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Desperate for answers, HELP!!!!!

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I have 2 loving cats and they have been getting along for some time now. But as of today after several months of loving tender care towards each other they have become enemies. They look at each other like they're outsiders? They have been hissing and howling at each other. Why?! My bf says they saw another cat outside the window and that's when all hell broke loose! Now I have one in a different room and another in a 2nd room, what should I do why are they so freaked? How can two cats who spend all their time cuddling, licking, playing with each other become enemies? How is that mathematically possible? Please email to have2crazycats@tmail.com I am new to this site and I do not yet know how to check mail. Thank you for reading my email.
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How old are your cats? it maybe seeing the cat outside freaked / spooked them, something out of the norm - i have 2 boy cats who usually get on like a house on fire, about 6 months ago, my hubby entered the house using the back door (the first time he had) this spooked my eldest cat - but didn't bother the younger one. For the next couple of days, my eldest wouldn't let the other cat near him, hissing if Whiskey even came within eye contact. After a couple of days - it sorted it self out when we woke up to find Smokey crying at the kitchen door to get to whiskey, never saw he be so loving. A few months later, Whiskey saw a cat out side the window, and the same happened just the other way around.
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You sure they saw another cat outside? Yes, this can sometimes trigger out such aggressions. Usually with a momcat with kittens explodes in thus way, but even common cats can.
Have them separed some time - some hours- till they cool down. With a little luck it should suffice.

If not; have a net door in between and or try with Feliway/felifriend...
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My maine coon is 1 year and 2 months old, such a cutie pie! She is long haired with the eyes of gold. Her name is Snuggles cause she is quite snuggly.
The second bundle of love is 2 years old, going on 3 this labor day. He plays the Alpha role in the house.
I believe you are correct. Cats do act strangely sometimes. I received an email from a kind lady, she suggested I put a dab of vanilla on their chin, tail and back. This has worked miracles! They are now licking each other, whew! But will continue to observe and make sure they don't go postal on one another again. Thank you for responding it is much appreciated!
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I asked my bf whom saw the whole thing, he said it was a big white long haired fluffy cat that snuck up real slow, he heard the cat before he showed himself, leaves brushing or whatever, I slept through the whole thing. Stitch, the alpha male wanted to kill him, so he says. I thought maybe it was cause my female cat is not yet fixed, the male cats outside could tell? I do not know. But yeah, I have seen this whiter than white cat strutting about, cute thing. Are cats color blind, really?
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Probably what happened is that your male got agressive towards the intruder kitty, and having no one else to take his agressions out on, displaced them towards your female. I have heard that the best suggestion for this is (if possible) to catch the displaced agression as soon as possible and seperate the cats for a short period of time.

But yes, it may be that the strange male was attracted to your unspayed female. May I ask why she isn't? If you're not a breeder, then the longer she is unspayed the more chance she has to get pregnant or develop pyometra, which can be a lifethreatening infection.
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