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Neutered male acting crazy

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I have noticed that Bob has been acting crazy all weekend. He's been jumping at the window, running around like something's up, fighting with my other cat, meowing like crazy and sniffing the rug and blankets on the bed. He's also been licking my hands and when he calms down and sleeps with me at night he needs to be right next to me if I move. He's about 5 and was neutered when I took him in last year. Does a neutered male still act like a tom cat? Freckles is also neutered but hasn't had any behavioral problems.
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Baker is neutered, he acted that way the first time I opened the windows a few weeks ago. If you have your windows open perhaps he can smell other cats out there.
Baker relaxed by the 3rd day.
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I live in an apartment building, so other cats outside is unlikely. I just worry that he'll try to get out on me. I did get some Feliway, which has worked in the past but so far not a lot of luck.
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If you adopted him as an adult, he could have been a tom for a few years and been outside. With time, he should change his behavior. Maybe he still thinks as a "tomcat".
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My cat Milo has been acting crazy lately too. He is also neutered, he got neutered last summer and he has been acting crazy only the last few weeks. Really hyper and he always has to be in the bed with us at night. Usually only Zebra is like that.
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Maybe they're both seeing the more active (it's spring) birds flying around outside and are being driven nuts by not being able to get at them - my almost 2-yr-old male is frantic (and it's very obvious why)!
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Even when spayed or neutered I find my cats act kind of crazy in early spring for a few days... it's like when the windows are open they suddenly find their wild side again and chatter at the birds, run around like mad, and then turn back into couch potatoes. LOL
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