but every other month or as needed.... better to do at home.
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I've had Princess' teeth hand scaled by her vet. She didn't have to go under any anesthetic and it it worked fine. I'm suprised they were even able to do it to Princess because she is known as psycho-kitty at the vet. All they did was put her in a kitty "straight-jacket" so only her head was sticking out. I have it done every year for almost 6 years and have had no problems. It's quick and easy, not to mention MUCH cheaper!!!

I don't know if you vet can do it that way but it might be worth asking.
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Thanks everyone, that's great info. I am going to see if they will do and awake scaleing (both of them are quite laid back) so I hope it will work. And After I am planning on making sure they brush... or rather I brush their teeth
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