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Going away

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We are going away for a few days and not sure what to do with the cat. We could leave her at the pet hotel but the cage is to small besides our cat is afraid of everything.

The second choice would be to leave her at home where she feels more comfortable but not sure if i want anyone to come and check on here since she might run away, i already lost one cat this way long time ago and don't want to go trough that agian.

My question is it safe to leave her alone with allot of food, water and 3 big litter boxes? Anyone ever done this?
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To be honest I wouldn't leave her for more than a day on her own. Something might happen that requires veterinary attention, she might spill the water bowls etc. It's best if someone can keep an eye on her and it sounds as if she'd be happier staying in her own home. I understand your worry about her running away - that would be my worry and one of the reasons mine always go into a cattery when I go away - but I think most sitters would be careful to make sure it doesn't happen, esp if you explain what happened before and why you're anxious about it happening again. I think your best bet is to get someone to come in (either a friend/relative you trust or a professional sitter) and have a chat with them first about your concerns.
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How many days are you talking about? I've left mine with extra pans, food, water (especially the water) from early Friday morning to late Sunday nite (for cat shows) and all were fine - no problems.

Anything longer then that, you might want someone to stop in and check on them.
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I have left my cats from Friday night to Sunday afternoon with some extra food, water and a spare litter pan and they are fine... half the time they have more than enough food and water. I would not leave them for a week or anything because water can be knocked over and you don't want to risk it.
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