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Biting in my sleep

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Ok here's a weird problem. I have a 10 month old kitten who in the last few weeks has started biting my husband and I while we sleep - quite hard. It's usually in the middle of the night and goes on for at least a half hour - an hour. If we put him on the floor he comes right back up, he's biting our faces, anything that's not covered. Any idea why this might be? They have food out at night, it's not that he's hungry, so I'm at a loss here. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Is he playing or do these bites seem more aggressive?
Also, is he neutered yet?
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He seems very happy when he's doing it, he's purring very loud and rubs a lot too, but it's only while we're sleeping that he does this, so I'm not sure what it is. He is neutered.
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It's simple - he wants your attention, and knows he'll get it when he bites you.

Start putting him out of the room and shutting the door when he wakes you this way. Ignore him if he cries. A couple weeks of this, and he'll get the message loud and clear.

This is how I cured my kitten of licking my nose when I'm sleeping.

They just want you to hang out with them and they don't understand why you can't sleep all day and play all night like they want to!
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LOL He probably just wants attention, for him it's playtime. Also, he may be chasing your eyelids when you are in rem sleep. LOL
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I remember what a pain some kittens can be when they want attention. Mine grew out of that phase trying to keep me up all night, Thank God!

Have you tried just putting a small water gun on your night stand and every time he bites, you spray him. My cats usually stops after they get wet when they are doing something wrong.
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