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D.T. - Monday!

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Yippee - a day off!
Sun-tanning and a little and I mean little housework......
potato salad for supper on paper plates! woo-hoo (about the paper plates I mean)
Hope everyone has a great day!
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LOL Debra... paper plates... you really don't want to do house work today
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Kind of a crappy day out on the Cape. It's cloudy but it's still light out.

Not having a great day here. Brian went off to play paintball AGAIN and I'm broke so I have nothing to do. We got into a big fight last night about how our relationship is going to crap. He doesn't think it is but then again he doesn't take his attentions away from his computer long enough to realize anything. **sighs** I guess the honeymoon is over....

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!! I can smell the grills firing up from here.
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Hey, Jessica, Hop on a jet and jet on down to Pittsburgh. We're having a cookout and there's always too much food. I knew you were in Massachusetts, but not on Cape Cod--just like the Kennedys, huh? We attended a wedding in Fall River one year and spent some time at Sandwich, but that's as far as I've been on the cape. The ocean is fascinating though, isn't it?
It's a shame you two are arguing. I'd be disappointed too. Maybe he and you can make up when he comes home. That's always fun. I know you don't think he deserves it, but maybe you could have a nice picnic for two in the evening with candles at the picnic table.
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It's good to have you with us again and it sounds like you're going to have a wonderful day off.
The weather here is finally starting to improve (I hope!), it's a beautiful sunny morning, and it looks like it's going to be a really nice day for a picnic! Right now I am in the process of beginning to look for a new home, so far, I have three possibilities picked out and I am hoping to be able to move sometime in the near future.
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Wanted to wish you good luck Lorie with hunting a new home!
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Ok Jeanie I'm hopping on the next flight out!! Er- wait I'm scared of flying... Maybe I'll just drive... Then I'll miss the whole thing but least there will be leftovers.

The Cape is a beautiful place and the ocean is wonderful but it's becoming so over crowded. Most of the waterline is being taken up and turned into private beaches so the public beaches are so crowded.

I'd do something nice like that but he wouldn't appreciate it. He'd say "Why can't we just eat at home?" Bah!! He's no fun.
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Thanks Kitty & Casper!
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Well, I was supposed to be in the hospital with my sister today as she was to have her c-section. Since we ended up doing that yesterday (see Sunday's DT), I have to do everything today that was supposed to be done yesterday. That means laundrey and cleaning. Oh well - at least I still have the day off. It is a gorgeous day, so I will make time to sit and relax in the back yard. I hope that everyone is having a good Memorial day.
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What a great day here! Its cloudy, but bright and warm. I took a boat ride w/ my parents and my kids down the Cape Cod Canal and thru the Onset Harbor. It was fun, and the weather was perfect!
Now I just fired up the grill and we are going to eat outside and chill out. A perfect Holiday I think, could use a bit more sun but it will suffice just fine. At least its not raining. I'm gonna get offline so I can go turn my steaks over!! See you all later.

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Breakfast ended up on the floor this morning....... I was cooking it and turned away and the sleeve of my robe caught the handle of the frying pan and dumped the contents all over the floor. I can't bend over yet, and I just stood there sobbing (got hardly any sleep last night because of massive headaches) and while I was crying (Mike was in the shower) three cats came sautering up, saw all the eggs and sausage on the floor and started to chow down. I ended up laughing as Kabota had scrambled eggs all over his face and paw, and Karma was skidding around in the slippery mess. Mike took a run to the store and I ended up making biscuits and gravy instead. He also brought me back a bouquet of spring flowers to cheer me up.

Tonight we are going to grill bratwurst outside and I am going to make my potato salad. Other than that, I am just going to veg out and do next to nothing. I am on housework strike, I guess you could say.

The kittens are doing so well. MacBeth is strong enough finally to sit up by herself, and although she is no where near the weight of her brother, she is getting stronger daily and I believe she is going to make it. Her silver is gradually turning to white in spots and macKenzie is still romping and playing upstairs, and when we come up to see what she is up to, she runs to hide in the closet. I am sure she needs the energy release, and I would put her outside were it not for her babies needing her so.

Racer is missing me, and Mike turned him out to the lower pasture this morning and he is in heaven being in all that long grass. I will keep him on this pasture for an hour a day for 2 weeks before letting him out there full time to stop any threat of him colicking or foundering. I am still unable to make the hike to the pasture so I haven't really seen him since the accident. A friend of mine is going to stop by next week and put a few rides on him for me.

Everyone have a great day-
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I don't know what I'm gonna do today. I'm gonna watch my soaps, wrestling and just relax, probably. It's nice and sunny here, so hopefully I'll get out and do something!
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We're looking for a high of 93 today. Bill & I both have the day off! We put flowers on his parents' grave and hit the sale at KMart. Ugh! All of the shirts that were left were God-awful green and orange! Did better at Wal-Mart: got a cheetah-print swimsuit that covers what I need to cover. Couldn't find one for Bill, though. All they had was big ol' baggy-ass ones. Get those things wet, they'll drag you down and drown you! Have a good holiday, everyone!
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I was just wondering, do you feel you will eventually be able to ride Racerman again????? It's really none of my business so you don't have to answer.
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Hey Cap-Codders.......
Dtolle and Badhabit should hook up and have some fun! What do ya say?????? Then you two cou8ld have a picnic and to heck with the men!
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I will admit that the thought of getting up in the saddle anytime soon terrifies me. It is still a little early from the accident and I know the terror will fade soon. He was not being a bad horse, most of the horsepeople I shared this incident with have told me that even experienced riders would of had problems with this spook. I even thought (briefly) about selling him, but he is a big part of my heart and we have been through so much together. To sell him, even to the best of places would shatter me in a million pieces.

I am going to continue to work him though, but probably not for a year. It will take that long for me to be able to do things normally again. My plan is to teach him to drive, a good friend is selling me a cart and harness for $400.00 because she wants me to keep him as well. plus, he already has been trained in beginning driving and it will be a way that mike can enjoy him as well. I think if I take it slow and easy and keep him as bombproof as possible, this would be a good way to go.

I will eventually get on him again, but it will be in the round pen with someone leading him until I get my confidence back. I found a message board that deals with people who have fallen off of horses and it has helped me to share my story with them and listen to their input. I am not alone in this club to be sure. One lady was riding her 5 year old in an arena and suddenly the mare spooked and ran full tilt towards the wall and stopped just short of the wall and the gal fell off over the head of the horse and hit the wall full throttle! She was in the hospital for 7 weeks recovering and she was an experienced rider. What spooked her mare, was a balloon that a child had let go and it floated to the top of the ceiling. Her mare saw it and just reacted.
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Hey I'm down Although I laid a guilt trip on him and now we're having a last minute BBQ.:tounge2:
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Good one Debra Myers! I'm sure someday BadHabit and I will meet. We aren't that far from each other, I think less than 20 min.
Although I don't know how my husband would react to me having a bbq and ditching him. LOL.....
Hope your day is looking up now Jessica.
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Thank you for sharing with us, Hissy. I have ridden in horse drawn carts before and it's always been a very enjoyable experience.
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Glad to see that you're doing better, Hissy. BadHabit: you go girl! Rowdy and I are sitting here at the computer, while Bill is in the kitchen, baking cookies. I am SOOOO lazy, today!
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Happy day to everyone!
It is pretty humid here but there isn't a drop of rain so far and I am getting my house in order! Working so much just makes housework seem impossible! But since it is my day off, I need to get it back in order or I might go nuts! I tell ya, it's hell having OCD, four cats and a man! LOL! right now my cats are enjoying a porch vigil watching the birds and squirrels. So I guess it is a good time to vacum. they hate the sound of the vacum so being out on the porch will help them to stay calm..(and not be in my way)
Hope everyone is having a good day!:tounge2:
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Hissy, That's a long recovery time you have ahead of you. One of my earliest memories is falling off of a pony, but it was only a tumble. I don't remember details because I was too young, but I do remember everything going upside down.
I know what you mean about the terror, though. You know I almost died in December-from pneumonia. Since I came home I've had to learn to walk again because I was so weak from being sick and in bed for a month. I've been fighting fear ever since. You can't come that close to death without some lingering after effects. I don't dwell on the thought, but it's still there. There is no shame in being afraid. You've been through a lot. My prayers will continue for you, and I would appreciate yours.
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After being in a very sad mood all day today I read your comments and laughed out loud. Love the story about the cats eating the eggs and sausage. That is hysterical. You are a bunch of nuts. Look forward to getting to know you better as time goes on.

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