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A little more nature - goslings

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the baby geese have been born

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Awww look at those little fluff balls
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I love them!

Pretty soon they will be roaming around the apartment complex outside - I cant wait to see them!
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Those are cute Karen. We have those little babies running all around where I work. Do you live that close to water???
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OH MY GOSH Karen, they are soooo adorable! Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I wonder if any of those geese are the ones from our little lake down here in Florida. They didn't stay here long befoe heading up north
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aww they are gorgeous!
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Aren't they cute!
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How cute! They're poofy!
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Oh my gosh, how cute are they???
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They look so sweet when they're that age. That's one thing I love about spring - all of nature's babies.
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How very lovely, Karen. I must pay a visit to Jericho park an get a fix.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
How very lovely, Karen.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww...... lovely view!
Happy Mothers day to Mommie Swan!
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Awww! That's awesome! I would love to be that close to the water again!
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aaawwwwww those are such cute pictures... the little darlings.

ps. I love your new sig
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What lovey's!! So amazing that they are already up and running around and following mama like that~its too precious.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Do you live that close to water???
There is a small stream behind my house that normally dries up in the summer. Right now it is more like a river There is a pond at the golf course next door that the water is flowing from. These were taken on the golf course.

As far as the ocean, I am about a 20 minute drive from it, but only about a 5 minute drive from the Bay.
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Oh how cute! My mother would just be glued to thoes pics if I showed her!
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Awww!!! So cute!!! thanks Karen!
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Aw what a happy looking family
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Thanks for sharing your geese pictures. This is the first time I have seen babies. They are so cute!
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Awe they are so cute, so furry, and fluffy!!!
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Karen, you are so lucky to live near such wonderful nature!

Oh my, the goslings are just so fluffy and little! I really miss living near the water and seeing the spring fun!

How big are the goslings now?
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The little ones are now closer to the size of the ones in the middle photos. they are growing up quick.
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It really is incredible how fast they grow! Before you know it, they'll have their own little brood!!
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They are so lovely to watch.
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Look how big the babies have gotten!!!

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This geese family is beautiful.
They look so serene and proud.
What are their sweet babies eating?
They have really grown fast Karen.
Wonderful pictures.
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For all the people who love Canada geese, let me send you some. We're overflowing with them in and around Toronto. In some cases, the geese have nested in parking lots.

Many places around here try to make it as unattractive as possible for the geese so that they keep moving on. And it really becomes messy when the babies are born....major pooping machines!
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Wow, Karen, what a beautiful, tranquil sight! Thank you for this peaceful image!
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They are so cute!!!
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