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Ants have found the cat food

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I'm not sure if this is posted in the right place, but I had a question regarding ants. I'm having something of an infestation in my apartment and they have finally caught on to the dry cat food I have sitting out. I'm gone too much during the day not to leave it out and I don't think eating the ants will hurt the cats, but it kind of grosses me out. Is there some insecticide I can put around the food bowls that will kill the ants but not hurt the cats?
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I have ants - the cats pretty much ignore them and I doubt they'd eat them. If you want rid of them you need to not leave down the cat food though as that will give them someting to feed off. I can't recommend specific products as I'm in the UK so you probably have different stuff available but I use little plastic traps that have the chemicals inside and very small holes for the ants to crawl in. That way the cats can't get at the poison. It works really well but you need to make sure that is the only food source for them. Look in a few stores and I'm sure you'll find something similar.
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I can tell you a simple way to keep them out of it, take the dish with the cat food in it, sit it inside one that is flatter or even a plastic plate like a throw away and put a little water in the bottom of the one on the bottom, they won't go through the water to get to it, and it's safe.
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That's absolutely right - and you don't have to go out and buy anything!
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We had ants bad last summer and it worked like a charm,
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Thanks for the water tip - will keep it in mind
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genius! thanks so much
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