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2 PROBLEMS!! Moving Away and Cat-Biting Cat

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Rocky's an outdoor cat; I adopted him from the streets and finally coaxed him into my house. He sleeps inside but scratches the door to be outside during the day, returning at night. PROBLEM #1: We're moving away to a new (big)neighborhood and I am so afraid that he won't return. I know the minute he's inside the new house, he'll want to be outside. Do I dare put a leash on him for awhile? It'll drive Rocky nuts and I'm afraid that he'll run away for sure once he's loose. We're moving next week--HELP! PROBLEM #2: My cat #2, Max (strictly INDOOR cat) is very aggressive towards Rocky. He playfully chases Rocky, biting his rump constantly, the fur is gone there; and he bites Rocky's tail and makes it bleed. Max is an extrovert, 16 mths old and overly playful. He plays aggressively and bites. Rocky (introvert) cries and runs away (Rocky's a hunter, not a fighter); funny thing is that they still nap together and clean each other. Once awake, Max begins chasing and biting. I let Rocky outside to escape Max. This takes us back to PROBLEM #1, Rocky being outside in the new neighborshood. Please don't suggest dividing the cats inside the house, it's an open floor plan. And when Max is not biting, Rocky adores him!! Suggestions appreciated! (?) Dianne
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I think your idea of putting him on a leash at first is the right step. In usual cases, when you have an outdoor cat and move, the one thing you are supposed to do is keep them indoors for a month or so. This way they have a chance to adjust to the new location. They usually tell direction by the way the sun sets. By being in the house, he will get an idea and then when he's outside, he will know where home is. It also gives them a chance to observe the outer surroundings without going outside.
If you can, you might want to give them both something like Dr Bachs rescue remedy. It's an all natural flower essence mixture. It helps to take the edge off. It may help the both of them with the transition to the new house. Its very possible that they move my help max to take it easy on Rocky. They will have each other to help cope with the change. You can either start putting it in thier water, or 3 drops on the tongue 2 times a day for a few weeks will do the trick. You can find the Dr Bachs at most major health and nutrition stores.
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