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It's Legal To Kill Pets In Texas!!

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It's legal to kill your pets in Texas as long as you don't torture them!
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TWO YEARS??????????????????????????
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I've always thought Texas was a strange place......
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It sounds like he won't even get 2 years if the prosecution can't prove that he tortured the puppy.

10 weeks old!
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Thats horrible!! Send him my direction!!
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OMG imagine a 10 week old puppy all happy and cute...That son of a gun..I can't believe you could kill an innocent puppy. I'm furious!
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This is a terrible case of domestic violence. Violent men will torture their wives, and harm, or kill the cherished family pet to gain control through fear. This is a very dangerous man and should be dealt with.

Poor little puppy.... I feel for the traumatized woman who is also a victim.
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Saddly it is legal to kill your pets in TN. I worked at a local shelter and got a call from a man saying his neighbor was shooting his own dogs. I told him to call the sheriff and he said he had and was told that it was not a crime. And they couldn't even get him for discharging a weapon since he lived outside of city limits. They were the ones who told him to call us!! If they wouldn't send the AC out there, what were we supposed to do? That still upsets me and it's been a year ago.
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I hate living in Texas more than ever Wasn't texas the 1st to do the death penalty?? I'm not surprised. OUGH!
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Okay, I can see the typical "shoot a horse with a broken leg" sort of thing. That's Texan enough, and I don't mind it. Even euthanasia of pets with curable diseases in kill shelters... that I can at least understand, even if I hate it. They have really overlooked the need for a law that prevents the killing of healthy animals without a good reason.

But killing a pet to traumatize a family member? Threatening her with a shotgun? They should bring charges of wife abuse against thepe rson; and that's a felony. It'll serve him right when he does time in prison.
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OMG I am so upset.... That is cruel poor puppy.... Some people..
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277
I've always thought Texas was a strange place......
Filled with crazy Bush-lovers like me.

Seriously, of my coworkers, who is fairly old....told me a story about when he was a little kid his dad shot a litter of puppies under his bed and his grandma regularly had barn kittens that she put into a sack with some rocks and throw into the Bryan lake.


LeilaLuv, you are lucky to live in Houston. At least you get some decent pet stores. There are few decent stores of any kind in College Station. I thought about moving away from College Station because we didn't even have a PetsMart. I used to tell my hubby that a place is not a real civilization unless it has a PetsMart. Thankfully a PetsMart just opened and that saved my sanity.

Now if we can only get an IKEA........
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Someone really needs to start a petition to get that changed.

Poor pup!
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I agree that starting a petition would be a good idea, but you would encounter so many problems you would need a legal expert and many months to compilethe proper petition. The legality of killing your pets in Texas (or any other state with similar laws) most likely stems from the need to euthanize pets with terminal illness, allowing farm kids who raise steers or hogs as pets to be allowed to take them to the sale barn when the time comes etc.

Any legislation would have to set forth certain parameters in which the killing of a pet was legal or illegal. Obviously, the case in the article is a clear case where killing your pet should be illegal. But it would come down to arguments like which diseases in pets are, in fact, terminal, and which ones require procedures that are just simply to costly to risk. How sick would be sick enough in the case of euthanasia? Which animals would fall under the protective legislation? Could a pet owner be held legally accountable if they accidentally killed thier fish or hamster, or ran over a dog or cat by mistake?

I fell like I am kind of playing devil's advocate here, and the so many animal are abused and murdered it makes me sick, but the state legislature would have to take up this cause and they are so busy trying to protect the thousands of human children that are being abused and murdered everyday in this county, that I doubt much time would be devoted to complicated (but necessary) animal legislation.
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A felony crime like that will most likely be 6 months to 24 months in jail and 3 years probation. The fine will be anywhere from $500 to $10,000 fine.

Let's hope his cell mate is a big mean guy named Bubba that loves puppys.
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Frankly the attitude towards cats in rural farming Texas needs to be changed in general.

Almost everyday some new person hears that I have five indoor cats and starts bothering me about getting rid of "just a couple" or put them outside to become "mousers"
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277
I've always thought Texas was a strange place......
Hey now! Not all us Texans are strange lol.

That pooooooor puppy, I hope that guy faces some jail time and gets the help he obviosly needs.
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Thats because a Bush is in charge
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Originally Posted by lukin28
Thats because a Bush is in charge
Nah. Perry is in charge.

Bush was a better governor (surprise, surprise!) than Perry is.
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That's a shame
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