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weight gain

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Ok I weighed my kitty about 2 days ago (I got on the scale then held her and got on. My scale only does 1/2 lbs.) and it said she was 8lbs. Well she felt heavier so I checked tonight and it said 8.5lbs................

Would she gain weight THIS fast being preg? She would be just under 3 weeks (Tue would be 3 weeks) from the first date she was out. Could just be that she is eating more and was still putting back on the weight she lost when she was out. she is sort of long but thin so even gone for 6 days she came back looking alot thinner. But she feels heavier than she was even before she got out.

Just wondering how fast and how much they should gain? I am planning on taking her to the vet around the 22-24th since that is when they say they can feel the kittens by feeling her stomach if she is preg. (well the 20th-24 going by first day out. She was gone 6 days so figured if I took her around the 24th that is also including the last day she was out too)........

She also seems to be sleeping more already, but could be that I am reading into everything she does and any changes I see. heheee. So maybe just seems this way. But before she used to always be jumping all over my other cats, bugging them etc. and she hasn't been doing that as much lately either.............. LOL
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I would only weight weekly and at the same time. It is more accurate
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Normally I would she just seemed so much heavier. It was close to the same time as both were later at night.........

And she just happened to be right next to my scale tonight also. LOL

But won't weigh her again till either next Fri or Sun and then just do that day each week.
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Also it could be a few oz and your scale had to do the 1/2 oz
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yup I figured that. so may not be a full 1/2lb. Will buy a better scale (have a food one but don't think it goes high enough) for if/when she has the kittens so I can watch them better. The food one may work though since I think it goes to 11 oz and I don't use it for food. LOL
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