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Yikes... Dion jumped on the hot stove

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My 3 year old abby cat loves chicken! He thought that my husband had some chicken out when he was heating up a tortilla on the stove. Dion jumped from the floor to the hot burner before we could catch him. He burned his front paw. I feel just awful.... I am going to keep an eye on his paw for the next few days to make sure he is ok. I have some cat antibiotic cream that I got from the vet awhile back.. I put that on it.. That did not go over well with Dion.... I feel so guilty...
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I am having trouble keeping my Fluffy from jumping on my stove. Fortunately, she has not hit a hot burner, yet. I have bought large metal pot lids at yard sales, and put them over my burners after I turn them off. They still get hot, but not as hot as direct contact with a burner. I still do not know what to do about keeping her down, though. I do not usually squirt my cats, shaking the water bottle is usually enough, but I may have to resort to water therapy for this problem. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.
I hope Dion's poor little paw heals quickly. Keep us posted, please.
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Dion seems ok this morning. What a wake up call that was!! I always try to put the coffee pot on the burner that is hot. He is such a mooch that he thinks he should be in the middle of everything in the kitchen! I set him down off the counter and he jumps back up! I think the only solution for me is to get a door on the kitchen and shut it.
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My cousin's cat was severely burned by stepping onto a hot stove. I believe this is a health issue, and you need to be very firm about keeping kitty off the stove. Whether it is by hissing at him, or shaking a can of pennies...somehow you must teach him to stay off.

My kitty got into the bad habit of jumping up onto the stove after dinner, before I cleaned away the leftovers (naughty Mom!). One day, he jumped up and landed on the edge of a large metal pan. It fell to the floor, and made a huge mess. But he was unharmed, and now stays off the stove!

You need to do something similar...somehow convince kitty to stay off!
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My cat isn't allowed on the counter tops or the table. He probably does it when we aren't home [in fact, I know he does.] but he never does it when we're home because he knows I'll squirt him with the spray bottle. It really surprises me that this is such a big issue for everyone because my cat never gets on the counter/table while we're home. I know he gets on the table while we're gone, but as far as I know he hasn't been counter surfing...

There really isn't much a spray bottle can't fix, and jumping on the stove is really a dangerous habit.
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I don't agree with spraying cats with water. What worked for us is shaking a can of pennies whenever they jumped up there.
I hope Dions paw is okay.
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My two youngest cats are always getting up on my counters and then proceed to walk onto the stove top. I have a glass top stove yikes. I shoo them off but they still jump up often. I'm very carefull when its hot and keep a pot on the burners untill they cool off. I'm so scared one of these times one of them will get burned!
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My mom got really ugly burner covers to help with her cat. I hope Dion's paw heals well!
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