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Good homes hard to come by

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I'm jealous when I read the posts about kittens getting adopted. Just kidding! However, I am a bit saddened by the entire adoption process. I have the 6 kittens who I rescued along with their mom 7 weeks ago. They are just about ready to leave the nest so I've been advertising for homes.

I know I'm a picky mama. My friends tell me it's easier to get a child from children's services then it is to get a kitten from me. I don't think I'm too tough. My main requirement is that the person(s) have a vet reference for any pet they have at present or had in the past. This pretty much tells me what kind of pet owner they are. However, in the past I have let this requirement slide if I felt assured by other factors in the person(s) personality, homelife, etc. Anyway, I just recently didn't stick with my rule of vet reference and trusted this young girl who wanted to adopt 2 of the kittens. To make a long story short, she gave me a check for a deposit on the adoption fee and I noticed the address was different from the city where she told me she now lived. I blew it off and then in talking to her she forgot she gave me the check and sure enough I caught her in a lie about her residence. Another one of my requirements is that if you rent you must provide a letter from the landlord that pets are OK. Well, she tried to get around that and lied, telling me she owned a house that was her father's. I was so dissappointed because I want to trust and believe people, but it's no use, when it comes to adoptions I need to stick to my "requirements". If I stick with that pet reference thing that saves me a lot of grief!

Just wanted to vent. Thanks for listening.
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Patsy. You are right about sticking to your requirements. I get laughed at too at the ofice about my strict set of rules to adopt kitties by! You are doing a good thing and I wish you all the best in your efforts.
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You can't be too careful. Some people who do not have to pay much for an animal don't value them as living beings. They value only the money they pay. An investment of love and care is incomprehensible to them! I don't understand it.
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Patsy-I agree that you should stick to your requirements. It was a ncie thing for you to try to trust people, but there are always going to be those people who lie to you and try to trick you.
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Hi everyone:

Thanks for your supportive words. I sent the young lady an E-mail tellling her I wasn't satisfied with the different stories she told about her residence and that I would be mailing her check back. Do you know she still tried to lie about the situation. All I can say is lying is not her best virtue! ha! ha!

Now I've got bigger problems, the kittens are getting ill. I've never had anything "go around" like it has recently and unfortunately now one of the babies has congestion. I immediately put him on an antibitic.

Also, something funny, and not so funny, happens to the litters of kittens I raised. At about 6-7 weeks when they begin to play rough they start to bite each other on the front feet. Every day I wake up to another one limping. After a few days on antibiotic they are fine. So far 4 have gotten bitten, but are recovered. What makes it so funny each one gets bitten before there over that phase in their growth. They are so sad too, they look like injured lions on the plains of Africa!


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I hope they will be ok! About adopting your kittens out..... I don't think you are being too tough at all. After all, you want to see them go to a loving, safe home. That girl who keeps telling lies, sounds really suspicious to me..... Good for you for sending her money back! Do you have pictures of them yet?
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I do have pictures, but haven't gotten my husband to try to attach them to this forum for me. I'm computer "slow". Ever since I quit working in an office I have nothing to do with the computer except surf the net and chat. I leave all the complicated stuff to my husband and he enjoys it so it works out well.
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