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How did yo spend your Mother's Day?

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I was wondering, how did everyone spend their Mother's Day? I spent mine relaxing on the couch with my LuckyGirl curled up on my lap.... only because Daddy wasn't home. She prefers his lap over mine everyday of the week. Or maybe she knew that it was Mother's Day, and somehow she knew I just needed a little extra affection on that day.... anyway, when hubby came home from work we went to a nice Italian restaurant...I had 2 watermelon martini's and pasta alfredo (my favorite). It was soooo good. Might as well just smother it onto my thighs!!!!
Happy Meowmy's Day to everyone!!!!
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We had lunch with my mom -it was /has been raining so hard ( for days)everyone went home to curl up with movies & books & cats !!
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I worked for 5 hours at my uncle's florist shop & garden center. My cousin & best friend is the sales manager there and they have been so busy lately. She is so stressed out and really needed some help! After that I went to my grandmother's house to see her and my mom, and then we went to my fiance's parents house. Long day!
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Saturday flowers were delivered to my house from my daughter's BF! That was so nice, it was really pretty... white, yellow and purple tulips with a balloon and a wonderful card.

My son came over (also brought flowers) and we were going to go out for breakfast (which we've never done on Mother's Day before). Well, we could hardly find a restaurant without an hour wait. Luckilly we found one and got done just in time for my son to go to work.

Later that evening after my daughter got off of work, she came over and spent a little time with us. She gave me a gift card for Borders Books!!!

It was a nice day and the weather was nice and warm too!
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I went to a Hurricane's hockey game and watched us win the eastern semi-conference finals against the Devils!
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Fostering 4 orphan kittens that I took home the night before. According to the rescuer, they were found in a plastic bag in the sidewalk.
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I sent Jeremy over to his mom's to give her her card and gifts, he got her two nightstand books.

Me, I talked to my mom on the phone and wished her a happy mother's day, then I spent the day on the couch with a headache....so much for my gardening.
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I wasn't able to spend it with my mom, but I did the day before and my fiance and I took her out for dinner.
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I went over to see my mom in the morning and brought her flowers and her favorite coconut cream pie, she loved it! Then most of the remainder of the day was spent cuddling with my "kid" Sash. I couldn't of been a happier mommy.
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I went over to my mom's for breakfast. Dad cooked french toast and eggs. I got mom a card, a nightshirt with Eyeore on it, and a bottle of massage oil. Then we all went out to Target and made plans to get together later in the week. Then I went home and spent the rest of the day between being lazy and picking up a little around the house.
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Our daughter took Friday off from her work. We made the three hr trip and spent that day with her. She cooked a wonderful meal and gave me a new outfit. It was a very good day. On Sunday after church our son took us to eat at my favorite local restaurant, Hams. The meal was delicious and they gave me a beautiful musical jewelry box that plays, Wind Beneath My Wings and a lovely cross ribbon book mark for my Bible. My husband bought me a new computer which I have been needing for a long time. I had a great Mothers Day.
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