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micrchipping. good? bad? info?

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In Feb. my beautiful registered Great Pyrenese was stolen from our yard. A few weeks ago some more animals in our area started disapearring. My 2 babies are indoor kitties but I am terrified they may get out one day. (I also have 2 kids that cant seem to get the screen latched no matter how many times I yell) Last Wednesday my owner, Dutchess, did get out. I found her cold and wet in my garage. Now my question is has anyone ever had their animals implanted with this microchip? Where can I find info about it (other than my vet I'd like to research it before I ask him ?? so I sound like I know what I'm talking about.) And my most important ? is If my babies get out can they type in a number and find them (via satelite) or do I have to wait til someone turns them in, and how can the average person tell this animal has one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks to all.
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Welcome to TCS, tillie0126, here's a link to an article on microchiping. http://cats.about.com/library/weekly/aa050500c.htm I hope it will help.
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Our local Humane Society does microchipping. You might check with yours. There might be something on the ASPCA website, too.
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all my cats are microchipped, even the barn cats. The problem is there are two or three different types of scanners that are used to scan animals. Not all the scanners have the capability of picking up every chip.
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We were having a discussion at work the other day about this. My dog is chipped and also wears a tag. The reason I had her chipped was because she popped the buckle open on her collar and took off. Even though she was wearing a tag it wasn't going to help much if it's on the lawn and she'd down the street.

Anyway a co-worker was saying that even if an animal is mircochipped and they are stolen to be sold to labs, they don't check for microchips!! I don't know if that's true but she insisted it was. We've also had cases where the pound didn't check for a microchip on a dog who they found and the poor dog who was chipped sat in there waiting while they fumbled around trying to find his owner.....

I like it just because it gives me a piece of mind but with multiple animals it can get expensive.
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Personally, I would have my cats microchipped. I love them to death and they would at least have a chance of being returned home if they were microchipped than if they were not. I have collars w/tags for my babies, but what if it came off, like Jessica said? Then what do you do? And most likely whoever finds them will keep them or give up looking for the owner.
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I think you should ask around in the local shelters, vets, local municipality etc. to find out if stray pets in your vicinity are scanned. It really depends on the situation where you live.

By the way, I'm moving this thread to the cat care forum
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Microchips can be a good thing. Yes, not all shelters etc check for them, but these days a good majority do. It can give you peace of mind that your cat has at least one method of identification. The 2 most common chips are Avid and Home Again. Most scanners sent with the chips will read both. You can also call both companies and find out who in your area has them and uses them.
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"And my most important ? is If my babies get out can they type in a number and find them (via satelite) or do I have to wait til someone turns them in"

No there is no satellite tracking system. Think of the chip as a very tiny pet tag that has been placed under the skin.

Yes you have to wait until:
1) someone finds your pet
2) turns your pet into a shelter
3) and the shelter has a scanner that can read your pet's chip and they read it.
4) the vet who chips your pet needs to submit the pertinent info to the correct database (I know of one vet who did not do this).

I have lost (and found) one of my indoor only kitties. She was so scared and timid, no one saw her the whole month she was gone. So even if she was chipped it wouldn't have done any good.

My recommendation is to definitely chip a dog and cats that are mellow and friendly towards strangers. I would NOT recommend chipping a very timid and shy indoor only kitty. The chances are slim that this type of kitty would show herself to a stranger, much less let the stranger pick her up and take her to a shelter.
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It's funny this has come up right now as I have just been on a course for Microchipping. Personally speaking I am a great believer in microchipping. I am now able to microchip all my babies before they go to their new owners knowing that if ever they do stray or are stolen then providing they are scanned, they will be returned to either the owner (if not moved) or myself as the breeder.

It is so sad when animals are lost and have no means of ID that this is something I am now able to add to contribute to being a responsible owner & breeder. It is a painless experience for the cats, I was able to with veterinary supervision microchip 4 of my own cats at various ages from a kitten to an 8 year old, and none of them reacted badly or were in any pain.
Hope this helps

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It only takes a few bucks and a moment of your pet's discomfort to give them a permanent tag.

I learned the hard way, thinking inside cats didn't need one. I was wrong, and my beloved kitty is somewhere else. I sure wish she has a microchip, but I didn't feel it was necessary and I didn't want to put her through the trouble.

Needless to say both of my inddor only cats are now microchipped.
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Actually, I have heard about plans to release a new pet tracking system that would allow the owner to track the pet using a satellite. I don't think it is available yet, but should be soon.

here is a link to an article I found about it.

Also I called the local SPCA to see how much they are charging for microchipping, only $15.00. They are using the AVID chip. I might take our animals to get chipped this weekend, sounds like a good deal.

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That's how much I paid too. Pretty good deal. I was there when my dog had it done, and it was so quick and she really didn't seem to mind any more than a regular shot. They use a needle to insert it.
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All of you had such wonderful things to say about microchipping that I decided to have them placed in both of my girls. Altho I would like to find a cheaper place to have it done, my hubby says just take them to the vet that they are comortable with. So it will cost us $35 per baby and they have to stay overnight. They said it is considered a surgery (??why??) We have an appt next week to visit with the Dr. and we will decide after that whether to use him or not. I just don't like the idea of leaving them overnight. (My youngest "purrs" me to sleep while laying on my pillow.) makes hubby very jealous. lol. Btw, I wonder if I can have microchips implanted in children. Hubby says wait for the satellite ones. Just kidding.
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I am sure you will have peace of mind now. I am not real sure as to why they keep them overnight, but as long as you trust the vet, your in good hands. Essentially it's just a large needle with a hollow center. It just makes a very small cut in the skin that heals very quick.
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